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Doing llb


My wife is mentally torturing me, it is a very long story going on for 6 years.  She is stubborn, and does a lot of action to get her work done.

So, I decided to be calm, and took a decision to do LLB, so as to give her divorce after completion of my LLB.  I want to collect all the evidence of her cruelty, one fine day, I want to give her divorce.

Actually, there have been lot of issues, which have been settled by elders, but she does the same again and again.  So, assuming that there will be no change in her tendency, I decided to take LLB 3 year course.

Doing LLB, will that help me in taking divorce, and I will wait and be amicable for at least 3 years from now and apply for divorce after collecting sufficent evidence.

Is my decision right, please suggest me.



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Now you have come to the party my jolly llb........!

just chill and enjoy the LLB now"/  and once you will becoma a lawyer you will end the third world war of your own marital life.....!

As many husbands have opted LLB after getting married by leaving their high pay scale job

you know  why?

Bcz, freedom k liye saala kuch bhi karega........lolzzzzzzzz

courtsey: From the thoughts of all harassed husbands.

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Dr. Jyothi Vishwanath (Associate Professor of Law)     29 July 2013

You file for divorce now only. Why  do you need LL.B for taking divorce from your wife.


Actually, financially i am in troubles now and knowing this, instead of standing by my side, she is taking this as advantage and make more fuss and making more wastage in terms of cooking, more rice, and all others as well.  and there are other things.  I have one kid now and my wife is carrying.  I insisted to not to get pregnant now, but this happened, and I happily accepted.  But, because of my financial constraints, I am willing to take her to government maternity hospital, which she does not want to...and always acts as if she is very ill and makes me to take to private hospital....for even cold, she made me to consult private hospital...and she is making more fuss....

I just wanted to take some time, and see that my children are not affected more and with sufficient knowledge of divorce and to face 498 as well, I wanted to take 2 to 3 years time....meanwhile i can finish my LLB and then with all evidences and proofs from my side, i want to go for divorce....

is my thinking correct......????

Dr. Jyothi Vishwanath (Associate Professor of Law)     29 July 2013

You have to work hard and try to make your wife happy. Your wife should also understand your financial problems. You have two kids. Dont think of divorce. Pay more attention to work to improve your finances.


I have been facing lot of issues all these 6 years since my marriage.  She tries to make me angry, so that I shout at her and she wants to go to her parents house.  She has done like this previously like that...but now...I calmed down....just being calm but instead of herself being happy, she is trying more and more to make me angry and to make me bad and then she can go to her parents house.  She is seeing my calm attitude as my weakness.  After observing her these many years.  Many meetings have been held by elders in this issue as well.  She tries to make me sick by giving tap water instead of filtered water and because of that once I got viral fever.  Like these, there are many issues...to speak about...and because of this...I thought to wait and be calm for 2 to 3 years, collect all the evidences one by one and go for divorce.  Instead of leading whole life with this type of lady, it is better to live for 3 years and get divorce.  I think even my children, they will suffer for 2 to 3 years, but then there will be a decision where I can be freely look after them and take care of them rest of the life.  What do you say......

Dr. Jyothi Vishwanath (Associate Professor of Law)     29 July 2013

ok. Do your LL.B. Divorce again you think later.

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