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SONU   10 March 2016

Family property dispute

Agriculture land and plots are in name of my mother. My brothers have sold / are selling some land and plots out of this property.

Now what is remedy for me, please help me


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Kapil Chandna (Lawyer at Supreme Court of India)     10 March 2016



He cannot sell without having a Valid Title over the property, better way is to give a public notice that who so ever buys the property will buy at their own risk.



Warm Regards

Kapil Chandna Advocate


kavksatyanarayana (subregistrar/supdt.(retired))     10 March 2016

how is your mother get that property?

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SONU   10 March 2016


That property was purchased by my Father in name of my Mother. I have missed by Father

SONU   12 March 2016

Please help

Mariam Taweel (not applicable)     26 March 2016

I wanted some advice regarding inheritance of a property. 

There is a property which belongs to my grandma's grandfather. Her grandfather died without making a will. According to the Inheritance in the absence of a will under the Indian Succession Act, where the intestate has not left surviving him any child, but has grandchildren, the property shall be equally divided among all his surviving grandchildren.

Now, her grandfather had children who are all deceased but he has had 3 grandsons (2 deceased and 1 alive) and 6 granddaughters (which includes my grandma). Currently, the property is being held by my grandma's 1 deceased brother's child and her cousin brother and his kids. 

They have now decided to sell the property, so they took signature of all the granddaughters excluding my grandma. They have not consulted my grandma regarding this matter. They have decided to share the money between themselves excluding my grandma.

So what steps should we could take if my grandma wants to acquire her right in the property?


@ Sonu 

Whether your mother on your side , this is very important . Reason is that Women property is her absolute property even under succession act and here it is shown she has only purchased the land so certainly except her no one can do any thing on that land legally.

Anyone can do anything even take money and disappear so in your case steps can be taken by only your mother. If she agree then take injunction , restraining order etc.

If she does not agree and to maintain your interest , then you need to start silly stupid cases and make title of that land faulty and disputed between you and others , by claiming some stupid claims like they have given oral mortage etc. Search advocate who can delay the case as long as he can without any conclusion in court . And Put board of Legal dispute on proeprty and case no. 

This is only way  


@Zaiba Patia 

To understand Personal law applicable to you I require religion of all parties in dispute . 

Whether the transcation is over of selling property or not ?

If  they got buyer for property?

If sold date of selling (Very imp. Limitation act has to be considered )

After above queries I prefer to ans. this are essential for me. Oh forgot again , Property which state it is located ? Nature of property land and structure above/flat /else bit discripttion ?



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