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Ya_Ta (Software Professional)     25 January 2010

HDFC Bank IS Mafia Bank - Do Not Use Net Banking

Hello Friends.

One bad Incident happeneed with me.

I m freelance software developer & get work thru net & local contacts  that time.

One guy contact me to develop a small software.

I created software as per its specifications & delivered it.

After customer stasfied he asked me for my account details to transfer funds to my work

I logged to my account & gave him the required details for trasferring amount in my account which include my name & account number.

he trasferred funds to my hdfc bank account.

I checked & i got money.

After 2-5 days i get informed that my bank account is frozen when i contact phone banking to reset my atm pin & they told me that account is frozan & ask details from my branch .

Branch Manager & Branch officer (PB) not given me any reason & rudely talked to me that no bank give anything written to any customer.

So i tried to give them a letter which they dont take from me that we (bank) dont take any letter from customers.

So i had to send them a letter by post for asking reason of frezzing my account.

I sent 2 -3 letter to them After that finally i put the case to district consumer court.

They finally repiled that i should not goto court & they come to my home & threaten my family too when i m not in my home.

the pb office stay on hostal 7 house from my home so they monitor when i m not in home & threaten my family & me by phone.

I then compliant to our district SP.

The Bank official are called to police station after that they stop comming in my home.

then one forged officer called (I think that officer is not origianl police officer) saying that he is Inspecter/sp in banglore cyber crime cell.

he asked me about tranaction.

How can i tell anything to anyone about my bank trasaction in a phone ?

I told him that i cant tell details on phone if u r from bank or ur from police take details from the court.

he Shouted on me that i m inspecter/sp of banglore & i will arrest you for this.

Then Again I informed my district sp & consumer court of this. & again bank officials are called to police station.

No calls are made to me after that.

after 6 month of taking dates from consumer court bank blame me that i hacked to someone account & trasffered fund of rs 14520.00 & they denied that they froze my account.

That was the first time informed that the amount was trasffered to me is from hacked account.

They said that i hacked to someone account.

Its totally impossible .

I was logged to my bank account that time waiting fund to be seen on my online statement & i cant login to other account with my computer.

They gave some fakes document(I can Prove it) & one fir which cant be read by anyone in court due to very poor photocopy.

All Documents are in low quality even judge cant read it.

but District judge decided to go with bank & canceled the case.

just after our cased is closed by court we got another call from banglore poilce saying that I m sp of banglore & asking again from trasaction.
same thing happenned .

I do not told him any thing & he say i will arest u.
then i again informed SP they called bank officials the police station again gave some advise & calls are stopped.
I also Informed Karnataka DGP  About This Fake SP Call.

So we go to state consumer court.

advocate from bank commented that "because you are a software developer so you are definitely a hacker. if you are not software developer then u r not done hacking "

All 3 Judge are gave very hard comments on this statement to bank lawyer.

Judges found that evidence provided by bank are not useful & do not releate to case.

Judge ordered HDFC Bank To Open my frozen account .
Judge ordered HDFC Bank to give me Rs 5000.

Judge also told that bank don't have any right to freeze anyone accounts even with FIR because its just a compaliant  & i was not party in that fir. police & bank dont have any evidence that I hacked to account.

Judge also told bank to make it netbank more safe.(they added virtual key board after that :) )
Judge ask me that for a good faith are u agree to return funds to the person who lodge the case ?

I said yes if police found that if that guy is really a victom then i have no problem to return him the funds for a good faith.

I said i just want to confirm that he is not the same guy who take software from me & also wantting fund back by becaming smart.

There is lots of fakes thing involve in this case.

the evidence are given by bank are fakes & to distract they gave poor photocopy which cant be read. the bank did not provide Trace Record of the Victim's account and My account too.

The hacking victom is also software engineer & he gave reason that he clicked email link .
In other letter he wrote other reason( i forgot it & i dont have my case file this time i ll update it later).

If he is software eng. then how he dont know the basic thing for using netbanking that he should not use any link given in email to go bank site ?????
even my neighbour 11 yr old boy knows it.

Also i dont trust that victom that his account is hacked.
Also In one letter bank mention that total 3 tranasction is made illeagly from that account I got only one transction what about 2 others ?
i think that guy took my sourcecode & use bank & police so perfectly that he is getting sourcecode & money back.

what the hell ? if i m hacker then . why i just trasffered only 14520/- when i can clear out all his money ?

Also I think bank official are also with him because they behave like a MAFIA.

In Every Letter Bank Changes statement

Please Help me to take Rs 5000 from court as ordered.

Note 1 : I saw this site & i started writing about this i dont have my case file with me so some details are not full perfect,
Case is more then 2 year old so i dont remember all things perfectily.

I Gave my phone number to banglore police to get the ip list from my provider that in time of hacking i m logged to my account only not on any other's account.
Real Banglore SP Called me when i compaliant about false calls from banglore she told me that hacking was done in usa & ip is from usa.
& confrimed me that he will talk to bank official to not make u calls from banglore & cooparate with me.& i informed him if the victom is right i hav no problem to return the money.

After That  I know that The Real SP is a Women not a men.

when i last logged to my bank account that amount is still in my account & not released to victom

Also till this time bank has not given me Rs 5000 that court ordered.

What can i do now ?

Please help.

Thank you


 24 Replies

Daksh (Student)     25 January 2010

Dear Mr.Ya_Ta,

It is advisable that you may persue the execution of the orders of the Consumer Forum vehemently.

Secondly lodge a formal complaint with Police detailing all the requisite facts and circumstances and in case the police is not registering a case file the proceedings before the concerned court u/s 156(3).   In case you are getting threats on phone the same can also get escalated by writing to the concerned S.P. to monitor the calls and if possible resorting to the call tapping.

Thirdly open the front against bank through escalating the issue through the via media of Ombudsman.

Persue all these means and God willing you will certainly get justice.

Best Regards


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J. P. Shah (RTI & CONSUMER ACTIVIST)     25 January 2010

I think you should lodge complaint directly to Shri Dipak Parekh who heads HDFC group and is a thorough gentleman. He will set the things right. U can also lodge complaint with governor of RBI. Pl also refer my files where in I have posted a file on how to handle bank problems. 

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Ya_Ta (Software Professional)     25 January 2010

Hello Shah Sir

I saw ur file about bank.

A Very Good For First Timers.

Please Add this points too.

1. "Always Communicate in written with bank" I tried it But no help they gave me one refencrce number after that no reply :(

@ Daksh

I m not getting phone calls now.

can i do something about fake document produced by bank ?

Thank you

Ishaan Pasricha (Advocate)     27 January 2010

For that fake document produced by the bank you can file a complaint in court against bank under  section 193 IPC for Giving or Fabricating a False evidence in Judicial proceeding.

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Ya_Ta (Software Professional)     30 January 2010

Hello Friends


Thank You For All suggestion


Ya_Ta (Software Professional)     05 February 2010

Hi Friends


see this



Branch Manager of HDFC Is Doing Fraud


How can we trust banks now :(

Parthasarathi Loganathan (Advocate)     13 February 2010

As the cruzx of the matter appears very serious, you are advised to get all your grievances redressed filing a petition to Banking Ombudsman.

Ya_Ta (Software Professional)     17 February 2010



Can I post my case file details to this forum for other users ?

is it allowed ?


I think my case detail is useful for other people in india because baanks are doing same thing with everyone every day.


J. P. Shah (RTI & CONSUMER ACTIVIST)     22 February 2010

Banking ombudsman scheme 2006 does not include fraud cases. In my friend's case it was not registered as it was relating to fraud in which my friend lost money. The only way is Consumer Protection Act 1986 

Parthasarathi Loganathan (Advocate)     22 February 2010

Without getting into the facts of the case as a lawyer, one should not brand the events as FRAUD case.  Let all the facts of the case be presented to the Forum of RBI

girishankar (manager)     27 February 2010

HDFC Bank IS Mafia Bank - Do Not Use Net Banking...... All public be carefull....Mr.Ya_Ta is correct

One Fine Day the Scandals of Banks is goin to come like a BIG BANG......

Kannaiah Esunuru (nothing)     14 March 2010

Yes you are correct. Even ICICI Bank also fraud Bank.

Never Use private Banks. always use Govt Banks

Parthasarathi Loganathan (Advocate)     14 March 2010

Gentlemen who are participating in this thread should basically understand the fact that there are several forum exclusively catering to address all the banking related grievances or complaints under the supervision of RBI and without knowing the facts of the matter one should never draw conclusion nor brand any globally acclaimed financial institutions are Fraud or any word of abuse. 

Kumar Doab (FIN)     01 April 2010

Can you please provide the exact contact detail of Shri Dipak Parekh who heads HDFC group i.e his email id,address,phone neumber

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