can media publish false news?

Associate Principal & Human Rights Activist

Can the media publish any news against a person accused in NI act and in hospital?

The news article published was false and totally baseless which can be proved. What action may be initiated against the Newspaper , Editor & Journalist under the law of India?


I think defamation case.

Advocate High Court of A.P.

You can file Defamation under 499 IPC

Dy Director

not agreed.


what are the contents of news

Associate Principal & Human Rights Activist

Thank you for your responses.

A person accused in NI Act ha been detained in custody for more than a year now! The complaint got him arrested in a FIR which has no truth. While in custody he has been sick and under treatment in a local hospital there.

In the mean while the complaint used his power and local media to handcuff him in hospital and publish news that he has hacked bank accounts, his wife is a doctor in US and his sister is supplying him money. All three of this is utter nonsense and baseless as none of them are true which can be proved in any court of law.

Now what legal action can be taken here? 

Dy Director

one needs to see papers and news item to come to a conclusion of applicability of S/499 IPC.



I am sending  2 sites which may give you an answer:


1. http://www.slideshare.net/shantanu_leo/defamation-law-in-india

(See the 9th and 10th page of this site under heading "The statement must be published")


Another site

2. http://www.article19.org/pages/en/false-news.html




1) For false news u canmade complaint to NEWS broadcasting standard authority of India. Ther is diclaimer published in every TV channel programme that" If u find anything in this programme is false then make complaint to NBSA or send an email for the same.

2) u/s 499 of IPC  filed Defamation proceeding by checking contents of news publish and ur valid proof for it.


you can take an injunction against those news providers because sub judice matters cannot be published it is against natural justice and human rights.

Thank you

Dy Director

sub judice matter can be published as long as thesse do not tend to influence the judiciary.




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