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Vinodh Chandran (Student)     06 April 2012

Association informs us that we would not be allowed to park


I have been living in an apartment in Chennai for past 6 years. Everything was fine up until last month when the Office bearers of the association knocked my door regarding the collection of corpus fund (which was intimated by the circulars). At that time my mother had raised some question on parking issues but then the Secretary said with these issues in mind you cannot default your payment of corpus fund. The manner in which he said this to my mother was provoking and I said to him that you cannot perceive that we have not paid the corpus fund for this reason. Then he demanded the fund to be paid that evening itself in a very adamant manner. I didnt listen to him and didnt pay it that day itself.

The next week when my father was around they came again and started asking for the fund my father had replied them "I would discuss the issue with my life partner and pay". This time the president started shouting which led to a heated argument between my father and the president. The president used the word "bl**dy" and the secretary said "bl**dy b*st*rd". My father didnt abuse them at all and he said that you guys have to grow up to be office bearers of an association 

But the next week they send us a circular saying that the GB has decided that the my dad should give an apology or else we wont be allowed to park the vehicles inside the premises.

My dad gave a reply saying that the whole drama which unfolded that day was a plot by the office bearers and that he need not tender any apology to them. This was given thru a registered post.

Now they have elected new members and office bearers and they came to our house asking us to attend the meeting and my dad told them that the reply which he have given stands and that he is not ready to discuss the issue even with the newly elected members. ( Because he is very clever and wants to provoke my dad and then see what my dad is saying to avoid this I didnt allow my dad to attend the meeting)

Now my question is will they be able to restrict us from paring inside the flats ?


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pradeep (na)     06 April 2012

How long the payment is due?  Why you did not pay in time, without reminded by office bearers several times? Also, you have not given the reason for non-payment. Once it is to be paid by all the residents, you could have simply paid and closed their mouth. Before getting provoked, just put yourself in their shoes and think - how much time they have to spend for such reminders to so many people like you. It is a thankless job. Unless all the members pay, they cannot be sure about using it for the building because if a few member like you are defaulting they have to return the whole fund collected from others.  I find only fault of their's is using unparliamentry language against an elderly person (which could not have occured if paid by you). In my openion, instead of sending an apology or attending any meeting, simply send a crossed check for the amount to solve the problem.

V. VASUDEVAN (LEGAL COUNSEL)     07 April 2012

Issue a Notice to the Office Bearers of the Society, demaning aplogy for the unparliamentary language used by them and if they dont provide a written apology, lodge a criminal complaint against the concerned office bearers, in the nearest police station. No law gives a right to the officer beares to abuse an apartment owner and also coerce into paying up the corpus fund.

Also send a notice demanding inspection of the documents pertaining to deciding the corpous fund, the detailed allotment of parking spare etc., You can also lodge a complaint to the local Registrar.


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