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Dr. Atul [9013898936]
Lawyer, Scholar

About me

  Member Since : 24 May 2011  (Delhi )

9013898936..that's me.Practicing law in the High Court of Delhi for over a decade. Just finished my Ph.D. Enjoy taking on commercial contractual disputes, arbitration, interpretation of statutes an.3d constitutional laws. Despise matrimonial laws as a practitioner and as a person.

My understanding of life and my profession is this - a good lawyer is not one who encourages filing a case; nor one who promises victory; not even one who consistently wins cases. A good lawyer is someone who always begins with exploring ways and means to attain an end without litigating needlessly, who is upfront and frank about the possible outcomes without the fear of his client's or prospective client's disapproval. In doing so, he may lose one client but he'll win this person's confidence and respect and so, a believer. And once it does come to litigation, he plays for keeps and takes no prisoners!

My little thoughts:

  • Excellent advice given free of cost is never valued!
  • You don't "hire" a lawyer; you "engage" one!
  • A great man once rightly told me, in the judicial system, even the eventual winner is a loser!
  • Matrimonial laws of today are, what rent control laws of yesteryears were - as rent control laws permitted dishonest tenants to abuse hapless landlords, so do matrimonial laws facilitate unscrupulous women to make life miserable for innocent men - and, just like things turned a full circle in rent control jurisprudence, so they will in matrimonial, its only a matter of time!
  • Bias blind spot – the ability to identify the gaps in other people’s logic, but not our own!
  • Victims of matrimonial terrorism, remember this when you lose all hope - the millstones of the gods grind late, but they grind fine. And then, think of the relaxed/happy divorced men you have seen! And how many happy divorced women has anyone seen?
  • Laws are like spider's webs; if some poor weak creature come up against them, it is caught; but a bigger one can break through and get away!

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