what works for india. ?




Population is 100 crores

Approximately 50% are women, that leaves 50 crores male population.


Old aged persons                                               : 20 %

Children and students                                       : 40 %

Government employees                                    : 10 %

Traders/businessmen [big and small]          : 20 %

Unemployed/vagabonds                                  : 10 %


Out of these 10 % vagabonds assuming half of them to being antisocial elements their no. is 5 crores. Out of these 5 crores almost 20 % are hard core criminals ,stopping at nothing to listen to their political masters commands. Thus this 1 crore people manage to cow down the entire population. Thus roughly it can be said that in any area 1 % of the people are hard core criminals. It is on the basis of which party has more no. of these , that elections are won or lost.


Take a constituency of 1 lakh persons. Out of this straight away roughly  50 thousand will be women. And one percent of 1 lakhs i.e. one  thousand are antisocial elements. Dividing 1000 by 3 [i.e. the minimum no of parties in any area , it comes to roughly 400 per party. These 400 are graded into A,B,C as per their rung in the hierarchy of the party.


A  grade near and dear        20 %   i.e 80  X        Rs 15,000/-pm            = Rs 12,00,000/-

B   a little below A                  30 %   i.e.120 X        Rs 08,000/-pm          = Rs  09,60,000/-

C General workers                50 %   i.e. 200 X       Rs 03,000/-pm         = Rs 06,00,000/-


                                                                                                                             Rs  27,60,000/-



Rupees Thirty Lakhs odd is the cost of managing/retaining  these persons. Thus 30 odd lakhs is the only amount per month required to run a party for Lok Sabha elections. For Municipality /Zilla Parishad the amount would be approximately half i.e. around 15 lakhs pm and for gram Panchayat around 5 lakhs. These figures are for a prospering State/constituency achieving economic development  and in states which are under developed , the amounts would be drastically reduced. Further if public opinion is taken care of , then the amount required is much less.


The sources of income after being elected are


  1. Government Tenders for building and construction. /purchasing of medicines /equipments etc. and passing bills . [ Spend 2, bill for 5 and retain the 3] . Form cartel, reduce the no. of competitors. Rig prices.
  2. Government schemes like rojgar hami yojna or adivasi,  ICDS or any scheme were money is spent/distributed like development schemes. [ Spend 2, bill for 5 and retain the 3]
  3. Share from Transfer money from government employees collected by government officials .
  4. Protection money from Factory owners, shopkeepers, tradesmen, in the form of party donations.
  5. Illegal business like betting gambling , illicit liquor, octroi nakas.
  6. Money taken for appointments is government jobs, transfers, etc
  7. Contract work of government. Labour supply/ material supply.
  8. Money gathered on the pretext of religious festivals, monthly amounts from Unions collected as subscription.
  9. Lastly money received on acting as middle man in doing work involving government licenses/permissions/ settlement of disputes / managing police etc.
  10. Transport business carried on illegally.



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figures are nice Rajan bai



Rajan Ji, that is a symbol of hard work. Very nice indeed.


Dear Rajan Sir,

  I must agree ... ur calculations are very informative

   thats super..... really great


Practicing lawyer(B.Com LL.M in Business law )


Respected sirs, U all r very genius.


Why don’t u go n join one of the Political party n get elected urself n give our nation young and hardcore leadership. and change these figures and calculations.Very simple Sirs


See our nation is miracle Sirs,earlier I hv told u.


Dear REKHA mam,

    Thanks for your views and interest shown on our Mother Country.

Let me brief you the current scenario of our Political parties in a small story (just pure Imagination)

3 men where at the Political Building office for a  interview regarding a district post in the party. The first man walked into the office . The interviewing Leader said "To be in our Party you must be loyal, dedicated, and give us your all. Your wife is in the next room.

I want you to go in there and shoot her with this gun." The man took the gun, hesitated, and said "Sorry, I can't do it."

The next man came into the office. The Leader said "To be in our Party you must be loyal, dedicated, and give us your all. Your wife is in the next room.I want you to go in there and shoot her with this gun." The man took the gun, walked into the room, then walked out. "Sorry," he said.

The last man came into the office. The Leader said "To be in our Party you must be loyal, dedicated, and give us your all. Your wife is in the next room.I want you to go in there and shoot her with this gun." The man took the gun and went into the room. The Leader heard 6 shots, silence, then a lot of screaming.

The man came out of the room and said "Someone loaded the gun with blanks, so I beat her to death with the curtain railing!"

Mam DONT GO Away Go on further, and hope you too accept the situation. Politics in pre-independence India was based on struggle, suffering and self-sacrifice. Anybody entering politics did so at a great personal cost and hence, he was held in great regard and no questions were raised about his capabilities, talent and qualifications. Indian politics went through a drastic metamorphosis after independence. The ones who had suffered in jails and were brutally caned by the police, became the rulers. Post-independence politics did not need struggle, suffering and self-sacrifice. Vision, talent, intellectual abilities and management expertise were the need of the hour. It would have been appropriate for the pre-independence generation of politicians to understand and accept their own shortcomings and pave the way for a new generation of more capable and talented politicians. This would indeed have been the ultimate self-sacrifice of the generation that fought the freedom struggle. Instead, that generation of politicians chose hypocrisy and deception. On one hand they devoted themselves wholeheartedly to reaping the privileges, benefits and perquisites of power as well as to accumulating personal wealth; while on the other hand they continued delivering long sermons about struggle, suffering and self-sacrifice to the poor masses.

In any stable independent country, the primary purpose of political activity is to prepare and project talented capable individuals for effective governance, administration and management of the country. Generally speaking there is no need for struggle, suffering and self-sacrifice on the part of the political class in a stable democratic country. Both the ruling party and the opposition enjoy some privileges, benefits and perquisites. In return they provide the country with capable and talented leadership, management and administration. However, the politician in India has emerged as a creature who enjoys all the trappings of power but can neither provide good leadership nor be a good manager. For all that he gets from the society, he gives back only some attractive slogans and speeches that are nothing more than a skilled jugglery of words. Marx said that religion is the opium of the masses, but in modern day India the political leaders provide the opium to the masses in abundant quantity through their comic verbal gimmickry. In the past five decades India has seen a large number of wizards of the spoken word who have made not just audiences but the whole country dance to their tune.

Yet, there is a bright side to this dark picture. The election of eunuchs represents the ultimate in clownification of politics. The darkest hours of night are the ones that are closest to sunrise. Let us pray and hope for a bright sunrise in this dark hour of the largest democracy of the world.

Finally, I am Redirecting your 100% genuine and reasonable question to My all time Favourites  in this Forum Mr.KCS, Assumi Ji,ManishJi,Prakash Ji,Sanjay Ji, Shreenivas ji, and last but not Least Our Dr.PEPPER

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Excellent answers sir.



With due regards to Shree, I would like to add one more point.

How many of the so called literate educated/change mongers cast their votes, exercised their franchize. 

Only those gullible people cast their votes but not literate/educated ones. They want change but not do their duty of casting their votes. If all those cast their votes, definitely, there will be a sea change in the situation.



Mr Murli Krishna is right. If all exercise thier franchise then position would be different. Now another set of figures.

In any election [assume  100 voters but only 60 % polling is there. ] there are 3 national party's candidates and lets say 3 independant candidates. Out of the 60 voters , 18 vote for one candidate of national party , 15 for another national party and 12 for another nationalist party. Rest of the 15 voters vote for independant candidates.

SEE THE FUN , PARTY WITH 18 VOTES WINS. HOWEVER 82 % OF PEOPLE DO NOT WANT THEM. How will we get good governance.

SOLUTION. : Make voting compulsory. No vote , no ration card, bank account, no governmentr job, no benificiary of scheme, no reservation in public transport, no gas, passport nothing.




Show me one poor politician , who [ and whose relatives] remained poor after being elected.




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