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Sukant Saxena   04 August 2018

Advice needed to elope (secretly run away and get married)

I lives in Delhi and love a girl who belongs to Bilaspur, Chattisgarh. We both are adults and want to marry. We tried to convince our parents and while my family gave their nod in agreement, her family isn't listening. 

We have now decided that she run away from her house with me to Raipur(by train), then we take flight from there to Delhi and later get married in Arya samaj Mandir or court. 

I am concerned that when she will leave her house in Bilaspur, and her parents will be aware about it they might file police complaint against me that I've kidnapped their daughter or for some other similar reasons and might bribe the police to take actions agaisnt me. I will be in Raipur by that time and certainly not married to her by then. 

So, I just want to know what can be done to prevent :-

1) Her parents filling false police complaint against me/us.

2) To prevent police arresting us/stopping us from taking flight to Delhi as if we will be caught they will take the girl away with them and pressurize her by force to forget me/file alleged cases against me. 

I will do things to not get caught by her parents but I want to know what can be done to avoid poice interfearing in this case. So that I can at least reach Delhi and marry her before getting to deal with police arrest or any such legal issues. 

I would be really thankful for all of you guys.


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Krishna Moorti   04 August 2018

it is better to consult an experienced advocate in your area.

Vijay Raj Mahajan (Advocate)     04 August 2018

Contact me for consultancy.

Sukant Saxena   04 August 2018

I thank you for replying and showing concern for my naiveness and wish to write as under

Assumption No. 1: You want to elope secretly and posted it on internet? ha ha ha.  - ( My name, email id and even state and city details mentioned above are fabricated not real, so there is not even remote possibility of being recognized on internet).


Assumption No. 2: You are unfit age for marriage. (I'm 30 and she's 28)

Unsolicited Advice : Dont marry and spoil your own life and girls life too. 

I beg your apologies and with due respect want to remind you stop prejudicing and hammering your personal opinions on others. It's a legal forum and I joined it with expectations of recieving legal advice not the general BS that even a 10th class student could have told me to not go against parents. 

And regarding spoiling her life or mine, I'd like to tell you parents are human beings too not god. They make fact too many of them. The only thing they do is hide them from us which doesn't make them God like. We both are adults and can take our decisions. 

Chances are you will go to jail under some false case.

If you really want to help me, then mention those false cases so that I can prepare for them. 

And let me add one bold statement. There is nothing in this world that can't be done (No matter how difficult) if you set your mind to do it. I'll marry her with or without your help and will return to tell you that she's living happily not ruined her life with me. 



ajay saini (no)     04 August 2018

just do it.... gd luck


Agree with advice of Kamakshi gaaru.  Growth of dic is inversly proportional to development of brain.

Aks   05 August 2018

You go to the city of choice first alone...let the girl come to your city of choice alone later.  In the meantime, you have already met and arranged marriage ceremony with the priest of Arya Samaj temple.  When she arrives, go straight to temple and complete PHERA and get marriage certificate from the priest. NO BODY are now married.  Congratulations !

Now, if parents find out..they can not do anything other then kicking both your ass out of their house. If you have a job..and can take a one room rental place, eat bread and lentil soup ....and live happily ever after ...a poor life.. 

If the girl betrays you and out of fear accuse you of are toast. Make sure your girl has balls of steel..  

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