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MARUTI   03 November 2016

Divorce applied - urgent assistance needed


I am writing this post having lot of hope from this forum. I am a working person in Bnagalore having having married a girl form Mysore, my parents stay in native Belgaum. I was married on 01-Dec-2013 with lot of hope about marriage, not knowing I would loose my identity.

We hardly lead a life for 1 month, after that she started making allegations that she was feeling bored sitting at home. I helped her to attend interviews and all. Even she has comleted her BE and was working in Mysore, she quit it after marriage. After a month, we had small fights as she started doubting mw withoiut any reasons. For a change I sent her to my native, stayiung there after a week, she without informing anybody at home, went to Mysore herself. Later all elderly persons did a panchayat at Bangalore and asked her what problems were, for which she had no answers. She said her mom had called her mpom, so she went and said she will not repeat this mistake again.

Hearing all this, I moved to a new home in Banglore and got her to that house. we stayed for 15 days and she agian started doubting me even if I get a phone call. I explained her in all possible ways. She used to take all contacts from my phone when I sleep and call them. Still all have told her that I do not have any relationship as she thinks.

All this lead to a day when she manually hit me and bang the door on me. I have taken treatment in govt hospital and I have lodged a complaint in police station about this. After all this happpened in 25th April 2014, I called her parents to come home, but they said they were busy and came after 2 days. So I called my parents and her parents. Her mother took her to Mysore and later never came back. I have arranged panchayat and told her not to repeat this kind and if happened, I will also react. For this her mother told she cant leave her with me even if my wife wanted to come to me.

Then I stayed back at Bangalore. During the period of 1 year, she has sent me all threatening messages, made threaten calls whcih all I have the recordings. Hearing all this, I felt she will never.

After 1 year on 05-Dec-2014, she sent a notice on the basis of Restitution of Conjugal Rights to stay with her. For which I have given all the proof of her threaten and sent a Divorce notice on 20-Dec-2014. After few months, they lodged a maintainance case and cae is going on.

They did not come to court for intial few months and attended once in a while. She did not even come for mediation.  Actually my lawyer told he will after look after the mysore case, but he never cared for it. When ever I was going to him, he said not go to him repeatedly.

Now got to know that maintainance is ordred for 8,000/month and Restitution of Conjugal Rights is also ordered it seems.

Upon talking to other lawyer, found that the firl is ready for settlement for 5 lakhs.

Let me tell you very frankly, all marriage expenses and travel and everything was made by us and marriage was done by us at my native, I have all proofs for it.

I will not be able to pay all 5 lakhs to her. maximum I can give is 2 to 2.5 lakhs. Got to know they have put a petition for divorce case transfer to Mysore and my lawyer insists they have already won 2 cases and I am unhappy to hear this as I have all proofs of her threaten,harrasment,police complaint,medical proof,all marriage expenses proof.

On these above proofs, please advice me as how I can proceed with case. I have totally given up on these and lost interests in everything. How long I should keep waiting for the justice. I cannot also do not want to go back to her.

Please please suggest me. I need your assictance and guidance.




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Who is your lawyer in mysore? You can call me if u want.

anil   03 November 2016

5 lakhs is very reasonal rate for freedom give and live your life ..  in long term it iwll cost more , if u talk may be they come to 4 lakhs but i think without a second thought get rid of it even it is 6 lakhs

MARUTI   04 November 2016

Firstly, I would like to thank you for your immediate response.


Yes, many people think the same that this is a less amount and I can go ahead. But the fact is that, I have already lost almost 7 lakhs for my marriage. I had taken the complete responsibility of the marriage bec the gal was belong to poor family. For the same I had taken the loan. I have just completed my EMI's of personal loans last month. Even I am an employee who works for salary. And need min of 5 years to save min of 5 to 6  Lakhs(Including the lawyer fees and documentation). Really it is difficult  to give her the money with having absolutely no mistakes of mine.



I have all the documents with me. I have all the proofs with me for what kind of harassments she has given me. I am just wondering that, there are no laws for men in such instances. Can you please suggest me who can help me with this regards?

Thanks and Regards,



MARUTI   06 November 2016

Can anyone please respond me?

MARUTI   06 November 2016

Can anyone please respond me?

AMAN GARG   06 November 2016

please refer to below links



AMAN GARG   06 November 2016

Please file counter case against her. here is the list attached for counter cases against her.

Discuss it with your lawyer & proceed accordingly

Attached File : 365797 20161106184936 878227931 counter charge 498a.pdf downloaded: 113 times

sai narayana   07 November 2016

Brother winning cases is important or making her agreeing to your paying capacity is important. If I am in your place, later is the best option, so get in touch with your spouse's lawyer and finish the bargain hunt.

MARUTI   07 November 2016

Hi Narayana,

Thank you for your response. Yes I did make a lawyer to speak to their lawyer and then got to know this amount of 5 Lakhs. But as said earlier, I have spent all money I had for marriage. Last month only I finished EMI for it.

Since I have all documents supporting my case, hoping to get some suggestions from lawyers like you as I have no clue about law.

Thank you Narayana for suggesting like my own borther, I am really happy for yoour concern.


MARUTI   07 November 2016

Hi All,

I recently got to know that the maintanance case lodged my wife is ordered to pay amount of 8k per month. I had no clue about the status of case as my lawyer never followed it and even when I approached asking about it, he was just saying I will be told when to attend the case. Thats how I missed to attend maintanance case which was happening in Mysore.

Now I have approched other lawyer and collecting Mysore case maintanance and Congugal righst case details and challenge the case in High court.

Kindly suggest me am I doing a right thing now?

and Please tell me how much time does it take to get all case details? I have heard it can be taken in a day, is it true?

Repsected lawyers, please note that I am undergoing lot of stress, kindly provide your thoughts for me to take a step without paying so much of huge money. I have all supporting documents to prove that she was harrasing me soon after marriage. OUr marriage lasted for just 1 month after marriage date of 01-Dec-2013.

Please suggest further.

MARUTI   07 November 2016

noname_123 :

                        Thank you sir for the suggestion. Everybody says that I just have to pay off and get rid. Sir I am really not happy paying so much money. Last month only I have completed the EMI’s of the expenses which incurred for my marriage. We didn’t take any money for the marriage from girl side. We only got them a cloths and everything considering that they are not well off. It does not mean that I am rich to pay for future life as well. Yes sir as you mentioned I have the police complaint and all the relevant documents also. But I wanted a guidance that how shall I prove that I am correct and have not done any thing wrong on what she is complaining. Can you please able to suggest me on this? I will be really great full to you.




Garag :


            Dear sir. Thank you for your patience in sending the required documnts. I am a new born baby to the Laws. I am in process of reading and understing this. I will come back as soon as possible with queries (If any)

sai narayana   07 November 2016

Brother, What you will get by approaching High Court, There also arrange mediation and both of you will discuss the same things what i said, i.e. quantum of amount. So instead of paying lawyers and undergoing tensions, please concentrate on bargain. If you fails to bargain then only venture into appeals etc..

To make you understand i am posing following few questions, so answer them yourself.

1. Even after winning cases, Do you think that both of you can lead life together any more??

2. If answer is negative to above question, then what is next, Divorce, is it not??

3. If divorce is inevitable, why don't you look it for now itself instead of postponing?

4. If money is the answer to above question, then bargain as much as possible.

So concentrate more on bargaining instead of appeals. And also remember that paying some thing reasonably beyond the limits or your heart tolerance is better than the mental harassment and losing our precious time and prime age. 

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