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Cheque bounce 2 times

I Have Invested 5Lac in company Through Cheque , I have agreement with company that says company will pay me after 1yr. so company give me a maturity cheque i.e my principal amount + 1yr interest.

 I Invested It in Nov, After 3 months means in March Company said we have facing some financial problem and we are loosing money so come to office with original agreement and maturity cheuqe, i went office and submit my agreement and cheues after that they gave me a post dated cheque which has only my principal amount written no interest. so i though i'm not expecting interest but i want my principal amount back so i deposit cheque in may which is date given on cheque. it got bounced, then my agent filled complaint against company of fraud case, after 6month means in nov2011, 3 out 4 directors of company got arrested by mumbai police.

and then again i deposit my cheque , its again bounced. i got memo from bank , now i met a advocate who is not telling me clearly , obviously he is very greedy.

i want to know that now my case is bounce cheque case, what i do??

my agent given notice to directors before arresting, and those envelope of notice i submitted to lawyer.

so my question is, if i filled file a Complaint under Section 138 of Negotiable Instrument Act, 

how many days normally it takes to recover my bounced money??

how many hearing normally takes?? posibility how much ???

please help me, this is really giving me headache??


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Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     26 December 2011



When was the cheque bonced and when did you send the notice.


There is a time limit to go for cheque bouncing case. It can not be filed after much delay.


If the accused is not able to pay, he can face only jail term. Nothing beyond that.


Shonee Kapoor

YOGESHWAR. (ADVOCATE HIGH COURT-criminal /civil     27 December 2011

Now your debtors are already in jail and in all such cases the property is attached by police so what further you can expect.


sir, company gaven me a post dated cheque in march,the 5th march date was written on it,
so i deposited on 5th march , after 3 days it got bounced. so, from march to september in this six month bounce  cheque valid period ,in may2011 me and my agent and other investors lodge complaint in malad police station ,
 then police arrest 3 out 4 directors in september.  in sept my cheque bounce period expired so i deposit it again now i have 3months remaining to expired this 2nd bounce cheque period . in may my lawyer send notice to all directors and company, but they didnt reply it. so yesterday my lawyer subit that notice to court , with 10,000/- stamp , something written on it ab8 cheque bounce details.

its 150cr scam , but out fo 3000 investors only 50 investors are in this legal procedure.
 i just want to know that how many days it'll takes normally for bounce cheque case to recover money??

what if they accused is not able to pay, then how i recover my money?? when i'll get justice?



Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     27 December 2011

How many days is a question nothing has been able to answer satisfactorily.


Shonee Kapoor



wh8 do u mean??

i'm facing problem here sir, plz help me, what to do?? my lawyer saying it'll takes 2 yrs or 12-15 hearing or if settlement happens it'll solve earlier.

is it right??? or he is misguiding me???

Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     27 December 2011

He may be right.


Where is your case? It would depend upon the location and the work load in the court.


Shonee Kapoor


i filled in mumbai court.
 chargsh*t in malad police station.

kya indian govt. ne aisa kuch kiya hai jis se ye chq. case solve fastly .

coz i heard th8 everyday lacs of chq. bounce cases filled in court .

in 2008 govt. ne kuch natija nikala that , fast track court.

kya sahi hai??

Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     28 December 2011

Courts are bogged down by matrimonial and cheque bouncing cases only.


Remove these and the court delays would come to an end.


Shonee Kapoor

Ratnesh kumar (Advocate)     29 December 2011

well, plz describe few things first that in which case thr directors were arrested, if it is your case than what is the stage of that case, second if that case is not yours than send hima legal notice and and file a case u/s 406,420 i.p.c. and 138 n.i. act as soona  s it possible it will take some time but if u will delay it you will not get anything so be quick and if u can describe teh case better.


will i get my money with interest?? chque is 5th april 2010 dated??

 company promise in agreement that they will pay 100percent every month or double ur money if its invested for 12month agreemnet, i have invested on 12onth agreement plan , i have all proof of my incomes.

will i get interest as company promise?? i have agreement xerox copy , original surrender to company then i got this bounce cheque.

on th8 xerox copy will i get interest?? coz its 1yr completed. i invested money in dec 2010.

plz reply.


Ignore Last Message,


will i get my money with interest?? chque is 5th april 2010 dated...

 company promise in agreement that they will pay 10 Percent every month or double money if i invested for 12month agreemnet, i have invested on 12 month agreement plan , i have all proof of my incomes.... I have xerox copy of agreement , i surrender orginal agreement in feb and company given me a post dated cheq... is this xerox copy is enough?? plus i have signed cheque by one of director .. and one more thing , also have one of directors signed on agreement .

will i get interest as company promise??

i invested money in dec 2010. so 1yr completed.... should i expect interest??

i need money ?? plus i get interest it'll help me..

how do i get money with interest?? any idea??

plz experts plz help me..

plz reply.

Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     05 January 2012

You have been duped. I don't see any money coming back.


Shonee Kapoor


Shonee Kapoor

why ur every answer is negative....

how u win cases in court?? i have this big que in my mind??

i think its ur nature th8 "dont help others" u muust remember that u r her fot  giving suggetion.


i knw , i have been duped.... thn wh8... Shonee Kapoor

aap toh sarkaar ke naukar ho, aapka kaam hai k kisi fraud company k khilaf awaaz ooth k , jin logon ko fasaya gaya hai unhe madat karne ki...

Criminal is criminal... then , aap uska saath kyu de rahe ho,

koi hul nikalo, apna tajurba apnao, idea do...... aapne law ki study ki hai,

agar me ek engineer apne kaam se matlab rakh k desh ka bhala kar sakta hu , is desh ki logonka bhala kar sakta hu to aap kyu nahi???

kisi ko neecha dikha ne se kuch nahi hota.... jara socho...Shonee Kapoor

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