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Praveen Jha   18 May 2021

Divorce on the ground of false education...

I got married on 17th feb 2021. It was arrange marriage without dowry. We knew girl was 12th pass but in reality she was 10th pass. We asked for certificate which we got of 10th. Mom & sis went to meet her but didn't ask any question as they thought what should they ask with 10th pass girl. Later after marriage, When i asked her to sign on bank paper, she wasn't unable to do. She gave THUMB PRINT. I came to know then she has passed her exam by cheating and never went to any school. Later, i asked her to read HINDI newspaper, she couldn't read it. Then i asked her meaning of "HORROR" she didn't know. I asked her to read the MEDICINE TABLET name as dad was heart patient but she couldn't read. I asked her to write Rs 1000 in words hoping she can deposit/withdraw money by SLIP but she couldn't Numeric write that too. Then i asked her to show me how to operate mobile phone? She was dumb fold. Thereafter, I asked her the most general knowledge question "Who is the current prime minister of India?" She was silent. I got panic attack and didn't know what to do with this girl? When i scolded her, She confessed everything. I started teaching her basic elementary school for 1 month but she didn't understand single word. She told me she doesn't want to study. I tried to reason with her that its today necessity and if she doesn't want to study for herself, study for future child as today every good school is English speaking. I talked with her family member & asked them to take the girl from my place as i don't want to live with her. I told everyone including in laws "i am giving her 1 year time to learn basic english, hindi & cooking" after that if she still the same, i will file for divorce. The more i think of the issue, i feel i want to DIVORCE her anyhow. I do understand, if i go for second marriage, she wont be perfect but at least i won't feel cheated. What i should do? Do i have case for Divorce or Annulment? Please help.


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Sankaranarayanan (Advocate)     18 May 2021

yes, your situation is pathetic. but all mistakes committed by her parents. Think twice before initiate the divorce. she can have right to demand maintenance. 

Praveen Jha   18 May 2021

@ Sankarnarayanan

i will give her maintenance but do i have case for divorce? On what ground i can file for divorce? what evidence i can give? I doesn't want to live with her. that's it.

Sankaranarayanan (Advocate)     18 May 2021

Petition can be filed by you is your right anyhow better to consult local lawyer and act accordingly. I again stand in my previous reply is as per your statement she is innocent so think before act

Praveen Jha   18 May 2021

@ Sankaranarayanan

Sir, i accepted, with my divorce decision, i don't destroy her life but with everyone's. I can wait & hope that she will learn basic thing but if she unable to do so even after 6 months, I file for divorce. Can i file for Annulment in this case? How long i have to wait to file for divorce, 1 year minimum?

Sankaranarayanan (Advocate)     18 May 2021

its all depends upon the court hearings. Now the situation is worse for day today life  due to the pandemic situation.. so wait and have confident that she will learn at her maximum within time.

Anuranjan Patel (Advocate)     18 May 2021

Agree with the expert advice your situation is quite pathetic. You can file for divorce giving a reason for mental cruelty. Divorce can be given after 1 year from the marriage date. But according to your case, I think you have to give maintenance to her. 

Rama chary Rachakonda (Secunderabad/Highcourt practice watsapp no.9989324294 )     18 May 2021

Mr.Praveen Jha, 

Dessertion is  depends on your wife character and how compatiable she is with you. Uneducated does not necessarily means unintelligent or any thing else. The marriage could be a nightmare or wornderful depending on your personalities and how you cooperate on the challenges in your lives. Think it over again and again. Marriages  should be heaven on Earth. 

lawyer_rajiv (9811284735) (lawyer)     29 May 2021

whatever you want to do, do it with caution.  It might turn out to be that you are making her learn and do thing that she is unable to do for any reason whatsoever and this pressure may amount to duress.  instead of proving or disproving anything in the court of law, it is better to settle the matter amicably and seek divorce by mutual consent.  I am not sure whether the grounds mentioned by you would entitle you to a decree of divorce on the ground of cruelty.  However, take is yours.  

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