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Distressed PS (Manager)     19 July 2011

Help needed for divorce


My story in brief. Got married in 2005. Child born in 2009 Aug.

I recently came to know that the child is not mine and have DNA proof of the same. What should I do to get divorce. My lawyer in Kolkata is preparing to write several letters to different authorities but reluctant to file a case. He says I will lose if I file a case. experts kindly advice as my life is hell now.

We are now staying together and I did not reveal about this to her.

It will be nice if someone can suggest steps to follow now.




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Ravinder Kumar (Account Director)     19 July 2011

@Owner: Keep all the proofs somewhere safe, hire a private detective to find out more details... and finally when you have gathered all the proofs, take her to a holiday and at right moment when she is very happy ask her the truth, tell her that you love her and will not do anything but you cannot live with the lie...  record all that through a secret camera/pen camera...till that time dont let her feel that you have some doubts on her....And change your advocate cleverly otherwise he may side with your wife..Best of luck..

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Distressed PS (Manager)     20 July 2011

I am keeping proofs..but what to do with says there is a SC judgement that even if there is one instance of adultery that is pardonable...I know this has been going on for five years but only criminal investigation (mobile and email details) can reveal that. I have proof of my innocence and neighbours will also say the same..I ican't be idle now

Ravinder Kumar (Account Director)     20 July 2011

@Owner: Ask your lawyer  does that mean if anybody commits a murder once than  it can be forgiven... Crime is always punishable irrespective of the number of times it is commited..

I suggest you to change your lawyer immediately... Stop speaking to him and if he calls than tell him that everything is resolved between you and your wife and you dont want to take any action, and till that time gather more proofs as suggested above reply..later find a good lawyer...go to the court after 3 pm when most of them are in their chambers and discuss the issue with them without disclosing much of your personal details (name, address, occcupation of yours and wife), once you speak to 4-5 lawyers who will get a fair idea about their credentials..

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Sandeep Aggarwal (Advocate)     20 July 2011

Dear PS If you want to get divorce just go ahead with all the documents and get a decree of divorce and mind it SC does not say that if u got a child of somebody else then u cannot get a divorce. Ur advocate is not upto the mark who is afraid of false result of loosing the case. I bet you cannot loose the case.Further assistance call sandeep Aggarwal 09041688967

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Sandeep Aggarwal (Advocate)     20 July 2011

one thing is there that don't go like filmy style as advised to you. sandeep

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Distressed PS (Manager)     21 July 2011

Thanks everyone for your kind help. Unfortunately I am in Hyderabad and not able to coordinate much in Kolkata.  I am planning to file the case in October once I come there but afraid that the delay after me knowing and filing the case may backfire as stating I have accepted the fact. Any comment on filing case in October ..can I give reasons like I was stuck in my project and could not coordinate with Kolkata lawyers..

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