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When you post a query, please keep it concise and short, about 5-6 lines. Anyway, you can file divorce and you do have valid grounds. No alimony needed to be paid if you prove she is not joining you and/or if she is well qualified. MCD is best so try for it and only go legal if she doesn't agree.

Sachin (N.A)     05 February 2017

Do not file divorce,

Try to make her convince to join you even she refuse time will teach her lesson and at the end she have to join you.

Try to be in touch with her and child.

If you file any case on her it will backfire you.

1. She will file maintenance case and you have to pay the maintenance even she is capable of earn because she will say her first priority is child so she cannot earn she have to look after the small child.

2. She will definatly file criminal case on you and your family.

3. Maintenance of child cannot be denied

4. Your car details will be used to prove your standard of living.

5. She will not allow you to meet your child.


Don't spoil your life in court.

Focus to increase your earnings and be in touch with your wife and child , time will heal the relationship.


Moreover if she is not joining you, it is in your favour as you yourself stated that you are facing financial crises, let her bear the whole expense of child.


Benefits for not filing any case.

1. No maintenance or less child expenditure.

2. You can have good time with your child.

3. No legal harrasment / expenditure

4. You can focus on your career.

5. Society will presurise her to join you.



whatnot   05 February 2017

However trivial job is, find one.

Since communication is still open don't go legal way.

Keep the duties of father and show her your inclination that you are willing to take her back in your life.


Since she has financial support (for the future of the child) atleast child is safe.


It seems like interference from others for whatever reason.


Keep working on maintaining relationship.

It is not all that lost. Someone will realise that.


No point in making it any worse

prabhu   05 February 2017

prabhu   06 February 2017

Thanks dude for your view. I have that idea too. But I want to take care of my daughter. Though I know I am not going to my child's custody. Still I want to be around her and ensure her well being as much as I can. Because these stupid people will spoil her life too.

prabhu   06 February 2017

Sachin (N.A)     06 February 2017

Originally posted by : prabhu
Top advice. Will follow. I am looking after their civil case - a land partition case. I am going to tell the lawyer that I am not interested anymore in this case and ask my in-laws to take over. Will it backfire if I do this now?


When I read your query i thought that you need help and you love your child but now i think you choose mistress above your child. The person who doesn't have money for wife and child is intrested in having mistress, Great!! Time will teach you the lesson.

Don't hide your incapability to earn behind the behaviour of your wife both are seprate things,


Sachin (N.A)     06 February 2017

Originally posted by : autohide4u
Mistress brings more happiness to life of DV/498a husband. Therefore naturally mistress deserves more budget allocation than the wife. Courts do not understand this type of calculation but the heart understands it very well. It is better to follow the heart and manipulate court matters using tricks  to maximum extent possible. Wife anyway is manipulating the law to maximize her advantage, so nothing wrong if husband does the same, after all you need diamond to cut diamond.


Disagree with you.

Her wife havn't file any case on him. It is he who hidding his incapability to earn behind the behaviour of his wife.

He is having eyes on her money and property "she is having property of worth cores"

And if he really loves her daughter what he is doing for her?

Sachin (N.A)     06 February 2017


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