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Change in Name of Birth Certificate, father/mother name

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BBizzie BBee (Software Engineer)     11 October 2012

Originally posted by : Krishna Komarpant

Hi Vishal,

As I know, I have obtained a new birth certificate from Municipal council of my state. You have to probably produce some certificates, affidavits, and all the valid identity copies. There was a spelling mistake in my surname and I have done it and got a new birth certificate issued.

And i use it everywhere now.
 See if you can find out the the clause in the rule book that says you cannot change your birth name if it is wrongly registered during the birth of the child. If you have this proof. you can show the authorities and get your work done without any pain.

All the best!

My area it was the Municipal Council office. Your area it could be probably the office of Birth. 


BBizzie BBee (Software Engineer)     11 October 2012

Hi Rishabh,

You have to go to your Birth office in the city where you took birth. They have a form for change of name in the birth certificate. You have to fill this form and pay some small fees of less than Rs. 200/- i guessss. not  sure though. And probably you have to provide your PAN card details or ration card. take everything with you. Give them whichever document they require.

I guess you might have to do an affidavite indicating your correct name. Contact the office, they will guide you.

Thanks. Good luck.

kolli venkata sainath reddy (b.tech)     12 October 2012

Hello Sir,

               My name is KOLLI  VENKATA SAINATH REDDY. I am studying B.TECH III year.I was born in maharashtra when my father was working in army.Me and my mother names in my birth certificate are printed wrong.When i went for the passport verification then said that to change my birth certificate from maharashtra.Now i was living in AndhraPradesh after my father's retirement.Now i want to change the names in my birth certificate.It was difficult for me to go to maharashtra now as my semister exams are very soon.So,please suggest me how to change them.

       Iam waiting for your suggestion as soon as possible.

                                                                                  Thank You.

NITIN ISSAC (TIRUNELVELI)     24 October 2012

Iam A.NITIN ISSAC,. Iam from Tirunelveli Dist. I have one major problem, In myy birth certificate my name was NITIN, But I want that to be NITIN ISSAC, all the other certificates are as NITIN ISSAC, Now I want to add ISSAC to my name in birth certificate. So Please help me to got that!!! WHAT SHOULD I DO>>>>>>>

Vibhor (manager)     19 June 2013

I'm in Hyd. After marriage my wife has kept her maiden surname. When we have a baby , then on her birth certificate my wife's surname is mentioned as mine.

On my passport my wife's name is mentioned with her maiden surname.

Now, If I have to apply for a passport for the baby - Do I need to change the surname of my wife to her maiden surname in the birth certificate?

What are the other options?




saumya (home maker)     17 August 2013

hi. i have recently changed my name to saumya siddharth. however on my child's birth certificate its written as saumya tewari i.e. with my husband'd last name. i had been using my maiden name untill now i.e. saumya singh or saumya jaibahadur singh. and i do not hold any document with saumya tewari's name. i got my bank account update with my new name saumya siddharth and am proceeding for my new passport. 

next i need to apply for my daughter's passport and the date of birth certificate does not have her name but mentions father's name and mother's name i.e. siddharth tewari and saumya tewari respectively.

i need to change my name on my daughter's  date of birth certificate as saumya siddharth and also add her name on it i.e. gayatri siddharth.


kindly help.


Rakesh (prop)     21 August 2013

There is a spelling mistake of my name written in gujarati in my son's Birth certificate from Ahmedabad instead of RAGESH it is written as RAKESH after continue from Nursuery to 9th and pointng in SSC.

Now school is not accepting new certificate which i got changed from Ahmedabad.

Please guide what to do. They are not accepting even affidavit with corrected certificate saying to follow the change of name procedure. 

TapashPaul (Asstt. Personnel Officer)     24 October 2013


At the time of filling my daughter's application for final examination in CBSE class X examination the candidate's name was given as Taniya Paul,  father's name as Tapash Paul. She passed  and now reading in class XI. But in my all official records (central government service) my name is recorded   as Tapas Chandra Pal.  Now do I need to change the name in my daughter's certificate? If so, how?  Is father's name affect her future study?

Kindly suggest.

Tapash Paul

Rahul (TL)     25 February 2014

Respected Sir,

my name in xth certificate is rahul and in graduation & other document is rahul kumar. i want to apply for passport. 

awaiting for all you advise.

Krishan Manral (Analyst)     29 December 2014

I belongs to Delhi. I got married 3 yrs back. In all of my wife's docs(VoterID, Adhaar, Banks) the surname mentioned is of before marriage. Also in my daughters birth certificate the mother surname is of before marriage. Now i want to change my wife's surname in daughter's birth certificate for the purpose of Passport. MCD officials ask for an ID with new surname but should be of before daughter's birth. I don't have any. Even i don't have the marriage certificate. Can anyone suggests how to proceed?

Abhishek Kumar (ABC)     23 March 2015



I had a daughter, her birth certificate was issued from maharashtra with out surname. As we need her passport urgently, we used birth certificate with out surname. Now we want to change her name ( basically addition of surname)   in birth certificate as well as passport. how can we do this.

pawan kumar   01 September 2015


i am pawan from chennai. when i went to apply for my passport i was told to change the mother's name in my birth certificate, as in all the other documents its Lalitha Kumari and in birth certificate it is Lalitha. what should i do? i donno how to proceed in chennai.

thangasamy   08 November 2015

my dt of birth is 22-09-70 in school certifcate but original dt of birth is 09-08-72 now if it will correct or not, who will correct,how to correct,  any order availble kindly send me 

nriway   21 June 2023

Determine the requirements: Contact the vital records office or the agency responsible for birth certificates in your region to understand the specific requirements and procedures for changing names on a birth certificate.

Gather necessary documents: Typically, you'll need documents such as a petition or application form, your current birth certificate, proof of identification, and any supporting documents for the requested changes (e.g., marriage certificate, court order).

Fill out the application: Complete the application or petition form accurately and provide all requested information. Ensure you follow the guidelines and provide any additional documents as required.

Provide supporting evidence: If you're changing the father or mother's name, you might need to provide proof such as a marriage certificate, divorce decree, or paternity order to establish the legal basis for the change.

Submit the application: Once you've filled out the application and gathered the necessary documents, submit them to the appropriate authority along with any required fees. Be sure to follow their instructions regarding submission methods (mail, in-person, online).

Follow up and be patient: The process of changing a birth certificate can take time. Follow up with the authority to ensure your application is progressing as expected. Be patient and prepared for potential delays.

Obtain updated birth certificate: Once the changes have been approved and processed, you'll receive an updated birth certificate reflecting the requested name changes. Keep this new certificate in a safe place.

If you are NRI's & need a birth certificate. Then go online with NRIWAY and get your birth certificate required for green card.

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