wife took divorce. husband killed their 2 sons and himself.

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This husband, a father of 2 sons, is such an inhumane being that he killed his 2 lovable sons and himself after his wife refused to come back and live with him.


HYDERABAD : Vittal, 9, and his younger brother Nanda, 5, went out with their father on Saturday. They did not return. The police suspect that their father A.R. Guruprasad, an assistant professor, killed the two young boys before committing suicide.

Guruprasad and the boys' mother Suhasini had divorced in 2013 and the father had weekly visiting rights. On Saturday morning, the 44-year-old picked up Vittal, a class four student and Nanda, who was in upper kindergarten, from their home.



When they did not return by evening, Suhasini called on Gurumurthy's cell phone to ask when he would bring the boys back home. The phone was answered by the police, who informed Suhasini that Gurumurthy had been run over by a train in James street. They said they suspected suicide.

But they had no news about the boys. The police said a suicide note they found later at Gurumurthy's home in Alwal too had no mention of the boys; the note said he was killing himself because of the divorce.

But on Gurumurthy's phone, the police said, they found an unsent SMS that said he had murdered the boys and buried them on a plot of land he owned in Medchal, in the neighbouring Ranga Reddy district.

The assistant professor was found dead on the rail tracks, his cellphone by his side. Hours before he died, the police said, he had visited Suhasini again, without the boys, and asked her to get back with him. She reportedly refused.

The police found the bodies of the two children on Monday afternoon, buried in Medchal. They suspect they were either poisoned or killed with a knife. The bodies have been sent for a post-mortem.

Suhasini, who works in an IT firm, says she put up with her husband and his violent ways for nine years before walking out.

Her children, she said, were thrilled after their father brought them a tablet computer, and were happy to go with him on Saturday.

As the Professor is dead no action can be taken against him for the murder of his sons. But as police generally do these days will Suhasini be charged with abetment of suicide. If the Professor was violent and difficult to live with how did she live with him until not just one but two sons were born. Anyway this is a tragedy for Suhasini. and the relatives of the couples.



It is very unfortunate and a very sad incident to take out the lives of small kids.....

The media has also leaked the phone conversations of the couple.... How sad....

What will the wife do now? She was taking care of the kids...

Rest in Peace.....


Well, there is another angle to this tragedy.Wife filed 498a and sent him to jail. Children were taken away from father.No one will ever agree to killing their own children but we never know the situation that person was thrown into. Check the below link:


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Law makers make laws, the law enforcing agencies act on cases, Committees are set up to review the working of the laws, the committee goes through dry statistics to study the working of the laws, they consult the so called women's organisations, who quote percentages and finally present reports to the Parliament, the law makers. This professor's case would be one of the hundreds of numbers in the statistics. Actually each number will be a story of human agony. How much mental agony the professor would have gone through and finally have the laws intended for her happiness and protection helped the unfortunate Suhasini?

Nobody is really worried about all these, especially the politicians or the so called law makers.  Laws need to be changed.  Gender neutral laws should be brought, This I myself have been saying since the past 15 years.  But the governments are bringing only such laws which are biased and women centric with lots of loop holes so that they can be misused to the maximum extent.  First they brought dowry laws, then recently in 2005 they added one more biased law, ie DV act.  But they dont give counter opportunity to the sufferers who are at receiving end of false cases, yes if it is not proved that any injustice is not done, and the case is false one, the petitioners of such cases should be fined and sent to jail, that should be done.  Then only there will be equality, justice.  Until that day there is actually no justice, only one sided justice. 

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This news reporting is a case of filial infanticide where the father has exercised a winning strategy in his marital life's biggest sweepstakes i.e. his reproductive success. 

Nothing new about this news other than emotional response it evokes by those who never studied male animals behavior in the wild. The only deviation from behavior in the wild by wild animals vis-à-vis humans in this news is that after his alleged filial infanticide the male (father) killed himself too which in forensic science is referred to as not leaving any  incriminating evidence of the crime and thus leaving such crime un-resolved forever (indirectly it means that such crimes are not worth adding in statistics - data ).

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