Couples separated by unknown forces

Hi Readers, My life is quite strange. I could not understand and no help and i have some questions about this society structure.

My parents intercaste (brahmin and SC). My great grandfather did "poonam(sacred thread) ceremony when i was young itself. My father after marriage became a civil servant(retd now). Till great grandfather was alive, everything was smooth. My father got trapped by a woman and some complexities made and my parents were financially and mentally troubled. Then, he gave SC certificate and he started working for SC rights as he has to survive and our life was in trouble after that. Before marriage, i was troubled by my mother side family relative and i asked for marriage to live my life happily. The girl is from kerala and again intercaste and she had love and other failure with christian. We married and after giving birth to two babies, her contact came to my notice and i somehow managed to understand her and made her understand the ethics of marriage but i was getting angry with everyone and did not participate in family activities. I wanted to live separately with "my family" for some years to overcome my trouble but i was not given option. she ran to kerala oneday and i was going for more than a year and meeting her. At office, i was indirectly troubled.I sensed i will get caught in some issues(all indirect reference to trap and use my officer position in bank) like my father hence i resigned. Everyone told me not to visit her and finally i was forcibly taken to hospital.  After i stopped going for 2 months, she stopped welcoming me and we are separated for last 3.5 years almost. They changed her mind and she was taken in custody by kerala relatives of her side. she filed divorce and got job as clerk(with SC certificate in bank though she never used caste during studies). I did not get help from anyone in this case and my parents were facing lot of financial trouble as well. I am not sure about the silence! how can i get help? I wonder whether this is caste problem in our family and making us middle(like my father life to use for their benefit) and trouble my family as well.... not sure....any help/ideas?




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