Problems of divorced women to be shared here

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The answer to your typical questions can never be found in this forum, no matter how many times you put it..

So please stop dumping crap in this forum...I cant figure out how this is going to help us...

If was in your place, I would have created a blog..and dump all the crap there...I am sure you will get a million subscribers to your blog..


We have to live according to the customs prevalent in our country. In India, ppl marry their girls & her hubbys home is considered her home onwards. Boys donot usually move to girls' house after marriage. So girls dignity lies in her husbands home.
Parents can give her bread for the whole life, clothes to suit her all her life time, shelter to her till her breaths last but can not give her the the love & social respect she enjoys in her husband's house!.......My View

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There are some defeats more triumphant than victories

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love & social respect she enjoys in her husband's house!.......My View

Your view is appreciated. But if all the husband houses are good then no girl will file for divorce first.

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For justice and dignity


agree with smile please. 


every girl(for that matter boys also) know that their parents wont be there forever.only the partner will remain with him.

she also knows that there's no guarantee of a 2nd marriage taking depends on luck.getting a GOOD partner the 2nd time is also luck.she cannot predict such outcomes.

so,if the girl chooses the path of divorce,there ought to be strong reasons for it.


If she's forced to divorce,again that's all the more traumatic for her...


such girls need love and compassion,not taunts and sarcasms from her very own family...


i agree financial independence is one way...but i disagree it's the ULTIMATE source of her respect.


it can only sustain her...but if her family doesn't like her presence,it will continue to harass her even after her return from work..


have u wondered that her performance at work can get affected,if she's subjected to a lot of stress by her natal family?add to it,worries about her future..after all,no one likes to live alone all her life..


simple question: when freinds and colligues can forget all the misunderstanding and fighting in life and do each and every enjoyment together then why husband - wife cant manage these nowadays. why we people are becoming so sensitive in this relationship. 

There are some defeats more triumphant than victories

No one forget. A friend/ colleague forgets after one person say sorry/regret for his/her mistake.

But husband/wife has more ego ( you can say self respect) in todays generation.


With respects to contribution of in this thread, I would to add more in his view.


In our Gujarat, There is a saying "Sasural ke 100 dukh, Maike ke Ghar ke 1 Dukh ke barabar hote hai".... 


That means, "It would be advisable to adjust with 100s of pain at husband's home instead of adjusting with the pain at parent's home"

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For justice and dignity


i disagree with you.


u r saying that to escape harassment at natal home,it's better to tolerate abuses at other words,u r telling everyone that abuses and harassment(be it at sasural or natal home)are destined for every indian woman.


we all know that the harassment meted out at sasural is any time more damaging that the taunts given at natal home.


will u say the same thing to a woman being harassed for dowry in her sasural?



roshni dee u said..



i was simply talking about biased attitude towards a divorced woman/baby remains the same from her parents' side........she's always seen as a burden to live with,whether it’s after her birth,or after her broken marriage.

even if u feel i brought the issue of rights here,I don’t think I diverted the main issue here…

see, even a divorced/separated woman has the right to live in dignity at her parents' place.when she has the right to her father's property,why doesnt she have the right to also live on that property with dignity?


i commented on rajiv's post since it was ACTUALLY  diverting the issue...we are talking of sum1's plight,be it a newborn girl or a divorced woman staying with her parents,but the cunningness of false 498A wives has been brought in this thread,like is a wronged divorced woman's plight connected to FALSE 498A cases filed cby cunning wives??these r 2 diff. topics...if u don't agree,that's upto u...


Roshni dee

 I agree for u..



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