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Can i get a divorce even if my wife refuses to give it.

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Subin Sudheer (Other)     10 August 2013

K V suresh...u r giving wrong advice

Subin Sudheer (Other)     10 August 2013

Firstly...just because she refuses to stay with you and especially with your parents does not mean she deserted you. Secondly, living with in-laws creates too many divorces. Parents need to stay out and away from a marriage. When couples flight both familes accuse each other. That does not mean only she is spreading rumours about you. Sort things out with her. Thats my only advice. Your parents will grow old and die. She will be with you till the end. Parents will act smart now, but in a few years will rest comfortably in their graves. Dont break a marriage up. Forget ego and go talk to her. Find solutions. Be a man. I have seen too many re-marriages. So I am talking from experiences. Second marriages are not heaven. But couples adjust a lot because it that fails, it will be huge shame. So adjust now. Most second marriages are unhappy udjustments to show the world. Please remember that. 

Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     12 August 2013

Why revive dead threads?

Subin Sudheer (Other)     12 August 2013

The thread might be dead. But the people are not. 

user (user)     15 October 2013

Dear Friends, I got married 6 months back and after spending 2 months of marriage I came to know that my wife has illegal relationship. She had a boyfriend in past and her affair is still continues with her boyfriend even after marriage.

This I came to know after reading her SMS/chats, FB conversations etc. In most of her SMS's with her boyfriend, she talks about that she loves him (her boyfriend),he is my real love etc and many other things that clearly proves that she is still in touch with him and very frequently goes out to meet him during my absence. She is very rude and adamant in nature and if I ask anything she just ignores and never tells the true.

After we came to know about all these, we left her to her parent’s house safely and told everything’s and showed the SMS/chats to her parents. But her parent’s reaction was as if they knew about all these well in advance (before her marriage and they concealed with us). We have all these SMSs and chats with us as well. I can’t and don’t live with her my whole life.

Will SMS/Chats, FB conversations will be sufficient to prove her characterless and work as evidence?How to tackle this situation and how easy it will be to get divorce and save my family from jail.

What would be the worst situation? Please suggest how I can get rid of her (get divorce).  


Again I have noticed the best advices are given from Non-Advocates only.....


And one of My so Called Learned Advocate Mr. Rajoo has given one line Historical answer as " He had invented a new desertion ground that is "divorce may be asked on mere one year of seperation".


Rajoo jii,

Is this possible that a spouse would file a divorce on desertion ground on merely one year of seperation.??????????


Iam shocked by your one Lines baseless Historical answers which would be kept in museum...

sumi   02 July 2017



I am actually going through a similar situation now. My wife is showing too much of EGO AND ATTITUDE of not staying with me.

This is the third time she has done this kind of drama. She behaves OK if i behave extra romatic and the moment i behave little weird she immediately plays this game of being goody and suddenly when any such moment arises when she has to go to her home...she stays there and suddenly decides not to come back...Now its been 1 month she has not returned even after i had met with an accident. I spoke to her father and told him to visit my city and talk to me and my family together to stop this drama by his daughter. He said he will come but still he has not come. I am completely blank now as my wife is just playing around. She has come to my city which i came to now from her office and strange her parents have still not called me or my father to inform that they have sent her back. Extremely weird Family. I dont understand is it the only way to maintain relationships by ladies???Its shocking that they keep leaving the house and take advantage of genuine husbands...A man cannot be romantic everyday. Todays generation girls r 90% who keep saying we left out housefor you and all. we r also understanding that a girl leaves her house but that doesnt mean she does this kind of drama to get importance in life. I really wonder when will girls realize that you also have to accept the husband and family and it should be very mutual than doing dramatic situations by going away from home every now and then. And after late realization would say sorry after situations turn bad for both families.

I was also shocked when my wife contacted my uncle saying she is not sure of her decision whether it is right or wrong not to go to my house. also says that she is not happy without me...It also indicates that its all about TOO MUCH OF EGO...


I would request ladies to pls understand husbands...Every husband is not a bad person or every family is not bad unless they really trouble you.


I am totally upset now as her family is not at all taking any initiative to contact me or my father and this lady has again re joined her job and staying in same city and dont know where she is staying... i dont call her as she is extremely blunt in her speech and makes me more upset which will obviously be my insult that i keep forgiving her attitude every time.


I would say marriages either once or twice we have to learn to adjust compromise sacrifice Love care understand each other in every situation  and marriages are not a joke...its not only for romantic fun everyday includes good and bad days too...except if it is too bad then which could be understood by anybody...But todays girls leave house any time for silly reasons mostly for husband not being romatic  and make an issue of it.....


And yes i read in this thread someone said thate parents wont be forever etc...But sorry to say there are really parents who do take care and support their children if they are right at their end....

If a wife keeps leaving the will she remain in life forever? so pls dont judge anyone easily..


Your parents can be your best support ever if your wife /husband doesnt support you....


Guys pls suggest what to do?:-(

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