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When you're going through divorce, you have to trust that living alone will eventually start to feel normal. You'll get used to walking through the front door and not having to shout, "Hey, I'm home!" You'll feel confident heading to dinner parties and events sans spouse -- and you won't feel the need to explain why he or she is missing to every person you run into.
And with time, you might even start to realize you've not only gotten used to life after divorce, you're a better, more resilient person because of it. 
Many people shared their view and stated as how many ways they became stronger after divorce. Read their responses below, then head to the comments and tell us how splitting up made you a stronger person.





 35 Replies

fighting for my brother (HR)     09 January 2014

hi sufferer.. have you got divorce? or still fighting?

janak r mehta (partner)     09 January 2014



no words for your great work to help the sufferers from so called bull sh*t wife. 





Narayanarao Murali (Advocate)     09 January 2014

Dear Friend

All your findings after divorce which made you to introspect what you are all need not have to be learned in such a hard way i.e. getting married facing differences with the spouse, so many things can learnt either from book or the good teacher of life i.e.society. As you wanted know about India. Till Indian was ruled by Britishers no one is aware about divorce. The divorce act is the gift of Britishers given to Indians, otherwise Indians are more tolerant, accommodating, adjusting type in their personal life as well others in the society. Now with the invent of internet knowledge and western culture, in India also this divorce culture is slowly gaining importance without understanding the realities. In western countries after enjoying and moving with a female for some time, to give legal acceptability for their children the male and female get married. In India even now as per latest Supreme Court Judgment any pre-marital s*xual relationship is an offence.

Still Indians believe in a longer married life and they so easily do not go or prefer for divorce.


Dear sir/Madam,

You may be interested to read the following,

just a click away to know my view on Divorce:




fighting for my brother (HR)     10 January 2014

you still not replied to my query sir??


@ Fighting for your Brother,

A cancer doesn't recover so quickly even after it's remedy.....

(A wicked wife is like a cancer in your body which will kill you or it will take time to cure, if you go for remedy)

So in India contested Divorce cum marital cancer treatment is something like getting an oasis in a Barren desert.

Due to 1 km/1 year speed of Indian Judiciary,,:D which is so fast that an average contested divorce goes for min.2-3 years at lower court.

Those who never bow down against exorbitant  settlement will surely make a mark ahead...


For woman age is the crucial factor in marital disputes where husband is hell bent not to live with her...!!!

and for such husbands divorce is not a par for enjoying freedom because divorce is only a piece of paper whereas real and natural divorce occurs much before when two hearts are not compatible for each other with suffering clouding at each second.

PS: I will certainly inform you first when I will be completely freed from such marital cancer.




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T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     12 January 2014

The author seems to be very much bent upon over the issue.  It may be noted that there are plenty of women victims who even after approaching the courts are not meted out with proper justice due to the husband's influence, arrogance and many more facts.  What is the solution for those innocent women.  I have incidences of husbands managing to serve the notice/summons to the wife who is living together in the same house, by forgery or other means, get an exparte decree of divorce from the court, not informing the wife about such divorce until the appeal is barred by limitation, after that kick the pathetic women out of their house, marry and settle down with another lady.  This happened with my own client for whom I am still fighting for the last one year or more.  However, I appreciate your efforts for some good information.

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Dear Adv. Kalaiselvan,

Sir, Thanks for your comment which is neither rationale nor generic,it seems that you are highly compassed with your clients case which is the negligence of the woman and nothing else.If you are standing here to promote biased laws,then sorry I am not the part of you.If you are talking about the 0.001% of the negligence cases of women who are trapped in their own women friendly country progressive in all biased law due to the lackness of their own part.


If you are concentrated of my hell bent issue then I am very much correct here to familiarize you the following even though you are lawyer..and I am extremely apologize for this.,

In India there is no law which is made to protect Men from violence of Women..but for women there are Exclusive weapons which they use like having a paani poori at nearest street stall:


1.498A/DVA2005--For false dowry and domestic violence


2.False Rape case and U/s 375/376


3.504 -Insult and breach of peace which is highly used by women.


4. 406- which is highly used by women to claim false assets and articles.


5. 354/509- outrage and molestation against women


6. 377- for false unnatural s.e.x


7. 125Crpc- for false maintenance even she is educated as well as capable to earn.


8. U/s 18 HAMA - Same as Above


9. U/s 323- As this section doesn't require the prima facie evidence and she always use in marital disputes.


10. U/s 497- Adultery --Where women is not authorized to be punished even though she had s*x with other man.

And many more..


These are the exclusive sections frequently used by women in India to settle their scores.


Now come to the statistical point of view where women make a more than 58000 cases of dowry every year with more than lacks of accused get harassed by fake allegations and cases. Within every 24 hours a senior citizen is taken on custody in the fake cases. Every 4-10 minute a male is arrested in false cases.In India the suicide rate of Male is double than female.

Now, come to my hell bent issue..

For me Pain is nothing but a Lesson from these Biased Law and also from the country which promotes these Biased Law to make suffer the innocent males.The majority of suffering male by these biased law only says one thing---Why Iam born in a country where there is no value for sperms rather than just "Always Ready to Transact Money" an ATM for Wife/In-laws/PoliceMen/Lawyers/Middle Men/Jurists/and many more Mscl. Persons in an Unending Battle of False cases.


Now, dear sir, If you are very much bothered about my hell bent issue then please go through the following to brush up your social panoramic view to at least convey these message to your other counterparts and respectful women of these country who files false cases on their husband to extort,harass and terrorize for only money.


For Suicidal rate of Male in India read the following article:

Suicide rate of Male in India is almost double than Female.



For False Rape cases Read the following article:

Women have created bridge to sell men


Fashion of filing false rape cases......





My view on Biased Law,Read the following article:




Dil........Diwali........aur jhute cases in India.




If you can't Imagine the pain of millions of sufferers along with their old age parents, Unmarried sisters,Pregnant sisters,Untouched far away relatives who are daily forced to be suffered due to these Biased Laws then at least for being a human before a Lawyer don't be a person who follows the blind lie concept of Abla naari which is followed since 18th century and it will never stop until and unless women are made to be stand alone and know the meaning of empowerment in a practical and in a more unveiled way or else Lakhs of Laws for women can be made ahead but in truth the women will be at the same position where she was during the time of Sati Pratha only...

Until and unless A woman will not change the perception of dependency on other, they can't change herself.


























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Divorce is the Destination of every Dead marriages, it doesn't need a Rocket science to be proved: A sufferer

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D Seikhar G (self)     14 January 2014

@ kalaiselvan , do you have any personal issue with sufferer or what? i have seen many a times whenever he posts any informative articles who misuses the law you come like a godfather for them as you are only promoting biased law in this country.If you are happy with the post of sufferer then either appraise it or fully disagree it but dont put half baked comments.He is doing a great job for not only me but for all victims here.This is my 2 cent which i have noticed.


It was a fitting reply from sufferer to a biased opinion. I think it was the best read for me so far on this forum.

Avadhesh Paliwal (advocate)     14 January 2014

ha ha ha  ha ha 



I read many posts of Lawyers who diverts the topic of biased law so often here just to crack the women client and you know one thing These Lawyers are only Looting the women to make them abla Naari..They make them to file as many cases on husband so that there income should be fixed at least for 3-5 years.

But it's very pity that these women doesn't understand that who is the looser at the end.

Recently, on this forum and in my current thread a lawyer who had posted his comment as a laugh as he is so genius that he doesn't need his word's to be written as it will be a insult for him or he may be not knowing what to write as he went for a confused state.

Even he is so powerful man that his magnetic effect creates a vibes for his women client...this is because in this forum only by default I have read his 1-2 post where he was trying to allure the women client by mentioning that "call me on this no"... or "send me your details on this Id" and if you can't give complaint on husband then from my side I will approach to NCW(National commission of women) and other agencies.....As he is speaking like he will provide all women victims a free of cost services here.

Ohh...My god this was the height of grabbing the client by Mr. ha ha ha ha

Great sir, I need to learn Marketing strategy from you how to make fool and grab the opportunity.

Note:- Here millions of men are harassed , thousands of male do suicide due gender Biased Law and this Gentleman by Name Mr. Avadhesh Paliwal has made his comment as ha ha ha ha (Laugh)

You can see how this Lawyer is making fun of Male victims who are suffering due to biased Law. Dear Lawyer you don't needed to be commented as what you have done below on the above sensible topic.

Avadhesh Paliwal I am Online

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Posted about an hour ago Quote

ha ha ha  ha ha 


Now see his replies to women client:

Thread Link:- https://www.lawyersclubindia.com/forum/Wife-does-not-willing-to-stay-with-husband-62065.asp


and the below is his reply:

Avadhesh Paliwal I am Online

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Posted about an hour ago Quote

anamika  please dont be fear about him file a case against the domestic violence and move out from there with your parents and file a police compliant against him.......

if you are not do it......

please call me 


as I complained to national women commision for that so you will receive immidiate help....

or you can contact your nearest mahila help line police... if your living in metro citis....





And in this thread---https://www.lawyersclubindia.com/forum/Criminal-maintenance-nri-95803.asp#.UtWGiPu9LFw 

He went so deep and generous that for women client he is always ready to help and on a mere query from such women he suggested all the routes and showing the desperateness of his helplessness as he is not near to his would be future client. In that Thread even I have posted my reply but on a genuine way by knowing my extent.

But you can see the difference of a Non-lawyers reply and a Lawyers reply who is desperate to grab a client.

The below is his reply:

Avadhesh Paliwal I am Online

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Posted about 23 hours ago Quote

first come out from the fear that he is torchering you.......secondly complained in the indian ambassader for his all the crime and they will application to american 

govt. to revoke his green card as early as possilbe depends on your complained.........and please write complained  mail on india govt. websites and publish his family photo on facebook, twitter and other social website for his criminal activity....if you can not do it please send us your complete things at my mail and akprsg1007@gmail.com......my contact no. in india 09929166681.....I will provide you the legal aid from india....

never forget that if any body is attacked on you if you safe your life and hurt him either it is physically or mentally it is not a crime in law........

I am always help to the women .......



avadhesh Paliwal



You People decide---------- is this Lawyer is correct what he is doing here and what he had commented on the above sensible issue of Biased Law?


Thanks & regards


498 A fighter (Advocate)     15 January 2014

Such type of people are always present directly or indirectly,

the need is to ignore them and dont make any reply to their posts.

they may either  imptent, gey, or female and hiding their identy just to make any type of oppses against sufferres /mens

whenever any good work is going to happen obstacles comes automatically so such type of people are obstalces and try to resist the progress happiness of mens,

or simply they are brokers used by other opposing peoples or they are slave keep by feminist

so need to worry they will autmatically get sorted out  thrown out like thorny bushes.....

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