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KIndly help me. I am stuck in a marriage where my wife is not staying with me for past good 8-9 months. I am married to this girl in 2012 and since then we have been fighting over minor issues. she loves her work more than anybody else. she works from mon to sat in office and on sundays she either sleep for long hours or work on her laptop. what work she does  on her system we have no clue. she prefered to spend time on her own and not with my family. only work she used to do for my family was baking chapatis in the whole day. still we didnot said any word to her, my family had always supported her in ll the ways and pressured e to give her time. 

this years begging again we had a fight but this time she took it to the extreme. she called her family and we all tried to resove the matter but she was not in mood to listen to anybody. somehow I managed few more months tryin g to clm her down but all my efforts were wasted. we took her to her parents house to solve the matter but the situation cahnged completely. she and her mother statred abusing my family and used all false allegations on me and my family. even on my character. she refused to come bak with us, though we tried but she said she is not coming with us for the moment. her father also said let her e there as it will work as cooling period for hr. we tried t conatct the family and the girl but we didnot get any concrete response. this shattered us. they demanded that i should leave my family and starts staying with her alone for which i didnot agree. 

later we stopped calling them but post july we tried all the means to reach them...relatives, social worker but no response from them. we were lucky to reached them in Oct..my family revisited her parents house but they couldnot meet her. her father demanded time till Nov to discuss things with her. we again conatcted them in Nov and we came to know that she is no more in India. she left India for some official project and se didnot inform me. which was very disturing for me and for my family. her family is continung with all the false allegations. 

now her father is saying he will try to ask her again whats going in her mind. 

we are stuck as we have no clue when she left from India and when is she coming back? whats going on in her mind and in her family mind? 

kindly guide me how can I resolve this matter.

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1. It seems that she is more interested in her career development since it is only two years that you have married her. It appears that her parents may have induced her to get married and also make her career.

2. Now that she is left India ( at least you know where she is  and other details about her)  this may by on some work visa which will get expired  after the project work is concluded and she would return to India for sure.

3. Be tactful, try and modulate your speech and talk to her without being offensive or inquisitive . On the contrary do praise her of having been able to become successful in her life. Do not talk about divorce at all. Make her feel that you are concerned about her career and wish her good time and luck.

4. If in future she finally does not intend to cohabit with you then you can ask her for divorce by mutual consent..



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Sir neither she nor her family is giving me clear picture. Family is not tellng me when did she leave India and how long do I have to wait for her...she can go for 3 months or for 3 years...u tell me how long should i wait and in between wat i can do

Sorry the reply is posted wrongly

Sorry the reply is posted wrongly

@Raman – The Problem is Money and Money makes many things.

File RCR and wait for few months. I they don’t respond. Talk to her and file for MCD (6 months both are free).

You can take a horse to the pond, but you can’t make it drink.

The moment you say Divorce.

They will demand Alimony, Maintenance. If you go through LCI there are lots of similar posts.

They might file false cases such as 498a, Domestic Violence. Record all conversations, if possible video record them.

No Alimony or Maintenance if she is working and she left on her own will.

If the case is contested you both have to roam courts for years together by spending your valuable time, money and energy.


If she is not interested in Marital life, I don’t understand why did she get married at all. 


She is working and earning more than,me...i have never taken a single penny from her as she herself was not interested in supporting mr financially.....we have been trying to reach her parents but 2 days back her father shared that now he will try to ask her and they are asking us to wait till June or July...but how long should i wait for her...she can get her project extended too....and god knows when she will come back....suggest me ways by which i can come out of this situation
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You have 2 legal options

a) file RCR - she may say her work requires her to stay abroad for professional reasons and she will join once she is back.(that sounds valid)

b) file for divorce - you need to talk to your lawyer for the grounds under which you can file.


Kindly guide me can i call her back from London? Like a boy can be called back if. He leaves without informing. Can i file a FIR stating she is not der wid me for past 9 months


First clarify whether you are RAMAN or PRIYA....


whoever advises you here on this forum is doing spending his/her time, money and energy....

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