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Sumit Anand (Operation Head)     17 November 2013

Case against a cheating gf

Hello intellactual members,

I have some queries and i would be kind enough to reply/advise me regarding it.

                                            Well i understand that as per indian law any guy who promises a girl for marriage and has a consensual s*xual relation under the false promise of marriage can be booked under the section for rape, as the girl is coxed under the promise of marriage and if the guy does not fulfill the promise the girl can file a case against him.If the relation is very good and the girl finds out tht the guy is cheating on her and sleeping with other girls along with her and does not marry her and has used up her money etc for himself again the girl can file a case against the guy for raping her under false promise.

1) Now I would like to know, if in India as it is said tht the law is equal for all, be it rich or poor , male of female does it hold true?

Can a guy who has been in a relation with a girl for 6/7 years, spend a lot of money and has been promised by the girl that she will marry him, but the girl has been cheating on him, sleeping with another guy while she still slept with him and used his money, the guy has been honest to her all the time, file a case against her? If the guy has proof that the girl has been sleeping with some other guy and does not wish to marry him anymore but has made a fool out of him for 2 years when she was sleeping with two guys and still made him believe that she will marry him, can the guy file a case against her? same terms that a girl can file a case against a guy who has consensual s*x with her under the false promise of marriage?

Well the guy is me and I would like to know if I can file a case against my ex-girlfriend who has done all this for around 18 months and continued her relation with me, made me buy her things etc, made me believe that we are gona get married etc, in short made a complete joke out of me. \

2) Can I sue her for this and for the pyschological torture that she has subjected me to?

Well I know Indian laws are inclined towards female but what about us guys who are nowdays are being cheated by their girlfriends a lot, some of us who truely believe in honesty and committment and our lives are destroyed because of our girlfriends. Isnt there any law to protect us guys? Are laws only made to protect girls?I would really appreciate people who would be kind enough to have a look at my post and suggest or advise me regarding it. I need to do something so that scores of us guys, who get cheated by their girls, who lose their life, who have nothing and no one to help them , have a ruling or an example and then perhaps girls would take committment and honesty in a relation a bit more seriously.I need to know,

3) if I can file a case against my girlfriend for cheating and subjecting me to mental agony and destroying my life.





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sandykrish (Interested in Family LAW)     17 November 2013

Marry her first you will be eligible for all the clauses under the widespread law. Now you should consider yourself lucky and try to move on in life, why to live with a girl who doesn't value of honesty in relationship? In the process of revenge you will loose everything

Hardeep (Business)     17 November 2013

On this subject, I wonder if the following decision of High Court has been overruled by SC :



Request leaned Seniors to advise present status...

as for the query here, I don't think a legal case is made out ........ seems tough but that is how it is.. Seniors may please correct me if I am wrong...

Aashish George (lawyer)     17 November 2013

my advise should not be taken as gospel truth blah blah blah! now, since i have got that out of the way, let me begin by saying, walk away from her if you can, doont get into situations you will regret later on. laws in india are very much biased towards women, see what 498a has done, not to mention new rape laws, oh! its crazy out there. now, there are genuine cases but how can one know? investigations, trial and money all are wasted in this process. why do you wanna go through it? disengage from her as soon as possible on mutual understanding and then forget the whole thing. well, lets face it, she aint the only girl on this planet. you can try and sue (i would love to see you try) but trust me, this is all in anger that you are saying, once legal process is set in motion its difficult to stop and you dont know what she might throw at you.

choose your path, with a sound mind, not with anger

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HK_Jain... (498a Fighter)     20 November 2013

There are no obligation in GF/BF relationship in India anyone can walk away from the relationship.

yes a girl can file cases on him of cheating/rape/s*x false promise of marriage (IPC 375,417)

But you can not procecute her on above scenario, Suppose, if girl have many bf, it does not mean she is  obliged to marry everyone who was her bf in throughout life. She has sense and she is free to choose whom she choosed. In this scenario Boy can be serious yet he is not raped. there are no obligation and hence no documentation no approval of relationship was granted by any act of court.And hence no case.

However if you still choose the way you think you get many of other cases on you and then you will surely think

Why I did this..

Short Answer- Forget her, Give up your anger and change your attitude..and marry someone shortly who is still on your cart and loves you more than her, it will help you to recover your past wound.



bharath (qc inspection)     23 July 2014

sir na girl frnd kuda nanu mosam chesindhi nenem cheyali. vere atanito mrg fix avi kuda emi teliyanatlu natho matladutu undhi.naku tanu leka batakalani ledu sir,tanakosame batikuna ipudu tanu lekapote na chaave dikku sir nak e prpancham lo evaru avasaram lentha tanani premicha sir ipudu tanu lekapote ela batakali

praveen kumar (LEGAL MANAGER)     07 August 2014

if u have proof to show that u gave her money as bank statements etc. u can claim the money from her!

san   23 June 2015

Hi Friends,

I recentley lost by beloved brother as a result of he getting cheated by a girl,

He left all of us alone with lot of memories, at one stage we might think why would a guy do that, there are still honest and sensitive people around , i understand during a relationship thngs change for both side, girl/boy  if they are cheating intentional dont get depressed there is still plenty of life so many things to do, control your anger and think about your family and friends. your close family may make fun of you or talk behind your back but that is family when you are in trouble they will give all the support , so ignore all the negative things and think positively , we tried to explain my loved brother for the last one year and he gave up.

End of the day he lost it and we lost him, he can never come back this is such a big decision that he took, He has everything on his plate money,support everything still he felt lonely.

Friends dont do this mistake, you are not punishing your selves but punshing all the people whome you have spent time with , so please explore the world so many options and so many friends and people around, we all come to this world temperorly please enjoy the moment, and live happily.

Move one with your lives.

I MISS YOU A LOT Dear Brother.






gopi   23 February 2017

my girlfriend also cheated me and leave me without any reason what can I do legally against her

Surya   10 September 2018

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yogen pradhan   17 April 2020

Hello friend was staying in living relationship when he sleeps he doesn't know what is happening around him ..once he said he doubted his girl use to have s*x beside him while he is sleeping on the same bed ..and it use to happen everyday when he use to ask her sbe use to tell him y r getting psychotic to my friend ...but I know him well he is not ....and this continued for a long time and after 2 or 3 months he said that he got raped at the same place ....he showed me his bones it la all loose ..I k worried bout him ..even hus asshole got penetrated with something big ....cuz the pubic bone of backside it's not in normal position there is a huge gape ..and all his bones are dislocated ...and we all know he was staying there there anything we can do to help him it's a serious case ...he says it use to happen with him everyday ...

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