cheating and mentally harass fraud company

Dear Sir,

Initially I received a call from assuring a gift of Oppo mobile if I buy a combo offer for Rs.4,999. I bought the products by paying money online. When I inquired about assured gift they told me that if I pay Rs.10,000 for customer ID creation I will be selected for an assured free gift of Hyundai i10 and when the payment is made phone will also be dispatched. Once the payment is completed they asked for another Rs.25,000 for registration promising the delivery of car by 28.02.2019 in my home town by organizing a grand programme in order to promote their company. I paid the amount believing them. Thereafter they told me that my file was sent to SBI verification for address clearance for Rs.30,000. Another person called me for road tax and insurance for Rs.50,000 to be paid to RTO. Thereafter every day they would call me from different phone numbers 41443719, 40244369, 40451528, 43302289, 41719393, 40244214 pursuing me to pay money for different reasons. Rs.15,998 for URL registration fee, Rs.42,000 (65% of total booking charge) for placing booking charges, Rs.30,000 for nominee registration and Rs.19,999 for each member as URL security, GST of Rs.40,000 (as 50% of total GST amount). If I refused to pay money they said that time is running out and promised me to deliver car by 07.03.2019. Every time I  sent money to avoid rejection of prize. At last they again called me to say that I need to send Rs.40,000  pertaining to 50% of GST, as GST cannot be paid from two sources. Then, I refused to make payment but they persisted me to make the payment stating that time is running out for declaration of prize. Ultimately, I was forced to make the payment. The I was asked to sent address proof and aadhar card for necessary formalities. Thereafter they asked for Rs.30,000 for me and Rs.36,000 for my nominee for form registration. Without any communication regarding  prize declaration even after 9th March I contacted the personal and got informed that it is under process and will take 4 days of time for declaration. I sent passport size photographs of my wife and myself upon the request from company. After that they asked for Rs.40,000  for updation. But I refused to pay money. They stated that gift will be delivered within 2 days if I pay the money. So I paid the amount. They asked for another Rs.30,000 as bank guarantee charge which I was asked to pay immediately. By that time I already paid Rs.4,67,998 for the prize and has not received any confirmation regarding delivery of prize. Kindly help me to recover my money and punish the fraud people who worked for looting my money. Persons who called me were Priya, Swathi, Manish, Pradeep, Ankit, Chetan, Anitha, Dena and some others. We were mentally torcharing and cheating me. i am not paid payment in any personal account and i am deposit company current account and also all call record in my hand.

Plz advise and help me.




You paid Rs.4,67,998 to a fraud company and seek free legal advice from legal experts and lawyers, shame on you. Professional lawyers are not sitting here to help free of cost to people who inspite of being well educated and intelligent enough to understand throw money on fake and fraud people through out this period and after loosing huge amount come for free of cost legal consultancy.

No sir,

i don't know what i do, only request you to this case in civil or criminal or consumer court case. 


Deputy Manager

Why, the people are so interested to answer such query which cent per cent is fabricated? Are we competing which each other as to who is best? Is the querist so foolish in kept on paying a scamster? No. He is making foolish of us all. Please, I request, that this prestigious column is not for the story fabricators.
Account & Audit Assistant

Sorry but seriously I never seen such an Idiot in real life, a person can himself get fooled once but it is frequent! Unbelievable! If it is real story then you should have lodged an FIR up to now. Then later comes legal advice.


U go to cyber crime police and lodge cheating criminal case against them.

This advocates forum cannot help u .

yes nobady help me any legal advaice

Thanks all




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