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harish   01 December 2015

Compromise after false dowry and harassment allegation

I am from UP and stay in Bangalore. I got married in Dec 2013. My wife accused me and my family of false dowry and harassment case over small trivial issues. She first sent a notice through a lawyer to which we replied with the true facts. After that, she sent a notice from the mediation center, there also she has falsely accused us of dowry and harassment. Now, they are ready for the settlement. But, they are saying that they will just write in the mediation center that there were some misunderstanding which have been resolved now between the families.We are taking our allegations back. Is it enough for us to be safe? They are not ready to write that the accusations were wrong. They have the attitude if my mother scold her in future they would do the same thing. We have talked with lawyers and they are saying that even if they have made a mistake no one would give it in writing. They are saying that we should file a section 9 from our end in  which we should put false accusations on her. Once the things get settled in mediation centre at my wife's place we should tell them that we have a complain filed at our place and there are we should compromise and call them to compromise there also. Is this the right step? I want to take her back but at the same time I want to ensure that they get a lesson that they should not do such things in future. Also, how can we be legally safe? If we accept whatever they give in writing and they again put false allegations on us, will their application in mediation centre affect our case? Please help me out!!! I don't know what I should do.


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Never bring back 498a wife.its a atom bomb,we don't know when it will explode. This is my personal opinion.

Nitin (marketting manager)     02 December 2015

Its always dangerious to have a wife of that sort of mentality,

i would suggest you can give a try ,but form now on untill you both get confidence

have the things recoded infront of some legal team or legal guy,when ever she makes noise again

record those videos and submit as a proof that her intension is to cause trouble

these days with technology help you can save yourself



When at last both of U intend to live together,forgetting the past,I shall not suggest any legal measures.Its after love,affection and belief that are required for marital life.Small hicupps do occur in every family,but they should not be blown up to ultimate proportiions.

Once the wife has stepped out of the matrimonial house,she gets into the clutches of various kinds of mentalities,who give her wrong advices to create havoc in the inlaws household.

As U are ready to take her back and if U R confident such things would never be repeated either by U or Her or UR  household,agreement on a piece of paper hold no value.

prabhakar advocate (advocate)     03 December 2015

To solve a conflict, dispute there are two methods.  The first one is perfunctory one.  Superficially the problem will be solved.  Both husband and wife are told that in every family such problems arise and so try to compromise and live together.  In our most mediation centres and in Courts also, in this way, both husband and wife are forced to resolve their problems and start to live together.  What happens next?  After a few days/months again they querrel and come to court.  The other method  is to study the problems in depth and resolve them permanently.  For this psycholigists' expert handling is required.  Your posting does not reflect that you people have that much of maturity to understand the problem in depth and solve it permanently.  That is why you are searching for legal safeguard to protect yourself from future harassment from them.  As long as this fear lurks you, you cannot solve the problem.  Filing in your place one RCR petition as suggested by your advocates and get her commit there that she would not querrel in future, is nothing but a writing on water.  She can break that agreement also and it will not give any legal advantage you are dreaming in future matrimonial litigation.  Hence, my advice to you is that both of you go to psychologist and get the problems analysed fully and resolve them and start to resume matrimonial life with maturity and understanding. 


Dear Sir/Madam,

Since your case is complicated case as such I require documents and same may be send to my email/PM (personal mail) for detailed legal advise.


With regards,

Legal Expert

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