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Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     03 August 2011

A mark of respect for all family men..

I think everyone might have read abt Mom's, Wife's and Girl's...

Its time to learn something abt Men...

A boy/man is one of the most beautiful creations of God.

Later he sacrifices his love for just a smile on his parents face.


He sacrifices his love for his wife and children by working late nights.


He builds their future by taking loans from banks and then repaying them for the life time. Thus he sacrifices full youth for his wife and children without any complain.



Believe me he struggles a lot but still has to hear the music (scolding) of Mother, wife and his boss. Yet every mother, wife and boss tries to have control over him.

Finally his life ends up by compromising for others happiness. He is that creature of God who no one can compete with.



Respect every boy/man in your life. You will never know what he has sacrificed for you.



Just extend your hand when he needs it.



Boys also Have Emotions.Please respect them.. 


SOURCE- A friend shared it..


 18 Replies

Raj Kumar Makkad (Adv P & H High Court Chandigarh)     03 August 2011

The name of Duty has been given as Sacrifice. Anyway, your views are praosable for keeping harmony in family life.

shahfaisal (after word tell)     03 August 2011

FALES ALLEGATION 1(notice) from my wife side tasneem faisal shaikh under instruction, information and authority furnished by my client -tasneem w/o mohammad faisal shaikh 1) that you are the legally wedded husband of my client the marriage between you and my client is solemnised on 11th december,2009 at karnataka as per customs of mohammadan law 2) that at the time of talks you and your parents suppressed the material facts and told my client and her parents that you are serving in ICICI bank and also owning a house. after marriage it was revleled that you are sverving as a driver in BSNL comp on temporary basis.apart from this you are also suffering from thorat cancer and this fact came to the knowledge of my client on the night of 19/12/2009 when you suddenly started vomitting and you also passed blood from your vomitting, hence my client was little bit suspicious and asked you to show the -prescripttion of the doctor and further told you that she wants to accompany you to a doctor,but you and family members started avoiding my client and also did not show the prescripttion. 3) that you were also in a habit of adandning my client and you used to reside with your brother in law his residence at pune, i.e. your brother' in law's house 4) 1 brother 2 sisters harrasing my client mentally 9) that as you are suffering from cancer my client does not wish to continue the marital relationship with you as the said deceased is contageous and my client is educated girl having completed B.A.and N.T.C. and also serving as temporary teacher in islamiya high school. and you and your family members have ruined the life of my client for which you are also liable to be prosecuted and you shall also compensate my client in trems of cash to the tune of Rs 50,00,000/- rupees fifty lakhs only NOTE: Please note that my client's parents had given 10 tolas of gold ornaments on my client which is illegally retained by you and your family members and you have also taken away the ornaments given to my client by you

gaury..fight to win (Education)     03 August 2011

Not only boys,but all creatures are beautiful in its place.Every creatuer has its own importance.

zimmerzapper (student)     03 August 2011

there are many other things too. i'll share them on this forum when i get the time to write. people don't seem to be realizing that men sufferin inequalities.

Ravinder Kumar (Account Director)     03 August 2011

@Roshni:  &  claps

Rahul T (Engineer)     04 August 2011

Thanks @Roshni,

                               It’s true. No one knows or try to know the pain of a Man. Because MAN doesn’t to express his pain. Really if the same message gets circulated through some MASS Media, then I am sure a large number of Domestic dispute get resolved automatically. Thanks a lot for bringing this IDEA into light.

Dipangkar (Business)     04 August 2011

Oh Roshni ! ............ and i had to rechecked my calenders thinking it to be 19th November, today.  

gaury..fight to win (Education)     04 August 2011

what is important in 19th november?

JAYESH (Sr. Executive HR.)     04 August 2011

To Roshni...

Many... Many... Hats off to U...

UR article really touch my heart as I had sacrifice many things in my life & also sacrifice my life for my beloved wife & daughter but then too my wife went away with my daughter to her parents. My wife has forcefully taken divorce from me. My in-laws & my wife had forced me with help of 'Mahila Police" to sign divorce.

Anyways forget that but if each male & female start understanding each othenr then life can be so good...

Thank you Roshni... :)

raj kumar ji (LAW STUDENT )     04 August 2011

thats is the truth of life but no one can under stand the problems/pains of men or boy

great roshni for wrute this type article well keep up

Aishwarya (Teacher)     04 August 2011

although a guy does a lot before marriage and in life all alone and have to be self made..they cannot cry , they cannot depend they just struggle alone and dream alot for the life after whn a new one would share their emotions and on whom he can depend upon ..

but there is really no doubt what a guy goes through after a marriage is broken and who suffers the evil law like 498a....believe me therel be much more respect for them once you know this..

He bears the pain and agony of seperation much more than a women it is psychologically proved and known fact that women take less time to come out of a trauma than do men such as seperation.

.they go through hell of a time..

 the seperation ,

the broken family,

away from children and wife,

torture in jail,

bear along the pain of their mother ,father and siblings who live in constant fear and trouble, 

loose their job,

struggle for money to eat and to give to lawyers in courts,

appear everytime like a convict.,

suffer and cry alone in darkness,

hide tears and agony from parents,

almost doomed social life in society ,

loose confidence and respect,

afraid of marrying again or keeping a  relationship.

it is almost deep and darkest suffering one can imagine what a guy goes through.

this is just a fragment of it what a women can do is just learn to listen to them , accept them and expect less from them , moreover think about them for their sake it would eventually lead to womens own welfare as they will do alot for them even if we dont say in words..they can understand alot..


to evryone keep smiling and struggling

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Dipangkar (Business)     04 August 2011

Originally posted by :gaury..fight to win
what is important in 19th november?

International day dedicated for Men.

Dipangkar (Business)     04 August 2011

@ Aishwarya,

I can't believe that i am in the Family Law section of LCi today. What the hell happened ? Astrological Planetary settlements between Conflicting Planets ??? 



@Roshni B

Roshni said,Boys also Have Emotions.

So, the truth is:Don't treat anyone like a stone as if they don't feel anything, because when a stone gets back at us, they can cause real pain!

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