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I have a small query and may be some you have the answer to it, about a month back while I was travelling late night and happened  to halt my car, two persons on a motor cycle  came and snatched my mobile along with some other valuable articles. I have lodged complaint with Police but they have no clue of my mobile even after putting it on surveillance (on basis of IEMI no).


When I inquired from the concerned police department I came to know that they have got Nil report from two telecom companies i.e. Idea & Aircel. When I inquired why did haven’t contacted other companies I was informed by them that its not so easy .


But  there have instances where some influential people who are know to me also had lost their mobile and they say that they paid some money to police got their lost mobile traced.


 can you tell me exactly how they mobiles are traced through IEMI No, please give some knowledge so that I can argue with police.


Its not that my mobile was costly but its that I want to get the culprits punished and I also want that the police should help all and not just there acquainted or influential persons.


This is a matter  of Police who has duties to recover it on your complaint,in India there are so many people have been lost daily and so many valuable articles has been lost daily,but few case it has been found and recovered.If you want to proceed further you can file a Writ Petition in High Court for in-action of the Police authority.


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By using Global Positioning System (GPS) an Operator can track the handset user also. But the use of these lists and technologies is at the Operator's discretion / as per Court Order. Generally operators provide these services in case of special investigations only.



The IMEI number is used by a GSM network to identify valid devices and therefore can be used for stopping a stolen phone from accessing that network. For example, if a mobile phone is stolen, the owner can call his or her network provider and instruct them to "blacklist" the phone using its IMEI number. This renders the phone useless on that network and sometimes other networks too, whether or not the phone's SIM is changed.

The IMEI is only used for identifying the device and has no permanent or semi-permanent relation to the subscriber. Instead, the subscriber is identified by transmission of an IMSI number, which is stored on aSIM card that can (in theory) be transferred to any handset. However, many network and security features are enabled by knowing the current device being used by a subscriber.

When mobile equipment is stolen or lost the owner can typically contact their local operator with a request that it should be blocked. If the local operator possesses an Equipment Identity Register (EIR), it then will put the device IMEI into it, and can optionally communicate this to the Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) which blacklists the device in all other operator switches that use the CEIR. With this blacklisting in place the device is bricked and becomes unusable on any operator that uses the CEIR, making theft of mobile equipment a useless business proposition, unless for parts.


And its a must that your SIM card nos should be blocked by your operator . I have noticed a few incidents were  stolen SIM cards are used for illegal purposes like drug trades  . where in you can be arrested and face a Jail term if it is not blocked as you are the owner of the SIM .


Please find the below mentioned link for your reference...




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Dear Friends, though LCI is doing a yeoman service to the hapless but when someone advises about section 156(3) Cr PC  a impotent weapon in the name of filling complaint against anybody including the police but that complaint ultimately comes back to the same police against whom the complaint has been lodged and if that police submits its final Report (FR) that no case is made out then even god will also be not able to come for the help. Though I am Indian like any other Indian but I always criticize the system at India which is for the mighty, of the mighty and belong to mighty and there are many SHO in India who doesn't care about the Supreme Court even however they bow their heads before the mightier than them like policticians, Drug peddlers, Mafias, prostitiutes and like. I may be dreaming of some mirage. Sorry for the outburst but please don't ever advise people to file complaint u/s 156(3) Cr PC.


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even if police try there are only less chance to get your mobile back.. as i come across many cases where thiefs changed IMEI no after stealing cell phone and MAC adress of Laptops... there are many sharp mind with little technologies make it possible... even if there will be chances to trace your cellphone it will cost you more than your cell phone....




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