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False case filed by girl's parents on a boy in case of love matter to avoid them?

Page no : 2

APR videosblog   17 January 2024

Tq for good advice. I have no life without her. Even I will be have to suicide but I don't forget her. 

LCI Thought Leader Sanjeev Duggal Advocate   17 January 2024

You  have  confirmed  that  you  both are  major .  As  you said  you  belong  to different  caste . Are  you  both  Hindu 

then  advise  can be  given accordingly ?

Sanjeev Duggal; Advocate 

APR videosblog   17 January 2024

Tq for good advice . I cant live without her. Even I will die but I don't forget her. 

SAM (LEGAL)     17 January 2024

Hi APR videosblog  

Dont talk like mad that you will die without her. There are so many girls beside her. If she dosent take any steps then it shows that she is least bothered about you. Only you are trying hard. What about her? 

If she dont do anything then forget her and find another girl. Actually she should take some steps and not you. Becase law is inclined more towards women. So she should take more initiative than you. You dont do anything. Tell her to do any action.

And dont talk like mad that you will die and cant live without her etc...........................

Life comes once so live and enjoy life. Only coward person talk like i will die and do suicide etc...........................

APR videosblog   17 January 2024

Sir from last 70 days her parents not contact her with her friends till now. They threatening her , kill both of us. So she is afraid about that . They don't give her mobile also. She is in so depression and not able to do anything because of her parents and relatives threats. How can I give her confidance and dare. They are showing very prestige caste feeling. Their mother talked if her daughter dies no problem, even her daughter dies in their caste only. They behaves like this. There may be so many girls, but I'm loving her heartfully. She is more important than my life. If all the ways closes to me, I won't live.they are fully threatening her, so how can she take any step they stopped her studies also. Even now also they don't say where is she to her friends

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     18 January 2024

Originally posted by : APR videosblog

Tq for good advice . I cant live without her. Even I will die but I don't forget her. 


 nothing of that sort will happen.  you get married with suitable girl and after few days you will even forget her name.


such expression show that you are actually coward and cannot be bale to fight the battle you are pitching for yourself.


You are now harping upon that what can you do when:-


1.     She is not allowed to contact friends

2.     She is not given mobile.

3.     She is depressed

4.     Her studies are discontinued.

5.     They  are maintaining caste prestige


First of all when she is not in contact how can you know that she is depressed?  A PURE ASUMPTION?


She appears to be fine in this condition as she has not approached police (atleast what is appearing from the fact so far shown by you).


Simply because someone is maintaining caste prestige he cannot be compelled to marry his daughter to you unless she comes forward and marry you.


Your approaching police is likely to backfire as you are also ready told and you will not be able to take it.


You are saying that you cannot forget her.  But will your version be the same after spending a one (just one) night in lock up?



You re continuously hiding the facts which are relevant :-


1.     What religion are you and what she is?



2.     What caste you are and what she is?



3.     What is your profession?







4.     What is the stand of your family?



5.     How financially strong you are?





varun (Law student )     18 January 2024

Perfectly explained by Sudir Kumar 

APR videosblog   18 January 2024

I decided to death without her . So even not only one day lock up nothing can change my mind.

Then I enquired about her condition with one of her relative( student) .she explained me her condition. She not even talk with her parents. Only maintaing silent. She is not safe condition what you have assumptioned.

My family accept her. They are waiting for her.

I am Reddy and she is chowdaries.

I'm working as a vice principal in a college.

My life ends without her,so  even I go to jail nothing impact on my profession. I am capable of caring about her.

Yes money is important. Heartfully say all of you really happy because you all are well settled. How much earning is not important. How much love shows on our family , spend time with family is important

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     20 January 2024

You hae earlier stated that there are photographs of both you you together. Not indicates as to :-

1.     What type of photos these are?

2.     Who has the photos.

It is difficult to comment as to what extents these photos can be a proof in your favour or against you.

You have no revealed that

1.     That apparently none of you is SC/ST so atrocities act is not involved (neither from your side nor against you).

2.     You have enquired about her from a relative. (Earlier you said she is not allowed to meet friends).

3.     You believe that she is not safe as she does not talk to parents.

4.     You are Vice Principal of a College hiding whether it is govt/ affiliated college.

You assume that going to jail will not affect your career. Not known how you assume so being in a noble profession.

You believe that she is not safe as she does not talk to parents.  “Not talking to parents” and “not being safe” are two different aspects.   Yes both can happen same time.

But she is not taking any police help.

Since you already made her to belief that you are married and still did not take her to your house. This way you cheated her which neither you release nor she may be realizing. Why should she believe your courage?

She may not be talking to parents right now.  That does not mean that she is going to talking your favour in Police Station.

You are certainly bale to take care of her if:-

1.     You are married (with/without the help of Police/Court)

2.     You are out of Jail.

3.     Your job remains.


APR videosblog   20 January 2024

She is studying. So we both not revealed to stay live in together relationship. But I am informed about her with my own sisters. They know about our love. After completion of her studies we have to decide to say about our love matter with their parents . Unfortunately they knew about our relationship . They threatened her and take away her from me. They threatened her to kill if she supports me or elope with me. So she is having so fear about that. So she is in dialomma. I'm not cheated her. If I'm cheating her, then I don't ask like this . And don't explain about my love and my problem. 

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