Genuine validity of regd will

Both my parents are aged ,, we are two siblings , me and my 7 years younger sister ,, my sister is happily married ,, my father and mother both have different properties urban-rural in both punjab and himachal ,, my relationsgip with my parents is great and both strongly want to pass-on all their moveable bank-accounts fdrs etc and immoveable buildings and lands to me and further to my son ,, i have two daughters also but i also wish to gift or pass-on everything to my son ,, about 10/15 years ago my father executed a registered will that his all moveable-immoveable assets shall pass on to my mother after him and also mentioned that same assets shall further pass-on to me after mother ,, similarily my mother also made an identical will " EVERYTHING TO MY FATHER AFTER MY MOTHER AND AFTER FATHER ALL TO ME"
as quantum of property is ample i am fearful my sisters husband could challenge my succession ,, please guide me as to regards of above detailed two wills of both my parents ,,  are these conditional wills accepted in spirit in court of law or how can my brother-in-law create hurdles ??? 


If it is self acquired property of Ur father then if they challenge u have to prove the genuiness of will.

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yes Sir , self-acquired by father but a part also descends from my grandfather 

wills are regd with registrar tehsildar ,, plz guide as to what more i shd get done from my parents so will is not challenged ,, actually it is not me but both my parents who are eager and anxious to clear succession in my name


Will comes to force after the death of testator but u tell that both are aged so let they transfer there rights to u thru relinquish deed.

If you are worried your brother in-law may challenge will, ask your parents to gift deed all immovable properties as you told u have good relationship with your parents. Also transfer all FDs to your/ children name before.



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