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Swetha (Asst System Engg)     24 February 2011

Getting seperated from family


I have some issues with my parents and i want to legally get seperated from them. I am 25 years old female. I am not married. Is there any procedure to get seperated from them. If the seperation is on mutual consent can we make it without going to court? please help me?


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Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     24 February 2011

i dont think there's any way of legal separation.


you can simply move out and live in a girl's hostel,or in a rented/self owned house,if u can afford....




it's always safer for a girl to stay wid sum1...,esp. in a country like india...if u were in a job in some other city,then it was different.


why dont u all go for family counselling,if u have issues?they can be resolved...


even if u have one will love u as much as ur parents do...the world outside is too bad...this is a truth.


if people come to know that u dont get along with them and live alone,they can also take advantage of u...


if u cant afford an expensive counsellor there are many organisations that offer free family counselling...


once u marry,u will in any case be living why not nurture ur relations with parents now?


rest depends on ur choice!

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Sonia Saini (advocate)     25 February 2011

You can get seperated of your own. You can also file a petition for partition if you want any share in the acestral property of your family. There is no formal procedure for seperation. You can just start living on your own.

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Damayanti (Unemployed)     25 February 2011

At the age of 18, every person becomes major/an 'individual' with own discretion and liable for consequences of own conduct(Good and bad).


To what extent do you want to get separated from your parents?




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Ambika (NA)     25 February 2011


Swetha, you may like to explain a few more things? I am anwering your post with some assumption which may or may not be true in your case.

Perhaps at the age of 25 living with parents have its own flip side, if  you are not a single child. Sometimes living with parents and with brothers and their families ( though this is not clear from her post, and you may not be having any!) make unmarried girls marginalised and perhaps they are looked upon as laibiliites on them, not only by parents ( not in all cases) but also the society in which they move about.  Perhaps as a grown up individual you need your own space both mental and physical space( your own spacious or little corner ? ??) and privacy. 

You seem to be in  a well settled profession, and nothing stops you from having some time on your own. It  indeed may be a healthy time alone for you to reflect on your relationship with your parents. It is a myth that all daughters have good relations with parents, as an unmarried girl( I do not know about your marital status)  in the maintream cultural scenario  is not accepted  as a human being in her own rights by her parents or siblings( exceptions may always be there).

One way is to take a house on rent and keep a full time maid, ( if you can afford) and yet maintain relationship with your parents. A liitle distance sometimes heal the relationships. Like what has been said above, you can be on your own and decide on your own at your age . Imagine a woman getting transferred to some other place for professioanal reason, she may or may not be accompnied by parents and still she can manage the risks and dangers of  outside world with some necessary precautions. You may have to explore some good and safe hostles available to live independently. Hostels like YMCA ranks high on safety, privacy, and good surroundings and working environments.  

You may like to make it clear to your parents why you do not want to live with them. Perhaps certain behaviours from them or certain triggers in your home surroundings are upsetting you to the extent that you want to live away. Do you feel a sense of marginalisation in your parental home? Do you feel yourself remaining with parents is making them in someway feel uncomfortable and you suffocated and therefore you want to get way from them?  Without blaming yourself, analyse each of these aspects. A direct discussion with them would help clear the air and perhaps you would be given the space ( I mean here both physical, individual ,  and psychological spaces) which you require.

Since your query has a factual question, and there is no pointers on why you want to live separately from your parents, what I have written is purely of conjectural nature and may or may not be true in your case. Hence please disacrd the chaff in this post and take the grain if you find any!

Wish you Best 

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Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     25 February 2011

@ Author

Que. is good to the extent that as per existing Laws of the land it is prerogative of parents to disown their children and reason are not necessary to state in such legal procedures regulalry coming to board.

However, the reverse can’t be done legally is my opinion under existing legal framework as children are percived caretakers of their parents when they become old irrespective of marrital status and or gender. You may opt for a peaceful style (way out) of such embarkation which is now-a-days commonly practiced by both genders of major age children in metro cities that is move out as per your requirement yet keep on-off ties with your roots.

Well to me it is neither wrong and or right for children to do so now-a-days. It is a adult persons choice and right to personal liberty once s/he attains major age as per Law of the land. They simply moves out from the nest and start their own which is as good as “getting separated from family”.

However as your are entitled as per Law of the land certain ‘equal rights’ you may ask your share from your parents before ‘so called drifting away’ for your own financial security read with peace of mind till you may change up your mind otherwise you are major age and have your own life to be responsible of and may have some valid personal reasons to come here and ask it.

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