facing problem on living relationship

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irl she is living with me with past 8 months . she now trying to blackmail me . because she went to marry me by forced. she did not told me that she already stayed with one men on her past life she forced me to stay with her now she started blackmailing me and harrisng me for marriage ... other wish she will destroy my family raputation ... please help me ..she forced me to stay with her if I not she told me she will die and I will be responsible for that please help me...
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1. Prolong the relationship and accumulate evidences that she was staying with you with unconditional consent /voluntarily.  Once this is done sufficiently, THEN proceed for legal action.

2. Let her know indirectly from some outside sources that you have some incurable diseases (failing kidney, AIDS, Heart Diseases etc.... ). When she comes to know, she will automatically ditch you, permanently and your purposes will be achieved, without any legal hassels.

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Since you did not marry there is no legal hurdle in saying "good-bye" to each other, discuss openly..

Don't fall prey to blackmail tactics adopted by the girl.


Warn her about your legal rights if she is still on the same track, then end the friendly relationship with her.File a case against her under section 503(criminal intimidation).This section deals with an act of threat by one person to another to injure his body, reputation or property. On the other hand she is asking you to marry, which is not in your interest. Threatening you as a person so that you perform such act (Marriage) which is illegal in nature also comes into the ambit S.503.As consent is the basic marriage requirement in family law. Even if the other party obtains your consent by putting you on gunpoint.Then you may approach Famil Court (If anybody obtains the consent of the complaining party by force, or by fraud, a court can void the marriage.).

You should have evidence or else you may face grave consequences. For example if she proceeds legally against you then I cheating, dishonesty, fraud cases will be booked upon you under section 415 (cheating) and 420 (if you had dishonestly Induced delivery of her property). And furthermore depending upon your close relationship, you may also be booked under many more section. So it is better you resolve this problem as soon as possible.The Indian law does not give any rights or obligations to the parties of live-in relationships.So, you are safe.

All the allegations made by you is true or false.you tell that she stayed with you from last 8months you also stayed with her happily now she is forcing to marry her so now you trying to escape.if she did not forced to marry I think that live in relation ship was happily continuing without responsibility.

There is only remedy for avoiding empty threats - gather the courage in not succumbing to them


Sir, as you said she did not tell you anything about her past life, it means she deceived you, and you have this strong ground that she is already married and she hide actual fact

now she is telling her friends and her relatives that I promise her marriage but I did not promised because it's a living relationship so we decided to stay together and then we will think about it that's was the seen but now she is blaming me that I bring her with me but the fact is she came her by her self only . now she is blaming me always that why I promise her that I will marriage but actually I don't promise her when I told the whole thing to my family they try to convince her but she didn't understand . she did not told me about her past life that she already stayed with one person near about 1 year and then now she is again blaming me but the fact is living together desion was made by not only me she also told me that she went to stay with me . I felt it's her plan to blackmail me emotionally. now she is not understand my words she not listen my parents just she went revenge she just marry me by force or she will complain that I promise her but did not marry her and stay her about 9 months she is playing with my emontion and my raputation ... please before she complain to police please guide me

One need to reap what he/she has sown. If the situation aggravates, she may file a criminal case; you need to face the music, but in all likelihood, you are bound to be acquitted.




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