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Bad lawyers list

Page no : 3


If you get a bad attorney, then try reading this PDF file [Attached]

Attached File : 141100 220253 3 attorneymisconduct.pdf downloaded: 127 times

G. Y. Sharma (Advocate)     18 May 2014

Knowledge in Law is an ocean. One can not always fully satisfy the way how a person should/ought to move legally in a specific manner and the consequences that would follow later. It is the Lawyer who would interpret the real facts by moulding the same into a legally acceptable concept. Hence no one can judge a lawyer as good or bad just by looking into a few instances.

Gautam Kapoor (IT professional Studying Law)     19 May 2014

Interesting post reopened by Mr. Sharma .

Mr.Zeeshan has a  given good personal opinion.

and as quoted by Mr.Chandrashekhar ,I have added my opinion in brackets.Good and Bad are open for interpretations

- A good (bad) advocate is the one, who gives the advice what you want to hear.  After the case is lost, blames the judge as corrupt.

- A bad (good) advocate is the one, who gives the frank opinion about your case and lost you as a client.

I had experiences with both types ... with one whom you learn the legal use of the law and with the other the legal abuse.It is a interesting learning experience in itself.Some who genuinely defend you,some try to implicate you,some without hearing your case advise compromise,some implicate you and then try to defend you (try) ...the probabilities are probably even more.
For me a lawyers profession is more noble than a doctors profession bcos if a doctor does a mistake only his patient’s life is at loss.... but when a lawyer does a mistake his client’s whole family is at loss which is a very big tragedy.
In our country it is very easy to fight gender specific cases.. the actual calibre,potential and knowledge of a lawyer is not not at all tested.... a mastery (knowledge) of 5-6 sections should be enough ,the real mantle of a lawyer comes out who saves his client from these false cases.. fighting against all possible odds .He may charge you high (very high) but you will never regret having him as a lawyer.He provides you that much needed confidence that Justice still prevails at the end.

Gautam Kapoor (IT professional Studying Law)     19 May 2014

Miyaan,.Dar kis baat ki .... jab aap already 498 ke WUSTAAD  ho chuke ho...

Sarforoshi ki tamana abh hamare dil me hain.... dekhna hain ki jhor kitna bajooye katil mein hain...

pardon my urdu...

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Gautam Kapoor (IT professional Studying Law)     19 May 2014

to add ..

Yeh Khudah ... tune kise ko ka kam na di... yeh kiso ko kya mila (kisko 498, kisiko achi biwi,kisko acha lawyer,kisko bura) .. yeh sab apni muqadar ki baat hai.

Chalthe raho...yehi jindagi hai...chalthi ka naam gaadi....

Naukri jaane ke baad Shayiri se apni roji roti jutara hoon.

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Gautam Kapoor (IT professional Studying Law)     19 May 2014

abh bhai..498 ke damaad banoge to..unki khatirdari sahni padegi... :)

Babu (Teacher)     20 December 2014

Hi sir,

I am physically challanged with 100% of disability. My both legs were afftected by polio at my chilhood. I Cannot walk. Working as Teacher (Govt. employee).  I married one lady in 1998. A boy was born in 1999 Divorced in 2004.  The boy's custody forever with mother. But she expired  in 2005.  The boy is living with mother's parental family, with the brother of his mother.  That my son was adopted by him.

I married another lady in 2005 according to Hindu customs and rites. Got a male child on 13-09-2005.  And a female child on 27-08-2007. She converted into Christian religion in 2002 (Took Baptism - I have got her baptism certificate ).  She committed for criminal activities towards me and my father. She punished by the court u/s 323 and 506 of I.P.C. She also beat young aged children where medical treatment was given (prescripttions available).  My wife discontinued 10th class. I encouraged her to continued studies, joined in B.A. open university. But she failed to continue it.  She developed extra marital relationship with one guy at where we lived.   And she left my society on 14.04.2013 along with female child where a missing complaint was filed. Our male child was staying with me.  After 3 months she came to me along with the female child and stayed for 20 days and went away along with the two children on dt. 25-07-2013. At the time they were studying in private school under my custody.  I called her to come back. But she did not heed. I used to send articles, dress to children. My wife filed maintenance case u/s 125 Cr.P.C. where she is residing. I filed O.P. seeking Restitution of conjugal Rights But she remained absent after counseling made. Ex-parte decree passed in favor me. And the M.C. case was transferred to my place on the ground of my disability. I am paying the children school fee upon the request of the school management (Through phone call) as the mother not paying. The male child is in 10th year studying 4th class. The female child is in 8th year studying 2nd class. The children may like to continue with their mother as they are residing with her now.  The female child told me over the phone that she is afraid of her mother. My wife also wrote me a letter stating that she is working as tailor at her place She joined children in a corporate school. She is residing in her parental house though I called her to come back. She is getting trouble to pay children school fee which are heavy.  Requested me to send school fee. And she also wrote me if I pay school fee she can withdraw the M.C..  I already sent the school fee and continuing.  I wrote two letters with calling her to my conjugal society otherwise send the children to me in view of welfare and future of children.  Which were not replied till now.  Last letter to her by me on dt. 16th Novemer, 2014.

Me and my father are very much interested towards the children. As they are very attached us.

The male child born in the place where they are residing now.  And the female born at my place. They stayed with me upto July, 2013. 


Now my questions are:-

1.                   I would like to file custody petition.  Where should I file?  Either in my living pass – RCR decreed, The children grew here

2.                   or the place of residence of children right now. – The male child born there and they are residing there from July, 2013 continuously – Studying there.

3.                   What is jurisdiction point to file child custody petition?

4.                   Is there any possibility to execution RCR decree.   And what is the procedure?

5.                   Am I eligible to get child custody?

6.                   Is she eligible to get maintenance after RCR decree passed in favour of me. (Ex-parted)

7.                   What is the time limit to re-open the RCR set a side by her?

8.                   She ready to give divorce.  I am not interested to leave the children with her.  And I think she may change. 

Seeking your valuable opinion on these points.  Kindly reply as soon as possible.

With warm regards,




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