Playing the game.

We are all here, for a very serious matter.  Almost all of us are fighting a legal battle which is serious. Accused of a serious crime, we are working to get out of it. While some have been at it for years, some are just entering, getting the first blows of Lies, Deceit, treachery, aggression from the very person who was to stand next to you. (unless this is outsourced to someone who is fighting on their behalf). As we negotiate this web carefully, we make mistakes, some small, some not so small. Each one being noted and used by ms 498a. This is a long, lengthy battle. It’s a drag on emotions, peace, relations, energy.

To add there’s social pressure, Personal pressure, Own limitations/ristrictions, circumstances. People telling you what to do in almost opposite directions. (fight back! But keep it as last option!)

One needs a morale booster, Not take this too lightly, but take it as yet another thing in life. Have a distraction, a hobby, a friend, a thought process give you the grit and endurance and move ahead.

Many seniors here are here to help. They help you with legal issues. The ways to handle this in court. Equally important is how you handle this outside the court. Is it on your mind all the time? (it is on mine! 24x7). How do you support A2 & A3 and An? (Or are they supporting you?)

You need to handle stress. You need to manage/control emotions. You need maintain focus. Do you see it as a game? A real life game?  How do you maintain your cool, Your focus, your attitude, your strength? Do you workout? Do you medidate? Do you engage in social activity (friends etc)? How do you play this game?


There are many support groups, websites etc for this. People come here daily and may find this helpful to keep this as ‘One aspect of life’ not whole life.

Instructor @ Calcutta (


While some have been for many years, some of them are just coming in, receiving the first burns of False, False, fraudulent, anger from the very person who will be standing next to you. As we discuss this web site very closely, we make mistakes, some of them, some not so little. We have some arcades game machines for now. Each sequence was observed and used by ms 498a. This is a long, long battle. It is a draw on emotions, peace, relationships, strength.


While some have been for a long time, some of them are simply coming in, accepting the primary consumes of False, False, fake, outrage from the very individual who will be remaining alongside you. As we talk about this site intently, we commit errors, some of them, some not all that little. See this Article




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