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Ankur   11 February 2017

Basic cross examination skills

Hi All,

While searching over the Internet, I found basic cross examination techniques on the


Thanks to MenRightsIndia for putting such a great article. I personally like the following section:

Cross-exam questions to elicit wife’s independent nature and non-abla-naari status:

Did you study in XYZ college?
Was that college in your hometown or outside?
Assuming it was outside: Did you stay in a hostel then?
Assuming it was in same city: How far was the college from your home? How did you reach college and back home from college? If she says she went by bus, then ask: Did anyone accompany you in the bus like your father etc? If she says no, then you can use that as argument later that if she can finish 3-4 years college course and travel in bus on her own everyday; what stops her applying, taking up a job, and travel by bus on her own now? Has she lost her ability to move out of home, go in bus/auto whatever, do productive things simply because she got married?


However, the article is still incomplete and there are a few sections those need to be written.

Can someone provide more samples to fight false allegations under 498A, DV, and 125, as the link I mentioned above?

Thank you all in advance. Your small contribution can help many struggling with false allegations.


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Dr. Atul [9013898936] (Lawyer, Scholar)     11 February 2017

With all due respect, if you are trying to learn cross examination skills reading scriptted question-answers online, you'd be much much better off not trying your hand at conducting a cross.

ADVOCATE TRILOK (CRIMINAL family PROPERTY )     11 February 2017

The author may have written in the book but it does not work in court.

Those who have not earned money in real life write books about how to earn money and try to make money fom such errorts.

Even take examples of best selling authors for sucess formulas  but  they could not teach even their siblings same formulas.


The skill of cross examination is perefected by very few. One in thousand or even ine in five or ten thousand.

Go in any court wher cross is going on. Most of  the of advocates take cross against their own clients . They give admissions and make the case of opponent simple.



Even in above case  story if the book no court will allow such cross and none will draw inference as suggested.



So it means there is no use in hiring advocate for cross...Just do it ourselves...

stanley (Freedom)     13 February 2017

Cross examination is a matter of skill . There are several books on the same . But you have to practise to get your skills honed .During cross you can go about to any topic and than provide the element of suprise by coming in on the subject matter . Practise makes a man perfect .


Theory.  Theory.  Theory.  laugh

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stanley (Freedom)     13 February 2017

@ Helping hand 

How come no advertisments in this Thread laughwink.Contact me or  Come to me ( If its a Female ) and i will teach you the art of cross Examination and the fees are USD XXX if its a male  .laughdevil and if its a female than your classes would be for free.laugh

Nice way of establishing your Business or Selling your Goods laughdevil


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