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Formal loan application a rbi requirement for loan in bank?

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Shyamala Ravi   04 February 2018

I am much grateful for all those noble souls who took time off to respond to my plight and offer their assistance.  Particularly, my grateful thanks to Shri Kumar Doab and Shri GLN Prasad.  I am unable to send PM through my account.  When I go to my sent folder I get an "ASP 500 Error", so am not sure if my messages have reached the people whom I sent.  I very much would like to contact Shri. Rajendra K Goyal and Shri Mallapedi Jaggarao and point them to my ongoing plight.  I sent PM's but not sure if it even reached them.  Thanks.



Shyamala Ravi   04 February 2018

Per Shri Kumar Doab's advice, I was at last able to get a certified copy of what the Bank considered as my Application.  I was able to collect the certified copy of the Application in person. However, it is still the letter they took from me requesting release of funds, on which someone had scribbled "Applicaiton" on the top.  It is NOT the formal appliation I remember filling out which I submitted for the loan.  The Chief Manager, while handing me the copy told me that at least they have this letter for loan sanction, and for this type of loan, they do not even take this kind of letter from other people!  The total confidence, utter arrogance and abject contemp with which he treated me while saying those words, I am unable to express to you folks.  This after making me wait for over 3 hours. 

My own lawyer tells me that they are colluding with the successful bidder.

That the successful bidder is someone with deep connections to Highest Judiciary of the nation.

That the successful bidder would even give me extra money to 'go away' and that I should just take it in my own interest.

I want to prevail dear brothers and sisters.  I want to prevail for many reasons:

I want to prevail since I believe in Justice, and that Truth prevails in the land of my birth.

I want to prevail since it is a product of hard work.  My father was a government Civil Surgeon, and we never lived in our own home since we moved so much.  He would want his father's property to be enjoyed by his only daughter, or his grandchildren, but NOT be stolen by a Bank and its agents.

I want to prevail, since if I lose, this is what is going to happen to everybody who is perceived to be weak, a vulnerable lady, or anybody who cannot fight back. This is not what our great nation is all about. 

Please help me. Please.



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