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Harrasment by icici banks recovery agents

Page no : 2

Rakhi Sharma (lawyer)     20 July 2013

Please see this thread and provide your valuable inputs everyone!!



Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     20 July 2013

this is a valuable contribution by Ms Rakhi Sharma in linking similar query.

Zainab (BDM)     11 September 2013

To All the Members of this club,

My name is Zainab I live in Pune, I had taken a car loan in May 2006 amount 168000/- and after that a personal loan in Aug 2006 amount 125000/-.

I made regular payments for both till Sept 2008, and have paid 142680/- for my car loan and 117750/- for my personal loan, but after that i lost my job so could not continue the paymetns.

The time i had taken these loans i was married, but after i lost my job I got seperated from my husband and filled for divorce. Because i am a Muslim, i did not go to the court but got a talak done from the maulvi... 

I started getting recovery calls from Nov 2012. and as much as i could manage i paid more 8000/- Rs towards my personal loan, (so the payment made for my personal loan now sums too 125750/-).

However I cannot make any more payments, I am getting harassment calls from the recovery agents every day and the are very abusive and they threaten.

They demand to settle the car and personal loan or else they will come home and drag me to the court.

Today still after 4.5 yrs i am in a financial crunch. I have a small job today where i can only take care of my basic needs and cannot make these payments.

Can someone please guide me as to what i need to do.

Please help

Thank you



Dear Kumar Sir,

I am remembering you again.

We have discussed my issue on february regarding mental harrasment to my wife and me.

today again they called my wifes school office and harrased all staff and used un-parliamentary language and threaten me again and was not ready to listen to me.

Even they called one of my 3 friends and abused them.i m wondering how they know their number.One of my family friends friend hardly know me since 2 months.

Can you help me again Kumar sir. i also loged NC against the numbers which they called.





Attached File : 307508345 nc.jpg downloaded: 155 times

Kumar Doab (FIN)     14 December 2013

The matter been discussed in detail.

Record the episodes audio/visual and let the lady approach Lady Police, Women Commission for abusing and outraging the modesty of women.

Let Chairman of the bank that is herself a woman see the video recordings and explain why she has not been acting despite Supreme Court of India judgments in case of recovery matters pertaining to her bank, and RBI guidelines which are  already attached in this thread.

Let the Deputy Governor of RBI that is herself a woman see the video recordings and explain why she has not been acting.............................

Let Commissioner of Police see the video recordings and explain why he/she has not been acting.............................

Let your corporator/MLA see the video recordings and explain why he/she has not been acting.............................

If police has not been acting you have the option of sending a fax/email/letter to Chief Justice of High Court.................................institution of Media, Company Law Board................. etc.....

Have you contracted a lawyer?

Have you sent the details to ICICI Bank Customer Service Team that has been intervening in this thread?


The bank, its managers, its managers i/c of the recovery agency  and its recovery agents and continuing wit their practices undeterred, so you should also take actions that are to be taken by you.

You can also decide to send the video recordings and complaint to Cobra Post, NGO’s..........................


The language in the attachment posted by you could not be understood. If it is the receipt of police complaint filed by you then you may attach the police complaint, the receipt, video recordings etc to SHO, SSP, Police Commissioner and any other forum as deemed fit by you and your lawyer.

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     14 December 2013

well advised.


do nto discuss much on this forum becasue as you see the bank is watching this site and may be taking paralell advise.

LegalExpert (Lawyer)     14 December 2013

dear author, first of all lodge a complaint for threatening calls and for also misbehave with your wife. As far as bank loan is concerned, better review the installment settlement with the bank.

Kumar Doab (FIN)     14 December 2013

Even after the date of intervention of “ICICI Bank Customer Service Team” the recovery agents has been creating nuisance.


M/s ICICI Bank has deputed (many other companies have also done it) its teams to track posts/complaints in social, legal forums.


Even after making a note of the complaint/grievance in this thread ICICI Bank Customer Service Team of M/s ICICI Bank has let the recovery agent’s threat, intimidate the innocent women.


Include the name of ICICI Bank Customer Service Team of M/s ICICI Bank amongst the list of notices and demand from Chairman of the bank to disclose the name, designation, address of the person who has posted in this thread and let your lawyer charge him/her.


Let him/her give his/her statement under oath in court of law.




Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     15 December 2013

this open forum available to all over globe


well advised.


do not discuss much on this forum becasue as you see the bank is watching this site and may be taking paralell advise.


Dear Kumar doab Sir,

Recovery agents harrasing my wife and her staff at her school,we all are disturb and my wifes job in danger situation.

As Sudhir Kumar said ;bank is watching this site and may be taking paralell advise.

So i decided to go legal agaisnt the recovery agents.
As per your guidance i m in process.in life i ll come personaly to meet you and say thank you to you, as you advice many disturb persons like me.We are all greatful to you.
Thanks a Lot

Kumar Doab (FIN)     21 December 2013

It is not clear in which the loan/debt occurred, and in which year you had submitted last admission of loan/debt to bank.


Since decided to go legal it shall be appropriate that let your lawyer examine if it has been barred by time, limitation, statue.


If it hopelessly barred bank should not press for recovery.



You may show all recordings (audio/visual) to your lawyer and media and Cobra Post too.


Dear Kumar doab Sir,

Loan was taken in the year of 2007 and i paid 24 month installment up to 2009 to the bank.When i lost my job in recession the instalment stopped. since then 2009 i havent paid any .

From february 2013 they are harrasing me which i have mentioned in my earlier post.

Now they are calling my friends relatives and harrasing them also.they got thier refrence through social sites.

They are abusing my wife at her place and also abusing her staff badly.

they are having my number i told them request them not to call my wifes work place but they are not ready to listen anything.

I have log complained to poilce stn,have met to human rights associate and i m ready to file a case on recovery agents and on bank.

Thanks Kumar  sir for your all gudance.

Kumar Doab (FIN)     22 December 2013


There are vigilant citizens that record al such calls and put them on social media.




The link of such vigilant and determined customers is being sent to you by PM.


Thus the character of such CC companies and its recovery agents fly on the wings of internet.


Ask all of your friends to record all such calls.


This is sheer nuisance and stupidity that for outstanding of say.............’A” the bank shall approach .........................”B”.


Who has taught banking to this bank, CC, Manager-CC, I/C recovery agency??????????



There are united communities that write on letter to the chairman/chairperson and all members of the community sign ( at times 100’s) and in protest to goondgardi for CC number ......................................etc declare to close all of their SB,CC, current, joint, locker, FDR, Salary accounts.............................


Invariable the action is prompt and in certain case the Regional Head-Recovery traveled to apologies in person and the apology ceremony was video graphed and shown to local BM and boss of this RM.


All customers closed their account even after the RM tendered apology.

The recovery agency, RM, other employees were terminated.


AS you have decided to go legal your lawyer can explain to you about limitation Act , time barred, statue barred debt.

Do not forget to record and keep evidence of all events pointed by you.


In the meantime you may go thru many of the threads on ‘Limitation” e.g;









Submit a notice to Chairman, MD of the bank.


Banks have internal compensation policy and if it does not you have option to sue the bank, agency and all.




Hema (Admin Asst.)     23 December 2013

Dear Sir,

i m goin through the same situation.I have some queries in my mind please guide us.

How to know recovery banks agents address because we have only thier phone numbers

if some one using simple handset how can record calls, but we have call details

Can we file a case againt a bank cause we are defaulters and we have banks libility.





Kumar Doab (FIN)     23 December 2013

All banks have to maintain the list of recovery agencies on its web site.

In each SP/Commissioner of Police's office, one police official has access to all data and ownership details of all landline/mobile numbers.

One can find out the ownership details from respective company's office too.

Use smartphones and download free apps like 'True Caller'. All calls shall get automatically recorded.

If you have not paid due to some reason then bank has option of offering settlement, EMI's, Lok Adalat.

GoondaGardi is not permitted.

Until this menace is not handled and checked at each locality level it won't end.

You may also go thru another thread in progress and lodge police complaint as suggested by experts in that thread;




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