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sandhya (house wife)     18 October 2014

Harrasing my husband and his family members

My husband and his family members are harrasing me.My marriage date nov 30 2012 marriage after  with in one month only i got was solve with parents again after 3 months of my marriage i went to my husband through counseling only now again he was creating problems his mother, sister and unkles what they will tell he will leason that only he also creating some problems what can i do i want to live with my husband.We called again counseling center through lette if u will not come counseling means we will take legal step against u that counsling center members told after one week he called counseling center and he told he kept case against me and we will talk in court only. I went one advocate i gave my husband phone number once talk with him he talked my husband told with my advocate we doesnt kept any case we told false he told after then he told my husband advocate talked with my advocate about mutual conset divorce my husband was interested but i dont want divorce i want to live with my husband husband my advocate to first you keep MC case i done that only.I dont want to keep any cases against my husband thats why i kept MC only i am house wife i dont have a money to live MC first hearing date is 27 oct 2014 25 days back my husband send me a legal notice  in that they wrote all false alligations against me he was telling i only torturing him i dosent gave any complaint they wrote i gave complained to police station and telling you applogies and join with me other wise acept for Mutual consent divorce can i give for reply for that leagal notice or not.My advocated is telling no need to give rply.I asked some other some members are telling to give rply some one are telling no need to give rply why because you filed MC case hearing also this month only thats why no need to give rply.If he file divorce case means what i can do please give me a good suggestion.

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Satyadarshi Kunal (advocate)     19 October 2014

Dear Sandhya,

Thank you for your question. I have done many such cases and I find one problem with the queries posted by my clients. That problem is that they are not very clear that what is the exact purpose of seeking legal action against their spouse. Thankfully you sound a bit more clearer than general divorce litigants are.

I understand that your efforts are towards saving your marriage, but you shall be carefull towards the legal actions which might be taken by your husband. You should definitely respond to the legal notice, no matter what is going there alternatively. Had he been interested in getting issues resolved at MC, he would not have excercised any alternate channel. Further, fortunately, breaking marriages are not very easy in India, specially for husbands. So, be assured that whatever you do at this moment, nothing is going to affect your case adversely. Let me know if you are not satisfied with this generalized answer or you need any further clarification in this regard. I wish you all the best for saving your marriage and wish that everything resumes to normal between you and your huband.


sandhya (house wife)     19 October 2014

Thanks for your answer sir.

Suppose my husband will file divorce under grounds of cruelty is there any problem for me really doesn't tortured him but he was telling like that he was trying to give a divorce that's why he went a divorce advocate she is a famous and export in a divorce cases. I love my husband i don't want to give divorce what can i do for saving my marriage.

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     20 October 2014

In the event of your husband initiating a divorce suit, you challenge the same properly and refuse all the allegations, if they are not facts.  Take the  help of a prudent lawyer to defend your case.

sandhya (house wife)     28 October 2014

My  MC on 27 oct 2014 first hearing is there they give me date for 5 nov 2014.But my husband talked with me he told whatever will happen that is our fate now onwards we will live happily he was convencing like that i told with him i can't live that house we should live seperate he doesnt told any thing about that.on next hearing how can i talk in court please advice me why asking this question means my advocate is giving me a wrong suggestions he was telling me give him divorce i can arrange MCD. My advocate is forceing me a lot why i dont. Now he was telling he will not come for next hearing alos if you can agree for divorce means i can come to court he was telling like that i dont have a money to keep another advocate.But i dont want divorce i want to live with my husband. But outside of my inlaws house why because they will harrasing me a my husband what they will tell he can do that only. If we will live seperate means he can change .Please tell me how can i talk in court for next hearing. 


It appears that you want the marriage to continue.

But your husband is having ego issues or is old fashioned, he wants wife to adjust in his parents house and loves his parents very much and wants you to adjust with his parents and continue marital life with them there.  He expects you to understand him and continue with him like this.  

When husband is expecting you to adjust, you should adjust along with him the way he wants it.  

Its married life, one has to adjust with the other. he may say no to something which you like, you may say yes to something he does not like.  Adjustment is name of game.  You have told your stand that you want to go seperate from parent-in-laws, but he does not seem to care, if both of you are stubborn, then marriage will break.

Dont worry about judge etc, you keep talking to him in court too, or outside of court, and try to make him understand the need for going seperate from parent-inlaws, if he wont agree, then forget going seperate and reconcile with him by agreeing to his terms and conditions.

I pity your situation, you are ready to reconcile, but your husband is not.  Somehow try to convince husband, you can also ask judge to send you to mediation where you can talk freely with your husband.  All the best.

sandhya (house wife)     29 October 2014

But my husband father is not there her mother gave a divorce.She was trying to seperate us why i dont know. I have a problem in that home. I adjusted in that home 3 times but again again they are creating so much of husband maternal uncles also staying in that home only. My husband sisters also staying behind of my in-laws home that both sisters also coming and creating me a problems.What they all are telling he was doing that only that is my problem.If he will come outside of his home means he can change.I dont want to break my next hearing date of mc is 5 th november.In that day lokadalath counseling is there.Now my husband was sending me messages I love You so much like this he was sending me messages also.Please tell me how can i talk in lokadalath can i ask i can live out side of my linlaws house.

SuperHero (Manager)     13 November 2014

  • Also Pray to God Sincerely, Wholeheartedly with Love and devotion.
  • HOPE you continue living with your husband and have a good marital life...
  • Give that Sankalapa a positive thought and a complete thought he is my husband and I want to live with him. If you want to...
  • Check this one about

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