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Neil Paul   08 February 2021

Farmer Protest & Injustice


I have a vast number of Queries that I feel to ask and need the proper and legal guidance from the Advocates in Delhi, mostly related to the well known topic of the Farmers' protest. As well know the protest was on for months with displaying boards and all but due to the mistreatment that they have received upon reaching Delhi,

Why is their identity portrayed as Khalistanis and Terrorists?

Does the government want to say that the Terrorist have been feeding India since Independence?

Why is expressing thoughts and speaking up against anything that is against the benefit of the Government termed as Terrorism/ Anti-nationals?

What is the one thing that lays the foundation of being Nationals? Is there a checklist laid down by the Supreme Court of India or the Constitution?

Why is everyone that speaks up, they are charged under sedation? And what about the Right to Speech?





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JINALI SHAH   10 May 2021

Your frustration and being upset with the whole situation is quite understandable. As per my point of view, not just farmers who were protesting were called Khalistanis or terrorist but anybody in India who protested against the current government was either called anti-nationals or terrorists. The sad part is the farmers who are feeding our nation are being branded by such terms by the current government + certain section of the media. 

Even earlier protests which took place in the last few years many faced sedition charges and thrown in jails or irregular arrests were made of journalists who tried to show the truth. 

For example, As protests against the CAA-NRC bill took place in many parts of India, the protesters were called anti-nationals even the Muslim community was highly targeted. Even university students were called the tukde-tukde gang. 

Unfortunately, the right to speech including freedom of media has drastically decreased in our nation. So basically if anyone points out the Central Government's shortfall be it, farmers, students, activists, journalists, celebrities they are termed not anti-government but are directly branded as anti-nationals. So, anybody questioning the current regime or the laws passed by them is tagged as anti-national. 

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