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Bhuvaneshwar (GRA)     15 May 2012

Does husband have an equal share on marital property bought

Dear members,

Greetings, and I wish you a good day :)

I have a doubt.

Now with the recent amendment to Hindi marriage act, the wife has equal rights on the property bought by husband after marriage.

I am wondering if, the husband has the same.

I mean: The wife is working, and with her salary she buys a house after marriage using her salary. So by the law, does the husband have equal ownership rights on that house?

Or is this law one sided in favour of women, by which I mean, is it that only wife has joint rights on marital property without her financial contribution, but husband has no rights on property bought by wife without his financial contribution?


Take care!


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Adv Archana Deshmukh (Practicing Advocate)     15 May 2012

There is no such amendment till today. The bill has not yet passed by the parliament.

Bhuvaneshwar (GRA)     15 May 2012

Thanks, Archana!, But as per today's law, what are the husband's rights?

Deepak Nair (lawyer)     15 May 2012

Good Query.

The proposal for such an amendment is still pending to be cleared by the parliament. It is still a proposal and not a law.

As of now, the husband has no right on any property acquired by the wife either after or before marraige.

The wife too cannot claim any right on the property other than the right to reside in the property.

Ranee....... (NA)     15 May 2012

What does this joint property registered in both's name or husband's name bought after marriage.?

Ranee....... (NA)     15 May 2012

threeleafe (awaited)     15 May 2012

Feminists are shooting in their foot by demanding 50%.  How 50% can be given to wife when


1. Husband has liability to maintain his parents - should not there be a share for old people.

2. Child need to be maintained - where is the share for child.



Letting court decide is the best route. What is the point of having this new financial bill when provision for maintenance was already there?

sri (ceo)     15 May 2012

if she is working why there is a need to be greedy for husbands property...

greed destroys families... after they die the property is in court with siblings fighting like rats or relatives trying to pounce upon... or some goons mischief on call...

too much money is also problem...

now husbands wants to know... mujhe kya milega...

indian courts give husbands only liabilities...


sudharani7 (housewife)     15 May 2012


Hi Archana, I kept 498-A case on my husband and his family, to come out of this case my husband misused my personal photos when I was with him at matrimony home and kept those in prone sites with my name, he took printouts of those and kept case on me as I myself kept my photos in net. Even police were not listening my words as they took much money from them. Without proper investigating police had remanded me for one day, My husband kept condition, if I withdraw my case 498-A then only he will withdraw his case, As we are from traditional family we thought not to make issues as they have my personal photos. We accepted for withdrawing the case, court gave 90 days observation period for 498-A case. Actually my husband kept adds in net as "WANTED FEMALE GIRLS FOR EROTIC SERVICES". As I have proofs of those adds he tried to blame me in this way. I dont want to leave him in this way Can any one help me in this situation.

Ranee....... (NA)     15 May 2012

sudharani, throw this query in expert section also  and see your own thread.

Womens like u who is misguiding all should be tought a tough lesson, u want revenge not peace, don' waste the time of court. U should not marry. U misused ur law.

@sudharani- why u filled 498 first and other, do u want misuse of law and want to harash his family. U r such type of women who dont deserve to live. Why u taken his family, if u love ur family then he also have same. In this world there r somany women educated more than u, but they know makng good relation not harash. Greedy women file for divorce,

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