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Puneet (A)     09 February 2012

False mobile bill and police case

Hellor friends,

I stay at kolkata and I have got 2 threatening calls from reliance bangalore regarding non-payment of Rs 4000 bill which, they say, is in my name. This came to me as surprise as I dont own reliance connection neither any of my relatives live in Banagalore. People calling me were recovery agents using very foul languages. I wrote emails to nodal officers and appellate authority of reliance, but to no avail. 

Well, I am really bothered about is - they have registered a police complaint at bangalore in my name (came to know from my nearest reliance office) - and I have recently applied for a H1 visa for US. If in background check, the visa-people come to know about a police case in my name, they might reject my visa. 

Hence, I want help from you people to decide what should i do - should i pay the mobile bill which i never used (and surrender to reliance goons), or should i fight for justice till the end (at cost of my visa)

Guru's Kindly respond.


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shekhar iyer (C E O)     09 February 2012

ithappened with me, i had a vodafone connection which i took more than a year back. once the activation was done someone used to call"sattar bhai hai kya? nahi to salim bhai hai kya." i said wrong no. but evry oher day the call kept on coming. Finally after 3 months i cancelled the line paid the bills and took a fresh no. now after 9 months i am getting calls from vodafone that my bills are pending. if i dont pay they will pick me up and bash me up. all for Rs.500-600. I said as i have paid all bills and cancelled the line i dont have to pay anything They startedthreatening they will beat me up. As pe court ruling  no one is supposed to visit any house for forceful recovery. If anybody comes you can call the nearest police station and get them arrested. I did the same and now the company people are soft calling me to forget evrything. 


Be bold and fight them. For H1 Visa these small cases dont work out. Visa is sure. 


Ask the reliance persons to show the forms which u have filled with ur foto and all. Under the right to information act with a 10/- stamp(court). These things in no way affect ur H1 visa. or go to consumer redressal forum, and they will solve it in short time.

Adv.R.P.Chugh (Advocate/Legal Consultant (     09 February 2012

Go to the High Court - get that complaint quashed - it's serious injustice, it won't affect your H1 visa - if it gets hampered somehow - drag them to the court - get compensation. 

Puneet (A)     09 February 2012

Yah. I agree this is serious injustice. I have decided to file RTI and demand documents and KYC procedure that was followed before giving out this false mobile connection. :). Then i will go to consumer court for quashing of fir against me.

What I dont understand is, how can a connection in my name be obtained in bangalore..when i have no link or documents there...i suspect there is a national operandus of some skilled gangs. We submit various documents for bank accounts/demat accounts/dth connections/credit cards etc. And these documents can easily be leaked by RM's or collecting/verifying agents. They can then be used to obtain illegal connections. only innocent people are let to suffer. 6 months back i had opened demat account, i guess documents were leaked from there. 


Thanks for your responses. 

Adv.R.P.Chugh (Advocate/Legal Consultant (     09 February 2012

Where do you propose to file the RTI ? Reliance is no - public authority - go for TRAI - and quashing wont be entertained by consumer court - you are challenging that you never took the connection - so how are you the consumer ?????? go to HC

Puneet (A)     09 February 2012

hmmm....for HC, i would need a lawyer then. should i approach Kolkata HC or Bangalore HC? also, if I go to HC then no need to file RTI, HC can itself order reliance to produce documents in front of it. isint it?

Person (Engineer)     10 May 2012


I used "A" company's mobile number for some time then moved to other state and then stopped using the number after a while, i got the payment reminder asking me to pay my bill, i paid that bill and replied back asking them to close my number as i don't want to use the number. Now, after this i used some other number and lost track of my "A" company's number and sim card, i am not sure whether it got thrown out or lost but after 4 months i got a call in my new number from a "A" company's employee asking me to pay the bill or else they will register a complaint against me in the police station. And it seems that in the past 4 months my sim was lost and somebody else was using my sim and made phone calls and sent message from that.

Now my questions are :

1. As i wrote a clear cut main asking "A" company to close the connection, is it my fault that the company did not close the connection and somebody else used it.

2. In worst case scenario can a police complaint be filed against me in the above mentioned case.(As i understand this is a civil case)

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