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denial of permission for higher qualification

Dear Sir/Madam, I have been working in department of atomic energy which ( under central governement of India). The departmental rule for permission of higher qualification is after 3 year of service. I have completed 4 years of service and immediate authority is denying for permission saying it will affect their work. I have already asked for higher authorties for their intervention. They are also saying same. I am feeling very much depressed beacuse of it. I found these rules very rigid and not as per the constituion. What Should I do and what is the legal way to challenge it ? I will be thankful for your kind help in this matter.
Retired Manager

What is the course you wish to study? Is it related to your present job and it will make you more efficient? These rules are within the service conditions and are perfectly in order.Same rules in all organisations across the country and may be world over too. No organisation allows it's employees whom it's paying to undertake an activity which is likely to affect the working of the employee. May be, if such course to be taken up is going to hep the employee to work more efficiently, a permission may be given with a rider that employee shall not be give any permission or leave to attend the course. This us only a "may be". You know about these rules before joining the organisation and signed to abide by the same. If you feel your fundamental right is affected, you can file a case in High Court. Contact a good Lawyer.

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Just resign such a job and focus on self-improvement. Maybe, if you submit the resignation your superiors may be convinced to retain you and permit you. You have to decide the priorities as such discretion of permission is always with employer and employee's rights are different..

Whcich Rules? Employees of the Department of Atomic Energy are governed by the statutory rules of CCS(Conduct) Rules notified under Article 309 of the Constitution. The said rules has no provision preventing an employee from pursuing higher qualification.


Thank you for your reply Sir, I am obliged to have your help in this matter. I would like to add few words here : (1) Course of study is in line with the nature of work perfectly and thus it is going to increase my efficiency. (2) My other colleagues who joined at the same time got their permission. Working hard can never be a guilt. (3) Government of India and research institutes use to promote higher education. How can they be so discriminatory in it even it is really not going to affect their work. After office hours , I want to utilise my time in a good cause. (4)Resigning from a job is never a solution. Department use to take it in written that if it will affect my work I have to leave the course. This is all I think, I may be wrong here thats Why I have been seeking for your help. I again thank all for Thier kind replies.



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