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Respected members, My name is Gulshan Pahwa & I'm working with a Pvt Bank in loans department.. Before this, I was with some NBFC & was looking for Tractor Loans..In 2013, I gave loan to some person who was intentional defaulter that I came to know after 2 months.. He purchased tractor of some non branded company & did not give full down payment to agency owner. But for availing loan, Agency owner gave us money receipt for full amount in cash. After about 3 months, customer's first EMI was due & he did not pay that. As it was first EMI, so i was questioned & I approached customer & Agency owner when did not get response from customer. Agency owner also, was harassed as his payment was also due & customer was not paying that too. Meanwhile, some fault occurred in customer's tractor & he approached Agency owner for Guarantee purpose. Agency owner brought the tractor & refused to return it to customer. He asked him that he had returned that to finance company due to non payment of EMI. Customer did not do anything against dealer that time & even did not asked me too. When I came to know dealer (Agency Owner) has repossessed the tractor, I immediately approached him for full payment of tractor & dealer promised me that he will sell the tractor & will pay all the dues of our company. After some time, he sold that tractor to another agency owner & called me to collect payment from him. When I approached another dealer, he just gave me first EMI & promised to pay rest by time to time. But I informed my superior & he asked me to get this promise in writing. So, on the Letter head of dealer, I took undertaking/confirmation for the same with proper sign & stamp. Also, I told first dealer (seller) to keep follow up for payment as it was his responsibility of EMIs. After some months, I left the company & went out of station for new job & gave charge to my superior who was aware of whole incident. But due to some family problem, I had to come back to home & to join the same company again. But that time my previous supervisor had left. Although I was in sales but I was instructed to help collection team for all cases done by me. Then, I came to know that second dealer is not paying EMIs to company. Immediately, I approached him & ask first dealer also for payment. I involved all collection guys & their superiors in this case & told them whole story. Collection & recovery heads pressurized the first dealer to resolve the case & he asked for time of a month to resolve the same. He pressurized second dealer continuously & paid collection team one or two EMIs more. But one day, second dealer murdered his wife & a son due to some family issue & got arrested. At that time also, first dealer was sitting in his office which was close to his (second dealer) house. After this incident, nobody discussed about that case & after about two years, in 2017, I left that company again & went out of station for new job. Now, two months back, I got a call from some police station. I was told that a complaint has been lodged against me. They asked for my presence at Police station. I visited there & came to know that Customer has lodged complaint against me & first dealer that we have jointly repossessed the tractor, sold it & distributed the money earned from that. Now, collection team was following customer for EMIs. I told this whole story to ASI who was handling the case in presence of first dealer & customer, but dealer blamed me that I have taken that tractor from him & now he's not aware where the tractor is. I asked police to call collection team of company, But ASI himself pressurized me & even threatened me. I'm sure he was being bribed by first dealer. Then I told him to visit second dealer as his another son is alive & aware of all the truth. That particular ASI along with first dealer visited second dealer in my presence & his son refused to say anything & said to ASI that his father is in jail, you should go there & take his statement. But he admitted, he know first dealer very well. ASI told me that he will investigate the case personally & will call me if needed. On 26th August, I got the call from him & he ask me to come on 28th. But I humbly requested that i cannot come as it's monthend closing. At first he denied, but when I insisted, he asked me when can I come. I said, "Anytime after 31st". He said, "ok, I'll let you know." After 31st, I didn't get any call. Unluckily, my father met with an accident on 1st & I was busy in hospital until he discharged on 6th August. Now, on 10th August, I got a call from same police station & he asked me to present at ACP office. He told me there's some complaint lodged against me, customer & second dealer & complainant is first dealer. He didn't give me any details about complaint. Tomorrow, I have to go at ACP office. I don't know what's written in second complaint but whatever it's it'll be a misleading & false complaint. I just have with me written letter head of second dealer & 2 & half year old call recording of mine, collection head & customer in which customer is saying that first dealer is culprit & your employee has not done anything wrong. He told he will lodge complaint against that dealer. I don't know what will happen tomorrow, but I'm very harassed because of this. Please guide me what should I say & how serious this complaint is against me. I'm not able to be present every time before police as I have to come from another city. I have not done anything wrong.. Please guide me what to do Regards Gulshan



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