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For repair-refurbishment, we have obtained GR-EDF Waiver certificate from bank, Foreign party is billing Euri 160000 i,e. INR Rs.1.40 Cr. This can not be repair value but replaced item. Does GR/EDF Waiver permit such a big amount 

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Only the Government may issue such orders on the grounds narrated by you.  You shall submit the application through the District Registrar/Deputy commissioner only.



Vague facts posted, be clear.

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What exactly are the facts of the case. Narrate lucidly so that clarification can be given.


From your scant details, I understand that you need to send some machinery abroad for repair and you need waiver of GR as it's not export. In the absence of GR waiver under present EDPMS system RBI through your bank shall be following up for GR an if it's not submitted within stipulated time, you shall be caution listed by RBI.


If this is the case, approach a reliable Chartered Accountant handling forex matters and the needful as per the guidance.


Respected Sirs,

As advised, I illustrate :;

In 2011, we had imported equipment (work rolls-- which is subject to normal wear and tears during production process and its life is determined by the  nameplate production capacity utilised ) from Europe based supplier. As it had started non functioning, in 2019, we took EDF / GR Waiver from Bank and exported the defect equipment to supplier for repair / refurbishment. Bank had issued waiver assuming this is repair purpose

Now in 2020, the supplier has claimed Euro 155000 (approx Rs.1.30 Cr) towards repair value. Now our point is ::

EDF is understandably permits repair job but if there is a complete replacement or major up-gradation, whether that is a violation of EDF / GR Waiver Certificate. At the time of re-import, Importer need to prove before Customs about the identification mark of the initial equipment exported.

My second query is :: whether such huge up-gradation cost requires to be capitalised per Accounting Standard no. 10 and iCAI Guidleines

We are not getting a proper guidance from any ne. i.e. why we have approached this Rich Platform.

Trust , I am able to add clarity


Jayanta Bandyopadhyay




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What I understand from the further details furnished is as follows:

  1.  Customs permitted the sending of the machinery for repair treating it as nonexport based on the GR waiver by Bank. While doing so, Customs have noted certain unique features of the machinery so sent to the supplier abroad so that they can verify it when it is reimported. Now due to extensive repairs,  Importer, ie yourselves not in a position to prove before Customs about the identification mark of the initial equipment exported without GR for repairs.
  2. Due to the repairs/upgradation, you want to add such cost to the OCP viz. capitalize the charges and take advantage of depreciation so that your P&L Account does not take full hit during the year of full payment and your profitability is not affected.

My clarification would be as follows:


Point 1: There may not be specific guidelines in such circumstances, as such occurrences are not common and do not happen often requiring guidelines to be written. I am sure, Customs Authorities must have dealt with similar cases over the years, albeit now and then. 


Ultimately after all things considered, it boils down to the fact that Customs should be satisfied that it is a reimport and not a fresh import. To the extent up-gradation has taken place, which escalated the cost of the machine now, needs to be looked into whether such partial up-gradation whether to be treated as a fresh import. These matters only Customs Department Officials only can clarify/reply.  I am of the view that if you approach Customs giving full details and seek their guidance as to how to prove that the machinery sent out is in fact is being reimported, of course with value addition of upgradation. In such cases, to what extent is treated as fresh import, and to what extent it is treated as reimport. For treating it as reimport either partly or fully, what certificate and from whom Customs Department requires to prove that it was the same machine that was sent out for repairs now being received back for which earlier unique identification marks are no longer available.


My advice would be to find out a good Consultant,  well versed in the clearance of goods from Customs, ensure that such person understands all the facts duly assimilating the issues, and approach Customs Department with such Consultant who knows and have contacts as to whom to approach and how to get things done.


Point 2: It is a matter of accounting. Your Chartered Accountant should be able to help you, by taking up with the Income Tax Department, if necessary.










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