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False sc st atrocity case

Dear sir,


I was booked under false sc st atrocity case 2 years ago.I am being mentally torched by the complainant and police officer.There was a personal issue and he filed a case and he is influenced.I was sent to judicial remand for no fault of mine as i dont know his caste.The police took his side from the beggining and also added one person  lets say "A" who is an enemy to me and friend of Compainant "C". "A" is LW1 and some "B" is LW2. A is not present at the time of incident when I and "C"  fought each other. But the police mentioned A as LW1. In FIR they mentioned LW1 corroborates the incident.what does this mean? Is he present at the time of the incident which is false or he is supporting C  blindly? next coming to LW2 he left the premises of apartment and dont know where he had gone.As a matter of fact "C" also left the premises of apartment.The case will be goiong for trail/hearings soon.Now my questions are 


1) Do i need to prove that LW1 is not there at the time of incident? what does corroborate mean?

2) LW2 left and he will not come to court as a witness as far as i know. what will happen if summons are not signed as he vacated the flat?will they search for him at other locations or they will issue arrest warrant after some time? or they will close the case?

3)Mainly complainant also left the flat and went to somewhere as it is a rented one.He put his friend in the apartment.Does Honarable court summons complainant or witnessess first?does it treat word corroborate different from eye witnessess??

4) I got email proofs that i have enimity with "C" and also "A" ( LW1). does the Hon. court  considers this? They want to have reveange on me this way!!!

5) How can this case be closed  soon as i am having mental agony..

6).Is it a good idea to file a case on investigating officer for the sins he had comitted? any means of protection from the corrupt IPS officer??


Raghava rao.

Lawyer at Supreme Court of India



Kindly email me the copy of the complaint at



Kapil Chandna Advocate 


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Did you engage a very able local senior counsel of unshakable repute and integrity specializing in such/civil matters?

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It is not possible to advice you without document like as complain petition , FIR etc. so mail me to those document.


Jyotirmaya Prasad Behera

Advocate, Orissa High Court


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You can benefit from offer of help from both members/experts.

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dear raghu, i hope you are so patience person,then dont take wrong decessions like filling compliant on that IAS Officer with out have documentary evidence or any other mode.first you meet an your local area advocate or you may send documents to our experts in #lci.they may give some ideas for the relief from this problem.

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Raghav Rao. 1. During the cross examination and if that fails then during your defence you must establish that LW1 was lying and he was not at all present.2. if LW2 does not come for cross examination, then he will not be read against you.3. Complainant also will come, otherwise you can seek dismissal, but for this your case file is to be studied. Seek the help of your lawyer and understand from him.

Dear sir/madam,

There are proofs that LW2 ( who is the owner of LW1 that is the  complainant) who told false witness during police enquiry is out of station..He took part in an event when this incident happened on that day.So I can prove that he is a false witness..  LW3 is a woman who shiifted somewhere else.LW4 is still residing in my apartment.LW3 and LW4 will be summoned atonce i came to know.Now please answer my questions friends...

1). how judge deals with the false witness LW2? Also LW3 and LW4 also gave false witness  that LW2 is there at the time of the incident .How judge deals with LW3 and LW4 as i will prove LW2 is out of station.

2) now will judge ask to file 193 case on these false witnessess? or i need to file the case.can i file the case 193 now or after this case is concluded?

3)There are email proofs that there are bitter differences with the compalinant and witnessess.Will they be enough to close the case?

pls let me know ,


thank you ,

Raghava Rao




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