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renisan@1986   07 May 2018

Faulty product by royal enfield

Like all other lovers for Royal Enfield even I had planned to buy one of their products. In the month of July I visited Royal Enfield showroom at Vasai (East) and booked Royal Enfield Electra 350 CC (Blue color) and while booking I was been told that I will get the manufacture of August,2016 and during the day of delivery I received the bike with full of dust, oil patches on engine, when asked what is the make of this bike, their representative (Ajeet Sharma) told me that its August,2016 but when I checked the engine barcode it was of Classic 350 Black color and immediately I crossed verified with him (Ajeet) about the incorrect barcode stick on my bike and I told him that I will post this on all social media, then he immediately went inside and came after 10-15mins and apologized and informed me that this bike is manufactured in the month of June,2016 and when I asked him then why did you try to sell me this bike? His answer was, “Sir, you wanted the bike so I happen to arrange one from other dealer”. I asked him for the manufacture of August,2016. Ajeet, requested me to give him 15-20 days so I gave him to arrange one. Here, I receive a call from Ajeet one day prior to the delivery which is 10th August,2016 that my bike has come for the delivery. So, in excitement I went to take the delivery on 10th August, 2016 in the morning and when I saw my bike it was in very bad condition like… all white patches on both the tyres, oil patches all over the engine, White patches on headlight and petrol tank… Which I had to ask him to get the bike in a brand new condition and he asked me to give him 3-4 hours and that’s when at 4:00pm in the evening I received Royal Enfield 350 CC Blue post facing all the trouble. When I took the bike for a test ride and immediately highlighted few of the points like right hand side pulling and the explanation which was given to me by Mr. Ajeet Sharma that the engine heaviest part is on the righthand side that’s why the bike is pulling on right side but the fact I got to know later by Mr. Bhide. Before my first free service I started noticing some weird noise from front shock absorber which was not coming the day I purchased or while riding till the first free service and highlighted on my first service which was immediately within 2 weeks from the purchase of the bike and asked the Advisor to get the same checked but when I came to take the delivery of the bike and asked the advisor did he check the shock absorbers he told yes and I asked the one who took the ownership (Engineer) he told that he has not (That means they keep fooling the customers without even checking the bike). Post that I kept on facing this Shock absorbers noise. They told me that they will replace the shock absorbers but kept me waiting and every time I been following up with them in the month of November,2016. And after 3 weeks I lost patience and blasted on everyone and immediately I found new shock absorbers came. It was like a magic….. They did replace but the sound did not go. That’s when I started speaking to their Manager Amol and TSM Prasad Bhide and they replaced the shock absorbers twice but the sound was still there and there was no improvement. While the second time when the shock absorber was about get replaced where Mr. Amol insisted the engineer to put the old shock absorber and when I saw they’re in appropriate behavior I got suspicious and went inside to check and found that one shock absorber was new and other was old. This is how the Royal Enfield treats and give dealership. After few months while riding I faced some wired noise coming from rear wheel and I immediately parked by bike aside of highway and found the nut came out from the silencer and I had to fix the same and the same way at their service center I found the front indicator light were also loose which they tighten in front of me. While my complaint was on, Royal Enfield closed my complaint without my consent which was not expected at from such a big brand which is known across the globe. One of their quality person came from Chennai to see the noise which is coming from the front shock absorbers and even he told that the noise which is coming from the front shock absorbers is normal and I can enjoy the ride. But I fail to understand that? How can I a customer enjoy his ride on a bike which make him uncomfortable due to the noise coming from the shock absorbers. I have not paid Rs. 1,49,101/- to hear that noise. I was being told that all the hydraulic shock absorbers are made this way for Electra. Electra shock absorbers you get this noise and I have checked in all other Royal Enfield bike likes, Standard, Classic, Thunderbird & GT and none of the shock absorbers made such noise except Electra. (Thunderbird, GT, Standard and Classic… these are the bikes which do not make noise like Electra 350) While doing Teflon coating twice they damaged the headlight casing and petrol tank and also replaced the same from their end. They even replaced the shock absorbers but the noise is still there. When I asked them to give me in written which took more than One year to revert and they told that this noise will come only in Electra and no other bike but were not ready to give on mail. Their manager (Amol) also told me that there is some problem in Electra shock absorbers but after a long chase Mr. Mustufa gave me a confirmation on mail that all the Royal Enfield shock absorbers will have similar characteristic noise and when checked with their TSM Sourabh we could not find any noise in other bikes. I clearly told Sourabh that I have faced a lot of problems since the delivery and I do not wish to keep this Electra and ride with such horrible noise where after wearing the helmet I could hear that hissing noise from the front shock absorbers. I asked Sourabh (TSM) to sell my bike which is Royal Enfield 350 CC blue and give me a new bike of Royal Enfield Classic 350. Whatever the cost of the new bike has to be adjusted by SP Wheels (Dealer) and Royal Enfield as that’s the only compensation I am asking for. For example if the Electra 350 CC sells for Rs. 1,00,000/- and the new bike cost Rs. 1,50,000/- then the remaining Rs. 50,000/- will be paid by SP Wheels or Royal Enfield. Where Sourabh told that they will adjust only 20,000/- and depends on the market value of Electra. I just told Sourabh that You (Royal Enfield & SP Wheels) have tortured and harassed me for more than one year and I need a compensation for this or I will go legal. Below are the list of issue which I have faced since I purchased Royal Enfield Electra 350 CC Blue. In the month of February, Amol, Sourabh (TSM) and Kiran stopped responding to my calls and started putting things on each other and making me run around the bush. (A Brand like Royal Enfield can make a product which will make noise while ridding) I have a big list of problem that I have faced and still facing with this UNPROFESSIONAL BRAND CALLED ROYAL ENFIELD.) • Manipulation of manufacturing • While doing Teflon coating they chipped off the paint from the headlight casing • Scratches on petrol tank • Rust all over the parts within 6 months • Replaced took kit box and had a rust on the lock within 2 month which showed to Sourabh. • Carbonator leakage post servicing • Both the breaks were not in working condition post servicing • Second time the color chipped off from headlight casing post servicing • While replacing they cheated with one old and one new shock absorbers • Hydraulic shock absorbers make metal noise while stand by – while holding the disc break and put weight over the handle. • T-Bar got loosen for the 5th time even after replacing. A real threat for a life while ridding and specially on a long way. • Silence nut bolt came out while riding on highway at 60 kmpl. • Pulling on right hand side. Hear this- I was been told that the engine heavy part is on the right-hand side hence its going towards that side and this happens with all RE model • Fault in wiring – Light turns on/off automatically • Vibrates at the speed of 60kmpl • No PDC done while delivering the bike • Bike was given with all dust over the bike and white Patch on both the tiers • Oil patches on all over engine. • Rear wheel drum nut bolt got loose and noise started coming while ridding which had to be rectified in the night • Rear wheel drum paint came of due to rust and now it looks like a junk • Their engineer (Praveen) has accepted that the noise is loud enough even their TSM (Sourabh) • Indicator lights nut bolt which is connected to shock abs was loose • After every service since the first I have faced lot of problems • My journey with Royal Enfield has been a mental harassment since November 2016 which you guys are forcing me to take an extreme • Mental harassment since one year and due to that I have faced lot of health issue as every Saturday or Sunday I have to be in Royal Enfield service center. • Testing my patience and making me go mad for one month to get the new shock absorbers. Latest error by Royal Enfield (SP Wheels), that when I gave my bike for servicing on 10th March, 2018 while taking the delivery I found the horn stopped working and colour got chipped off from the Air filter box which is at the right hand side of the bike and also from the tool box which is at the left hand side. In every servicing, there is always an issue of some or the other part being damaged in my bike. I haven’t received my bike in good condition ever post servicing and this has caused me a mental harassment and every time I must find out one or the other issue. SP Wheels is not following the guideline of Royal Enfield. They are supposed to cover the necessary parts like silencer, petrol tank, horn etc. But it is not done and always I have to go through metal harassment of changing the parts. 6th Time the come setting has loosened and had to be fixed. Due to cone setting getting loose every now and then, there is a threat to my life meeting with an accident. This is completely a defective product which is been sold to me. Below is the confirmation mail from Mustafa Sayyed. From: "Mustafa Sayyed" Date: Nov 10, 2017 3:57 PM Subject: Re: Re: HIGH - Unsatisfied with the service - SP Wheels (Vasai - East) To: "Santosh Subramaniam" Cc: "Saurabh S Chundayil" , "spwheels royalenfield" , "kiran survase" Dear Mr. Santosh, Greetings from Royal Enfield !! This is with reference to your concern raised on the shock absorber on your motorcycle. We have inspected your vehicle at several occasions and informed you that the sound observed is the characteristic sound of any shock absorber during its movement. Hence this does not need any action from our side. Regarding headlight casing, dealer has placed the order will get it replaced. We assure you the best services all the times. Regards, Mustafa Sayyed Regional Manager Service Royal Enfield , Mumbai 9867779687


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renisan@1986   07 May 2018

I need a suggestion on this. can anyone help how to go about it... I mean legal

Siddharth Jain   07 May 2018

you'll need to send a legal notice to them stating your grievances and if they fail to replace your bike as well as pay damages on account of mental agony, then you can proceed to file complaint in.District Consumer court.
For any other queries feel free to contact me at isidjain1@gmail.com
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