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Respected sir please give me your valuable suggestions for my problem. An acquaintance of mine invested ₹1.50 lakhs to my friend in his business on my oral suggestion so that his financial position will be better. This amount was paid in cash without taking any receipt from him. After some time, due to unforeseen circumstances, my friend got losses and could not repay to my acquittance. This issue had occurred in the year 2015.

He is persuing me since then. I told him to contact to recover the same as I was not there while giving payment to him. Now he is demanding that amount from me. He made me responsible for his loss. He is using filthy language against me. He is working in Government office on contact basis. He is threating me with dire consequences.
Could you please tell me what remedies can I get for my protection and to curtail him from approaching me again. Am I responsible for this. kindly clarify and reply back with your kindness. Warm regards.

Hi! Thanks for the question!

No, you are not responsible for this at all. You just advised him as a friend and did not influence him or force him in any way. He had his brains and a lot of time apply the same. He can only recover the money from your friend and that too only if there was an agreement signed between them which would depict the capacities and conditions involved in their transaction.

You can complain to the nearest police station and as your F.I.R is book, the person shall be restrained from even coming near you and may have to serve a jail time if found guilty and subsequently convicted. Along with that you can even serve notices to him, drafted by a lawyer, conveying that an action may be taken if he continues to threaten you. You should take action the earliest possible and not risk harm before you take precautions.

Good Luck!



Using abusive language is not conginzable offence that it will get registered as FIR. The maximum you can file private criminal complaint for criminal intimidation against the person who threaten you with abusive language if you have proof of such threats with you. If there is no evidence of the abusive threats with you, then best is start collecting it first.

Thanks sirs.

Sir now my acquaintance states that due to my recommendation only he invested with my friend. further he asserts that knowingly I pushed him to invest for my benefits he is saying. He told me once that he will file a police case against me for cheeting. can he file an F.I.R against me. what steps he can take against me, if there is any way. kindly reply with kindness. Regards.



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