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APR videosblog   11 January 2024

False case filed by girl's parents on a boy in case of love matter to avoid them?

Sir, the actual problem is that we are both lovers. The girl's parents separated us saying that we both have different castes. They are threatening the girl that they will kill her if she goes away with me and gets married. There are the proofs of pics taken both together. How should I get out of this situation. How should I become reach her?


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kavksatyanarayana (subregistrar/supdt.(retired))     11 January 2024

If you both are majors, take the help of the Police to get your marriage.

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     11 January 2024

Very properly advised by expert Mr. KAVK Satyanarayana,  you may follow it. 

APR videosblog   11 January 2024

Her parents struggling her so much, if she favours me, then they will kill both of us. It is the main problem

kavksatyanarayana (subregistrar/supdt.(retired))     12 January 2024

so take the help of police.

APR videosblog   12 January 2024

They didn't respond. We both married in a room. Only video is proof. Our pics are proof. No person evidance is there. Marriage registration is not done. Her parents mentally disturbing , if she supports me, then they will kill both of us where ever we can stay. This is the problem , she can't do anything from her side

anjali tamrkar   12 January 2024

Marriage, especially in India, is considered as a sacred institution. Be it the youngsters or aged people, for both, marriage holds a very respectable place in their eyes. But due to an age gap, youngsters & parents often have a differing take on marriage. If youngsters have an open sky to fly, on the contrary, few of the parents have confined themselves into the handcuffs of society, tradition, rituals, culture, religion etc.
Love is not a offence, even a girl and boy after completing  the age of majority  they both have a fundamental right under Article 21 Right to choose their life partner but  the very true fact is  society treated as a crime .
If the girl parents are against you both ,the very first way is you go to them in a very polite way to talk to them and inspite of all this if they still threatening you ,you can file a complaint them ,under section 503 of IPC.
You can reach to that girl directly because it’s your fundamental right as no one can stops you even the girl parents can’t .
If you want to marry a girl ,you can marry under the special Marriage  Act .


APR videosblog   13 January 2024

Tq for your valuable information. But here problem is police don't take complaint. They showed angriness on me. I already did all that types of activities. Mainly I'm asking if the girl's parents give complaint on me forcefully by her on threatening her. Then how to manage/ face that issue? What is the process to fight on that case and finally reach her? 

SK Sharma (Attorney at Law)     13 January 2024

1. Speak to them and make them Understand. If do not understand

2. Lodge a Official compliant FIR with the Nearest Police Station and in case they refuse to register a complaint Visit the nearest SP office and give him/her in writing about your issue he would ask the concerned station in charge to take down the compliant.

3. If still they do not they you can complain to the Judicial Magistrate or by filing a Writ by hiring a good attorney.

4. Already explained by learned colleagues that you have article 21 , Section 503 and special marriage act with you but do not do any immorale act be in the limits.


APR videosblog   13 January 2024

Finally I am asking last ques sir/madam.p

Girl's Parents and relatives threatening her , if she supports me/talk favours to me, then they will kill both of us if we married. So how can I prove in that situation she is threatening/fearing by her parents and gives negative statement on me? 

I have all the proofs of pics taken together and messages. So how handle in that situation ? 

Laxmi Kant Joshi (Advocate )     14 January 2024

The marriage you had done without any sacrament and the witnesses in the room is not considered a legal marriage , police as well as court will not entertain it , her parents threatened her if they somehow take her in their confidence then it will not good for you , i had seen in to many cases girls came influence in their parents and she only says to police that she is innocent he did everything i don't know what he did to me  i follow him , then police registered to many cases against the boyfriend, hope you understand what you have to do .

APR videosblog   14 January 2024

Then I can file a case habius carpus petition in high court. Then they what will do? 

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     17 January 2024

HCP is not maintainable in this situation because the girl is residing in her parents house and she is an unmarried person.

You are a third person as far as law is concerned.

The high court will not entertain your HCP

APR videosblog   17 January 2024

Sir we are majors. Her parents threatening her and keep her in house custody. Police is not taking action when I explained her situation. I'm not a third person. She is my lover. 

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     17 January 2024

            The problem narrated by you is as under :-



1.      You both are majors (though you stated this after 7 days of initial query)


2.      Both of you  want to get married.


3.      You have not stated your religion but apparently both of you are Hindus (correct me if I am wrong).


4.      You are different cast. (you have not stated which cast both of you belong which is relevant for me to discuss further)


5.      Her family does not want this marriage (you are silent about your family)


6.      Her family is intimidating.


7.      Both of you are getting intimidated.


8.      She is kept in house custody.


9.      She apparently has no objection to being in house custody as facts (so far revelaed by you) do not indicate any action to call police by her to secure her release.


10.  You have not been able to secure police cooperation.


11.  You had a funny idea of filing Writ Heabus Corpus for which you have been suitably advised by Mr Kalaiselvan.


12.  You are arguing with Mr Kalaiselvan that you are not third party.  As a matter of fact YOU ARE A THIRD PARTY INTRUDER IN FAMILY AFFAIRS.


13.  You had a marriage which you cannot prove.


14.  The marriage (as you revealed) was done was secretly and cowardly


15.  you have not at all indicated whether you lived after that event (which you dub as marriage).


16.  You hae not indicated how economically strong you are.




On the basis  given facts (so far revealed)you can be advised as under :-



(i)                 This game is not for cowards like you.


(ii)               You are lucky that the police did not listen you.  Had police taken any action then there was all the more a strong possibility that the girls will come to police station and will give a statement (though under pressure) which will be suitable for police to lock you under several non-bailable charges on you.  You can keep on refuting them for major part of life.


(iii)             You may be having a bundle of rights but the facts (so far revealed) do not indicate any practical way of enforcing them.


(iv)             You have not stated your profession so it cannot be commented as to how large impact you can have on career once gone to jail.



(v)               You have asked :-


1.How should I get out of this situation?


You also asked


2.How should I become reach her?

both the things do not happed.



you reach her at the cost of being ruined and ruin her




get out of it.


(vi)             The remedy available is to go home and forget her. Find a suitable match.

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