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sanjay (partner)     26 September 2014

After rcr settlement wife not behaving properly

i got married in jan 2013 and in few months my wife went with her father after filing rcr after 11/2 yr my wife came back. when she left she was preagnent and gave birth to boy in her maternal home now he is 11 months old. in rcr settlement it was clearly written marriage took place with out any dowry and she her self was not living with me there was no torture or cruelty done with her and now she will live properly as wife and she signed it from last 1 month she is living here but not keeping any relation with me we dont even have any talk she directly told me that she will stay here like this only there will be nothing good between us in future .i told her if she dosent want to live with me or treat me as husband there is no point of living with me but she argued me and said she will not give divorce or go to her maternal home and no one can send her back from here. i live with my parents and its my fathers property .she even said how can i prove we are not living properly or not having physical relation in court if i go in court my question is i put rcr to give my baby a gud future. but its very difficult to live with her living in same roof and having no relation not even a talk or go out together and what should i do now its just 1 month after rcr settlement is there any way i can send her back and file divorce and legaly not allow her to stay here is it possible to file divorce now and on which grounds plz advice


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1. Who told you to file rcr...the useless stuff. There is no use of rcr on wicked wives.


2. No contract, no bond ...nothing works in marital obligations all are formalities.


3. Your wife Is behaving super smart. Let her understand who you are...



My takes:


1. There Is no where written in any of marital laws that couple need to live away from one roof to file divorce against either of partner.


2. The most Important thing in divorce is deny of s*x by respondent.


3. If your wife Is denying physical relationship without any authentic reasons then under hindu marriage act U/s 13ia she is delivering severe mental cruelty. For judgements you can search on my blog or on my judgements threads on this LCI.


4. For other constructive and phases wise mental cruelties you have to be smart and record her cruelties via conversation, her acts and attitudes captured via any electronic mode U/s 65 B of IEA.


5. Your RCr has gone vaccant once she has joined you. As courts view on RCr execution is till the partners joining and no judiciary system comes to your bedroom and checks whether you people are enjoying intimacy or not. So court doesnt take headache on such execution of RCR.


6. Once you are ready with your evidences then file for divorce under mental cruelty as well as desertion Means she has deserted her conjugal relationship leading to extreme mental cruelties on husband.



7. FOR CHILD CUSTODY and Visitation I wont comment anything as its your personal view whether you want to take permanent custody of your child or not.


Best of luck))




Options are 3:

option 1:  Chaar do kaan ke nicche, hosh thikaane aajayenge saali ke.

Eitherways its a lose lose situation, you keep quiet, you shout or fight with her or manhandle her, she will definitely file false 498a, DV, and claim maintenance from you.  

Be the doer now, chaar dena kaan ke nicche, hosake toh hawai chappla se maza chakana saali ko, laaton ke bhoot baaton se nahi maante.   Kya pata bhoot chod ke chali jaaye tere biwi ko, once the bhoot leaves her, you can lead happy marital life with her.

Though myself am observer of non-violence, this jaat of women itself is like that,  until they get what they deserve they wont value anything what they have.

mard ban, be  a man, take charge.

Option 2: Agree to whatever she says, live life the way she wants, lead happy marital life with her the way she wants, try to be happy even if you are really not happy

Option 3:  File divorce based on mental cruelty rightaway, ask for MCD by paying her one shot alimony in lumpsum/ if she does not agree for MCD, then contest divorce and get it after 7-8 years.  Hire services of cheap and best lawyer if your wife does not agree  for MCD as it lawyer will keep asking lots fees if he a costly one.

fighting back (exec)     27 September 2014

PS: IF you believe In kundali and dasha then visit BaBa balatkari soon..lol


hehe........fantastic reply.............:)

sanjay (partner)     28 September 2014

thnks  for advice i request all senior members

what should i do first in this condition

can i file divorce now

what are the things that comes in mental cruelty and haressment

is there any way i can send her back if she is not behaving properly and doesnt want to go back or give divorce and haressing me not keeping any sort of contact

great india (manager)     30 September 2014

Chillax bro...... First of all.....show her even you damn care attitude.... If she's not interested.... And then wait for one year of rcr decree..... Then go for divorce under no s*x+ cruelty( mental)

sooraj (none)     30 September 2014

Bro, You cannot send her back because you filed RCR and got her back. It is only one month now. So have patience and give it a try for six months........ If no improvent file for denial of s*x (mental cruelty). But keep in mind that wife can allege that you never initiated it in a proper way to arouse her....... She can also allege that you were not kind and compassionate to her during the day but approached her for s*x like approching a prostitute without any affection and love(dry s*x). Trust me such things happen.

498A-filed (Advisor)     11 October 2014

If she denies s*x for more than one month take her to her father home and leave her. File a criminal case against her to safe guard  yourself from her false dowry case. And then file for divorce on grounds of cruelty for denying s*x.


If she files false 498 A, get he FIR quashed on the basis that it is a counter blast to your criminal case against her. Marry a girl who loves you.

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