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Please stop discrimination imposed by indian government.

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Please Stop Discrimination Imposed by Indian Government.


Dear Friends,


There are two India exist -


One: -

Believes to abide by our Indian Constitution and respect its ideals, develops the scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry to reform our nation continuously. They also believes to strive towards excellence in all spheres of individual and collective activity to raise our nation to the higher level.


Two: -

Makes and implements their own laws/fatwas (which is against jurisprudence) to their created territories and forced innocents to obey such laws/fatwas and to inherit such laws/fatwas among their descendants. These Indians not only ruining their own but also damaging their offspring’s and kin’s scientific temper, sprit of inquiry and humanism hence destroying own biological evolution.


As per Charles Darwin: -

Natural selection is the differential survival and reproduction of individuals due to differences in phenotype. It is a key mechanism of evolution.


We can’t survive unless we are selected by nature. Evolution is a mandate to obtain natural selection.


Clearly, aforesaid second Indian are unwarranted. They should be converted to first else they will destroy not only us but also our great nation.


Unfortunately, Our Indian government and Indian Temple of Justice (where injustice prevails over justice wink) also falls under the said second Indians those have distorted and misinterpreted our Indian Constitution and pious ideas therein to make discrimination among people in the ground or race, s*x, religion and place of birth for their own advantages (Extortion, Political gains). They fooled us and insulted us and insulted pious ideas of our constitution.  


Biased laws/Gender biased laws and biased views/rulings of Indian courts are the example of it. All Indian irrespectively of race, s*x, religion and place of birth are the integral part of India. Discrimination among people will certainly divert Indians, stop their evolution destroy Indian sovereignty, unity and integrity of India.


It is our fundamental duty as per Article 51A sub-clauses (a), (h) and (j) to restore all ideas and observance of Indian Constitution.

Please be trained and train all Indians to sue Public Interest Litigation.

Please see the following links to know more on this.

Instructor @ Calcutta (

Sorry My mistake,

Please check now. 


Instructor @ Calcutta (

I wanted to share these ideas over Facebook but my Facebook accounted has made disabled.

 My freedom of speech rights has been deprived  sad




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