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can someone please post the format of a chargesheet to be served to employees? what are the essential points to be included?

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dear mr david


The charge sheet should set out the factual incidence in the first para with the exact date, time and place of the incidence.  It should be elaborate and consist of the actual words used verbatim.  Then next para should state the clauses of misconducts which are charged.  

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it is like the other letter .  you draft like the statement with all details of the employee and offence , date and time,

finaly  get the signature of the employee with witness of officer and staff.

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Truly agree with Darshana Sawant and Mr.Sankar Narayan.

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Please specify it it is private or Govt employer.  Answer will differ in both cases.

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Format of charge sheet differs from organisation to organisation as may be regulated by the central Government Rules, State Government Rules, Industrial law, or by the Certified Standing Orders, as the case may be. So, you may have to provide brief about your organisation before seeking help from anyone.


Thank you r sudhirkumar and mr dhingra. the employer in this cse is a co-operative bank. various branch managers have cleared loans without due diligence on their part during 2009. the fraud came to light in 2011 may. fir's have been lodged. the rbi has asked the bank about action taken by the bank on erring employees. charge sheets have to be filed. hence the  requirement format. ( i think the certified standing orders are relevant in this case.)

my request to mr dhindra is that if you are having different formats for govt and pvt ( i.e cntral govt rules, state govt rules or IDA)  kindly share this with the members of lawyers club india. it will help everybody.




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