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Josephine (Asst manager)     24 March 2010

annulement or divorce


Lovers married 2 months back but could not stay together. marriage registered without boy's parents knowledge. Girl's father takes care of their registered. Family of boy did not support them. They did not married. Enimity arose his family members after coming to know about marriage of their son. The girls' father complaint his family members in police station and the girl complaints the boy in women police station for stay with him. Now the boy did not want to stay together. He wants to come out. What he can do?


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Suchitra. S (Advocate)     24 March 2010

If the marriage has been registered, then the only way out is to get a divorce. Here no question of annulment of marriage arises.

Suchitra. S (Advocate)     24 March 2010

Are the both boy and girl are majors ?


Dear Author,

I want to make some clarificatons regarding your quries. U can call me at 9871158578

Josephine (Asst manager)     24 March 2010

They are majors

Their certifcate shows solemnized.

Suchitra. S (Advocate)     24 March 2010

So, annulment not possible. Go for divorce.


Indian law will not allow the boys to play with the lives of the girls.  They are not s*x toys, who can be used for two months and thrown out.  The boy does not have any right even to file divorce petition as it is a mandatory requirement to have one year period to file divorce petition.  If the girl wants she can pull him and his parents (for forciably kept the boy back from discharging his matrimonial responsibilities) into the criminal court and they are worth for that.  If the girl wants she can file even a rape case against the boy, because the consesual s*x has taken place on false assurances of matrimonial life.

Vikas Dharmendra (Consultant)     24 March 2010


Girl can do everything. even she can kill the boy , because it was the boy mistake that's why she killed him, Law sholud give permission to girls to kill the boys if they do not like them, and law also should give permission to women to beat the man upto the extent they dies.

Law should allow women to do multiple marriages(polygamy) if they do not like someone,, even next day of their marriage.

and man are always a s*x toys,,, women can not be s*x toy.... . Boy are s*x toys... Great


That's All


In India how many times boys were raped?  How many times boys were burnt by pouring kerosene on them for bringing less dowry?  How many boys were teased on the streets?  How many boys' modesty was outraged?  How many times boy's life was snuffed out of mother's womb? 

Vikas Dharmendra (Consultant)     24 March 2010

So now time came for revange, So Now

boys will be raped.. (law should have provision to give natural power to rape boy by girl),,, Boys will be burnt by pouring kerosene on them for not demanding dowry and even if they stop their wife to do little things??

Boys will  be teased on the streets ( Now time came for women)? 

Now boys' modesty will be outraged?... (By Law Enforcement and by Govt. authorities and by court) 

and Govt should made provision to  snuff boy's life out of mother's womb ( They are just s*x toy,, useless  and Dumb Fellow)????????




Law says dont expect a girl to be virgin, she can have s*x with anyone
before marriage,
She can/will have s*x with the "expected" life partner.
She can demand money after having consent s*x stating it as RAPE.
She has every rights/reservation to do anything of her willing.

But the same girl is said to be "Abala Nari" by the law makers. who
won't lie at all, and won't jeopardise her life at any cost.

isn't contradict.


Sir I think you only seen those kind of girl you described, but now I think you have not seen the girls by whom boys are really f**ked up.


Govt and fool system is not able to control the real problem of theft , decoity and terrarism,  So putting hands to distroy family on the name of safety of women.

Really in india majory is ????? I can't say

Vikas Dharmendra (Consultant)     25 March 2010

Problem is that genuine cases of harassmen never comes in picture and real accused ( real faulty persons) never/rarely  convicted.

There is no point of talking with keeping biased mind.

Just on the name of justice of innocent peoples will falsely be convicted then situation will get worse and equality will never come in picture.

I also favor to punish those are real faulty but I do not not favor to put everybody in same pot.

Vikas Dharmendra (Consultant)     25 March 2010

Watch this


Josephine (Asst manager)     25 March 2010


Till now they do not have physical relationship.


If that is so Sir, I suggest you to talk with the girl.  While talking, we have to keep in our mind that the girl is wronged.  We hurt her emotionally.  It cannot be compensated in monetary terms.  Even then, try to persuade her to come to certain monetary terms.  In this case, mutual consent divorce is not possible.  For filing divorce, one year gap between the date of marriage and filing the petition is required and that gap is not there, here.  Hence, I suggest to convince her to file annulment petition under Section 12 (1)(a) on the ground that the marriage has not been consumated due to importency of the husband (the impotency is only in respect of petitioner only, he isnot diabled against every woman) and if the husband does not contest the case, the marriage will be annuled.  In the eyes of law, annulment puts the parties pre-marriage status.  If this ground is not suitable to the parties try to find out any suitable ground under voidable marriage and file the same. 

Adv. Biju Gopal (Advocate FAMILY LAWYERS Kottayam Kerala     25 March 2010

The Boy may just wait.  After some time, certainly the girl will be ready for divorce.

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