fraud by sbi credit card

Dear Sir,

I was holding a SBI Credit card number xxxxxxxx0067 since a long time. On 17.05.2013 one person by name Mr. Servesh Sharma call me and claimed that he is calling from SBI Credit card and informed that SBI is offering me a special discount card & offer against my expired point free of cost. He insisted me to provide the credit card details without authorization 3D Password for authentication to get the discounted card, as I denied for it, he said he has details you have to verify it and do the same without transaction password.

But I surprise when after sometimes I received a SMS on my mobile about a transaction of Rs. 6999/- done by Cache Mercantile Pvt Ltd. (which is without secure password). Upon seeing the message, I called SBI credit card Customer Care and informed about this fraudulent transaction, CC suggest me for block my card and sent a Dispute form to solve this issue then  I request to blocked my credit card. I have formally sent a written complaint along with Dispute Form duly filled-in on 18.05.2013 by email to SBI Credit Card.

I received 2-3 calls from Cache Mercantile Pvt Ltd after it. They tried to convince me saying that I have to accept their parcel worth Rs 6999/- which they have deducted from my Credit Card. Upon questioning them on the fraud, they claimed that it will be credit the same amount to SBI after received the parcel in which one alphanumeric code in it, the code will be SMS to Mr. Servesh Mobile 8527325619, then after he will credit the same, the parcel received as on 06.07.2013 and I have send SMS to Servesh Mobile. After some days I got the answer from SBI Cr. Card that I have to make the payment, they have not take any action against Cache – Mercantile co.

I surprised that how this entry done without online 3D secure password?

What did SBI investigate? 

How did they provide my credit card and personal details to Cache Mercantile?

I have seen many similar complaints lodged by many victims like me against Cache Mercantile Pvt. Ltd and SBI credit cards.

It looks that there is a tie-up between SBI Credit cards and Cache Mercantile Pvt Ltd to loot the money from innocent people like me.

I request the authority to take necessary strict action against SBI Credit Cards (for providing the credit card customer data to such people like Cache Mercantile) and also on Cache Mercantile Pvt Ltd for cheating the people claiming to be from SBI credit cards and doing fraudulent transaction.
Below are some of the details of Cache Mercantile Pvt Ltd. which I have noted down, I hope these will be helpful in resolving the fraudulent transaction.

Phone numbers from which I got the call, these people are from Cache Mercantile Pvt. Ltd.

Servesh : 91-8527325619 (This person claimed that he is from SBI) Code - 610302

Priyanka : 0120-4243926, 4243950

Once Again, I again surprise that many times some call received in which they are confirming me to reverse the said amount in my new credit card but due to this card is expire and not confirming details, they fail to their moto.

I request the concerned authority to investigate the matter thoroughly and get back the amount to my credit card. pls guide me to solve this issue because on monthly basis SBI CC is lying penalty on me and not clear the dues and pressure to pay this amount.


Sunil Kumar Agarwal,


AgraM: 8923910723

lawyer/cyber law consultant/cyber crime investigator

you can file complain in local police station and also you can complain baking lokpal..also you can go to consumer court....


Cyber Legal Consultant

You can recover your money through remedial measures.For knowing about the same call on 09422109619.

Advocate High Court of A.P.

Haha.....If you have identified that someone had used your credit card without 3D password..then why have you accepted the parcel from Cache Mercantile...As long as you didnt receive the parcel it is fine..Now, even if you file a case before proper forum, they will say that you have booked the parcel and you have received the same also...Now what will be your answer...will you say all these story, the court will not believe.....But do you have telephonic conversation recordings.....then yes, the court will believe...

Cyber Legal Consultant

Dear Mr.Sunil,Don't be nervous by comments posted. You can recover your money through remedial measures.For knowing about the same call on 09422109619.

Dy Director

agreed with Solimon Raju

Cyber Legal Consultant

I suggest that you have remedy available under some provisions of I T Act. For more detailes discusiions kindly reply on



Your Mistake was that you recived the parcel never recive the parcel.. once you recive the parcel they get a proof of delivery ... which they provide to credit card company and it act as you have purchased the parcel... please be aware about this things..

They Called me ... one day. i spoke with tham as i dont know anything ... i they asked my last 4 digt number first but i gave them my debit cards last 4 digit number not my credit card ... they asked me to enter cvv i enterd wrong one then they triedto explain me the whole stuff and told me i have to pay 7999 i said okay they said i can pay through emi of 24 months withou processig fees plus no intrest ... i told them its huge amount for me and i disagree to pay then i asked them to can you show me that card on i want to see the discripttion of that card then they said they are from Mastercard/VISA dept and bank whould not provide me with such kind of discounts... first they told they are from SBI Now they say they are from Mastercard/VISA dept how is that possible i told him send me his ID Card so  i can proced with the payment but he disagree and disconnected the phone call....


Yes, I agree with the views of the learned members that OP should not have accepted the parcel. But mere acceptance of the parcel alone will not make the OP liable for the amount. Isnt the bank or the cache mercantile supposed to prove that the transaction is indeed made by the account holder when there is a dispute ?. The IP address which was used to initiate the transaction, the OTP details sent for completion of the transaction and the time and date details should be proved by the bank to make the account holder liable, is it not ?. OP but you did a blunder by accepting the parcel which you shouldnt have done. SBI being a govt . undertaken financial institution should not play with its customers hard earned money like this. Unless and until the apex court or atleast the high court slaps it with a huge penalty, i dont think these thieves will stop this practice.

Fraud as representing to be State Bank of India Employee

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Durga Singh

My Credit Card details is as under
Card Number : xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-3415

I got the call from 8506878129 saying from State Bank of India on 30-06-2015 at 1:22pm.

He said  your card limit had been increased so you have to submit the card then you will get the signature card in 3 working days.

I got the call from Arun Kumar on 03-07-2015 at 11:31 approximately that he is coming to collect the card.

Name    Arun Kumar
Contact No.    8506863703
Employee id as per Card    0431
Date & Time of Coming    06-07-2015 Approximately 11:00 am

Hence, He came representing himself as the employee of State Bank of India, he had shown his State Bank of India Identity Card the card is enclosed. id 0431

He give me the form to sign and cut my card into two pieces.

He take the broken card and form with him around 11:20pm.

Suddenly,  I got the SMS that Payment of Rs. 54,100/- had been debited from my account from my SMS and email
the details is as above (of the card which had been taken the Executive of State Bank of India) 

Date & Time of Fraud    06-07-2015 As per email & SMS 4:56
Amount    54100
Name in whose a/c amount paid    SAFFRON HANDICRAFT - 
Address  not confirmed    Expected Naraina Vihar

Hence, please cancel the above transaction and resolve the matter as soon as possible.

I have complaint this matter to the police now police is saying that if you had done an online FIR then we cant accept another FIR

It is to be noted that while in any transaction  I got the OTP in my mobile number but for the above transaction I did not get any OTP so How can the transaction be done.

Upon verification of the fraud SBI CC deptt had made temporary credit in my account.

But from March 2016 when I re-issued the new card they had debited my account.

They are now adding finance charges and other charges amounting to 3000/- approx on monthly basis.


Hence please guide me what can I do to recover my money else i will be in great burden by sbi credit card.

Thank you all for your kind help.






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